Altcoin Review: SELFIE COIN – High POS with plans






More and more Devs are taking on the high POS route to test the strength of the blockchain networks as well as helping to distribute coins in a way that involves less expensive mining equipment. SELFIE COIN is a new coin that also wants to take its place amongst the HIGH POS GIVING Cryptocurrencies.

SLFI is giving an annual POS rate of 2015% and is already trading on two exchanges so far successfully where you can pick up some now at very attractive rates on the altcoin market. There is a bounty for a new logo going as well as working block explorer, active Dev team and growing fan base community. The Devs don’t want to promise the moon by posting too many fancy roadmaps but are slowly but surely implementing new things and taking strides as they see fit.

SELFIECOIN will mainly be emphasizing itself in the social media sector and hopefully will have business growing along those lines to support the coin’s future growth. They are also looking at curving the inflation of SELFIECOIN at a later date as it befits the market when it will be eventually needed. You can also vote for SELFICOIN HERE: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home/Voting





Here are the specifications for SELFIECOIN:

Algorithm: Scrypt
Reward: 500 SLFI
PoS interest: 2015% Annually
PoS Min Stake Time: 1 hr
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
Block Time: 60 sec
maturity: 30 blocks
Anti Instamine Blocks: 2 to 50 “10 SLFI”
Full Reward blocks: 51 to 4320 “500 SLFI”


Want to know more about SELFIECOIN and get involved? The Dev Team is always looking out for talented friends of Crypto to help grow SELFIECOIN to new heights.













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Altcoin Review: New Piggy Coin sets the Pace For Future Generations




New Piggy Coin had humble beginnings but has grown now into a fully fledged PiggyBank that is flying across the Cryptosphere, inspiring the Next Generation on how to save in a new high tech fashion. PiggyCoin has come online as the friendly Crypto that wants to educate and inform Parents and Kids about the wonderful new world of digital currencies.

There is an active permanent Developer as well as a dedicated long term Piggy Team and many of the items on the Road map have already been completed. There are paper wallets, an android wallet, a new hard forked wallet  plus faucets and games to keep both the young and forever young engaged and excited.

PiggyCoin is derived from the x11 algorithm and also houses a foundation which at the present time is supporting 88 Bikes which is an organisation helping kids in developing countries with bikes for transport.




PiggyCoin is actively engaged with Schools and Teachers around the World to bring the message of Crypto Currencies into the classroom. Also by enabling and empowering the young-lings from an early age to save through a digital wallet, this could help alleviate poverty and create a wealthier and more self sustaining generation of the future by giving them access to tools that were not available for us when we were young. If you are an Educator you can get in touch with PiggyCoin for more collaboration.

PIGGYCOIN has plenty of bells and whistles including easysend which enables you to communicate your PiggyCoin address to others fast and effectively for receiving piggies to your wallet.

PiggyCoin is for sale at present on the POLONIEX EXCHANGE which is a worthy and reputable cryptocurrency exchange and you can pick up some Piggies at bargain basement prices at present but with the new hard fork and latest developments that will soon be changing as more interested parties and young ones invest in a PIGGYBANK wallet. PiggyCoin has also partnered with CRYPTOARROW SERVICES too which enhances its presence online and is reaching towards new goals.

Are you good at painting or Art in general? You can earn some piggies by sending in one of your PIGGY COIN masterpieces that can also be on show on the PIGGYCOIN GALLERY. OINK OINK!



Here are the specitifactions for PiggyCoin:

Block time: 60 secs
Difficulty retarget: every block
Interest/year: 3%
PoS started at block: 8000
Min stake age: 8 hours
Max stake age: 270 days
P2P port: 54481, RPC port: 54480
Premine: 1%

PoW PHASE (finished now)
Algorithm: X11
Block reward: 23700 (first 100 blocks with 100 PIGGY as block reward)
Number of blocks: 10,000 (+-7days)

Today’s total supply: > 473,490,056 PIGGYs are currently in circulation (265,353M were mined in the old chain)


piggy2Want to get more involved with PIGGYCOIN? Here are some interesting links to peruse through at your leisure and be sure to pick up those Piggies on Poloniex because we are sure soon they will be flying into Kid’s and Grown up’s wallets the world over..












Altoin Review: COMICBOOKCOIN launched on the RIPPLE PROTOCOL.





It’s really refreshing to see a coin launch that has a disclaimer and is not hoodwinking Newbies into getting sucked into a pump and dump scheme. By using the Ripple Protocol for launching COMIC BOOK COIN, the CBC Devs are making it easier for New members to enter the Crypto Currency Market by being able to procure the coin without too much hassle.

CBC is designed to have real intrinsic value as it is asset backed by a collector’s commodity – that is – yep you got it COMICS! Comics are real collector’s items and can go into the thousands of dollars for collector’s editions. There are other asset backed coins also but CBC is laser focused to thrive in its own genre and specialized area. Honing in on the COMIC BOOK COLLECTORS Niche will surely attract a specific group of interested buyers.

There is a cool and detailed website which is so user friendly and explains in detail also how to buy CBC here: HOW TO BUY CBC COIN which is extremely helpful for the Uninitiated into Altcoins. In the first year, CBC Devs plan to release around 10 million coins and the plan is to have a total of around 88 million coins in time, if the market is healthy enough to hold that amount, but that will be well into the future. New coins will only be issued according to the laws of supply and demand so as not to flood the market with coins unnecessarily. This makes for sensible and logical planning in my books.





Here are the initial details in a nutshell for CBC..

Symbol: CBC

Initial Coin Release: 1 million
Price: TBD — Approximately .000018 BTC or .25 XRP or one half of one cent in U.S. dollar terms
Exchange: Ripple only. We have decided to use Ripple to begin due to ease of use (and speed) for newbies. See website for further
Time of initial sale: January 14th, 2015 at 5:00 pm GMT (Noon U.S. Eastern Time)
Dividends: Yes, although probably not for two years or so as there will be an initial accumulation phase.

Buybacks: Yes, from time to time when determined to be in the best interests of CBC holders. See website for further details.




CBC Comic books will be displayed here and as a private collection and business, CBC wants to be successful in this venture and reward holders of the Coin eventually, maybe 2 years down the line with dividends. Of course in the beginning the business needs to establish itself and gather up a fan base and create a healthy community amongst avid comic collectors and altcoin enthusiasts.  My Son loves collector’s comics so I will certainly be collecting both coins and comics as time goes by! As the Coin grows in time there will also be buy back support from time to time for those who wish to exit and receive a healthy price to assist in building trust in the Community at large but I am sure as CBC gains momentum, the coin will be just as much a collectible as the Comics themselves.. Helping to bring both Collectors and Altcoin Fanatics together, CBC is the no nonsense coin with a mission to bring quality and ease into an area that has often been associated with the Whale and Sammy Devs Mafia and hopes to to clean the tarnished reputation altcoins have built over the last two years.




Here are some useful links about CBC that will help you gain a better insight into the Coin and the Team that is making it happen.










Altcoin Review: POOLSTAMP paving the way for MINING PROFITS



With the Competition growing in the Altcoin Arena, finding a coin that has a real purpose and the power to generate profits is something that most Crypto Currency Investors are looking for when wanting to put their hard earned bitcoins to good use.  POOLSTAMP (XSP) is just such  coin that deserves a look in with its unique features for generating returns for the long term.

The Coin is using the the X13 Algorithm and and is going to be quite rare with only 4 million coins without POS. The POS interest starting to generate after a short POW period will be 5% annually. There will be 1.5 million coins available to be mined during the POW development Phase and another 2.5 million coins will be available to purchase in the early bird ICO.


The benefits of POOLSTAMP are that there is going to be a short POW period so that mass dumping of the Coin will be avoided and also constant buy pressure will be created through the CLOUD MINING MULTIPOOL that will work like any other good cloud mining service with the difference being that one will be paid in POOLSTAMPS instead of btc or other currencies.  This will help the price of XSP to rise and be stable and profitable for all involved. There are three CORE DEVELOPERS in the main POOLSTAMP Team but they are also on the look out for more talented Crypto Currency Enthusiasts that could help and offer a good service for the growth of XSP. There is already a ROADMAP as well for the alpha stages of POOLSTAMP. Launching on the 21st December, POOLSTAMP promises to pave the way to becoming a market leader in CLOWD MINING SERVICES as well as offering Investors a healthy growing digital currency that can be used on the MINING PLATFORM and Earned on it too.


THE POOLSTAMP ICO is fully escrowed on BTCTALK and has some goodies for early bird investors investing 0.1 btc or more into this project. Each investment 0.1 btc and above will be gifted a free cloud mining coupon of 10 GH/s which can be utilized on the POOLSTAMP MINING PLATFORM. Mining other coins and buying/selling CLOUD MINING CONTRACTS will be what will differentiate this Coin form just being JUST ANOTHER ALTCOIN. The DEV TEAM is both organized and dedicated to making POOLSTAMP a success for all concerned, bringing value and stability to a digital currency which is one of the most important elements that make it an attractive choice for both miners and investors, whilst at the same time providing a most useful service.


Here are the specs for POOLSTAMP XSP..

Algo: x13
Block Time: 60 seconds
PoW mining phase will end after 5 days of mining.
PoS stake interest: 5% Yearly
PoS min stake age: 4 hours
Pos max stake age: unlimited
Block reward: follows increase pattern TBA, to not penalise late-miners.
PoW Total Coins: 1500000 XSP (1.5 M)
ICO Total Coins: 2500000 XSP (2.5 M)

Total coins without PoS interest: 4 millions XSP.





Here are more useful links for those who wish to invest in the ICO, Mine the Coin or get involved in any other capacity.








Altcoin News: DNOTES VAULT launched to bring Stability in an uncertain world.



The most stable digital currency to date, DNOTES, has just today launched a unique way for Everyone to to start collecting the currency and saving it in a secure and save environment namely the DNOTES VAULT.. This will facilitate the entry of many Lay Persons and the Masses into Crypto Currency adoption primarily at first as a store of Wealth before using it as a mass consumer base for merchant establishment.

Let’s take a look at the DNOTES CHARTS on the POLONIEX EXCHANGE to see WHY DNOTES is the preferred altcoin of choice for the no nonsense serious long term investor. Whether it be a mother saving for her kid’s education, or a financier looking to grow his portfolio or whether one is wishing to save up for a retirement plan, DNOTES sure fits the bill. Check the chart it speaks volumes. Where as even Bitcoin has enjoyed plenty of volatility, DNOTES since its inception has only enjoyed an uptrend and stability which is unparalleled in the Altcoin Industry to date, oh and we are talking about over 400 digital currencies spawned in just a number of years.





Going by the powerful formula of secured savings, with a digital currency of the future for the future, DNOTES VAULT ensures a secure, safe and simple way for EVERYONE to save for that special occasion or rainy day. Saving up and also educating others to tuck away some coins shouldn’t be rocket science. Dnotes takes away the complexities associated with both Crypto Currencies, which to many seem to be a fad associated with Basement Nerds, or Savings, which is an area people often view as taboo, especially in these trying economic times.

Dnotes has been on the trajectory of creating a stable digital currency and is on track to building financial products and services that will serve the World Community, creating lasting value in it’s own brand. Where Fiat and the Corporate Banking System have failed to protect the value and price of Fiat Currencies, DNOTES has stepped in to fill this void by first offering a stable and ethical currency as a vehicle to wealth creation and asset protection never before envisaged in our lifetime.

To find out more about how YOU can can make an impact on your future and that of your Loved ones why not check out the DNOTES THREAD ON BITOCINTALK and meet the DNOTES Team and Community that are bridging the gap between Traditional Core Values and the Digital World.

From the words of DNOTES Co Founder Alan Yong:“It is easier to open a DNotesVault account than a bank account. It is also secure. We guarantee 100% of your deposit through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds are verifiable any time through the blockchain.”
DNOTES VAULT Prides itself in offering a guarantee of protection for your DNOTES ASSET as well as offering safety and security in an uncertain financial climate. For a $100 USD One can purchase around 20,000 DNOTES  which would make a wonderful gift for friends and family alike. The  DNOTES VAULT offers DNOTES STAKEHOLDERS the chance open multiple addresses within the VAULT for various activities, short and long term. Although opening a DNOTES VAULT ACCOUNT encourages long term saving, One can also withdraw DNOTES at any time, leaving the Investors with much flexibility not offered by similar corporate Institutions.

DNOTES VAULT is the 2nd MAJOR ASSET that the DNOTES TEAM has created to serve the Crypto Community, the first one was CRYPTOMOMS,  a resource and educational tool/learning center packaged to encourage more women to take part in this disruptive technology/digital currency movement which is still largely dominated by men. Along with the future family of CR.I.S.PS which are different saving planned geared to different sectors in Society, DNOTES plans to position itself as a dominant force for good in the DIGITAL CURRENCY MOVEMENT, creating lasting value now and well into the Future for Generations to come. DNOTES VAULT is convenient and couples with it’s ease of use, makes saving a breeze for any age group.





Altcoin Review: Bitcurrency – Whistlecoin Takeover



BITCURRENCY is the new face of WHISTLECOIN, taken over by a spanking new DEV TEAM and Community to boot. A lot is going on behind the scenes to make this coin shine among alt coins. Traded on Bittex, Bitcurrency has a healthy volume and demand is growing for the Coin now that it is being looked after by the current Development Group.

A new logo design embellishes BITCURENCY to transform and take it to the forefront of digital currency. So what are the current short term goals for Bitcurrency?

At present there are plans for a multipool so that miners can mine other altcoins then bet paid with Bitcurrency. ANON features will follow suit with a fully anon trading wallet as one of the core goodies coming to this rebranded digital currency. The Dev and Community are working hard to create a next generation altcoin via BTCR.

There is a fully functioning IRC ROOM and Twitter with SLACK and REDDIT accounts to follow shortly. With only just over 18 million coins there is a lot of scope for growth and with a caring community it can really evolve and go far at a steady pace.




BTCR had a POW phase that is now over so the coin has rolled over into pure POS phase.

Here are the specifications for BITCURRENCY..

Proof of work (Over)

  • Algo: x11
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block reward:Block 1 – premine less than 0.6%(that amount will be burned soon)
    Block Rewards 2- 7199 – 2764
    Block Rewards 7200    - 4728
  • Max height: 7200(network does not accept PoW anymore)
  • PoS Started at Block 6000
  • Total coins in pow phase ~18.15 million



Want to get more involved in helping this altcoin on its journey? Why not hit the inks below for more details. Why not pop into the IRC room for the latest news and activities.






Altcoin Review: HYPER – Taking Crypto to new Horizons



HYPER is constantly at the forefront of Gaming and Crypto innovation and is always staying one step ahead and it flourishes in an otherwise volatile and competitive arena. The AltcoinWorld has been hit by scam after scam or coins failing to deliver what they have promised. HYPER on the other hand excels at delivering and growing a community of supporters not phased by the many difficulties plaguing other altcoins.


HYPER has come along way since its inception where Everything on paper was just a grand idea. Month by Month HYPER surprises us with even more goodies and has also created an EVE ONLINE CORPORATION where Players can receive 25 HYPER for each PVP kill in-game! The Coin has also been featured in a lot of HOT press lately including Bloomberg BusinessWeek for starters.

The HYPER PROJECT currently has many global Team members involved which is why it has so much mass wide appeal and has taken decentralized currencies to to an ever growing wider audience., merging Gaming and Crypto into one unified platform of activities.


HYPER is flourishing everywhere and a brand new shop called HYPERBUNDLE has opened offering 10% off any products bought with HYPER. A special promo is coming for BLACK FRIDAY too with a 15% off BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL DEAL ON NOW!

Also currently running are two great contests that any Crypto and HYPER Enthusiast can join in to win some awesome prizes. One includes 500 HYPER!





Other EXCITING HYPER DEVELOPMENTS include blockchain betting on their HYPER Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server which is taking gaming all to a new outlandish level. HYPER has evolved with  an ever emerging infrastructure and is in the forefront of innovation both in the gaming and digital currency spheres. There are many different ways in which to get involved in HYPER activities and giveaways.  The HYPER Team is always able and willing to assist Newcomers in integrating comfortably into the HYPER WAY..


Find out more about HYPER at BITCOINTALK FORUM to get a taste of what is to come…

HYPER GIVEAWAY on Bitbillions coming soon..stay tuned..


Altcoin Review: Maieuticoin (MMXIV) switches on to HIGH POS!

Maieuticoin REVIEW


MMXIV COIN is a scarce and rare coin that is kicking into HIGH POS at block 80,000. With just over 2000 coins currently in circulation, this coin is going to be bringing some excitement in to the Altcoin Scene once it goes into hyper drive. Currently sitting at 50% POS, Maieuticoin has been trading under the radar quietly on POLONIEX , VAULTEX and Bittrex exchanges, with followers slowly hoarding the coin over the last few months. Now that interest is surging, the price also has followed suit and has more than tripled in the last week alone.



MMXIV is a pure POS coin and one can also grab a  MAIEUTICOIN SNOWBALLS staking machines which can stake MMXIV and other coins. This machine is energy efficient and a is staking beast of a machine that can house your coins and get them staking real good! Currently MMXIV has a market cap of over 20k USD so there is a lot of room still for more adoption and growth as more altcoin Enthusiasts find out about the Coin.  As MMXIV is a pure POS coin, miners can only mine it via the MMXIV MULTIPOOL but that is another way to accumulate XXMIV apart from purchasing from the exchanges hosting it.

Although MMXIV uses the sha-256 algorithm just like it’s cousin Bitcoin, MMXIV ads something special to the table. By being a pure POS coin it enters the realm of energy saving by allowing holders to stake/mine in their own wallets, thus making it one of the greener coins on the Altcoin Market.

Any day now the HYPER POS of 2014% a year will start so it’s a great time to grab some coins before the buying frenzy begins. Please make sure you download the latest wallet version for maximum efficiancy.






  • Pure Proof of Stake
  • 24 Hour Maturity
  • 2 Minute Blocks
  • 50% Yearly
  • 30 Day Max



Want to know more about MMXIV? Why not check out the links below..






Altoin Giveaway: GROW COIN Twitter Blast Giveaway




To celebrate the Birth of GROW we are with the generosity of Barrizand, the GROW DEV giving away some nice GROW COINS for completing the following simple tasks tasks:


1. Follow GROW on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Grow_Dev = 1 GROW

2. Retweet his last Tweet =  1 GROW

3. Share this blog post via twitter or FB = 1 GROW

4. Comment here and leave your twitter I.D and GROW ADDRESS

5. Only those with ten or more twitter followers can participate ..no cheating please..

6. Payments will be made within 24 hours thank you for participating.


Here is the GROW THREAD to download the wallet or you can get the address from EMPOEX Exchange





Altcoin Review: TIPPING ROCKS to Rock Social Media Tipping


Although there have been other coins already invented for tipping, TIPPING ROCKS aims to go where no tip bot has gone before an that is mainly to educate the masses on how to utilize Crypto Currency in order to facilitate mass adoption of Bitcoin and Altcoins in general. There is an ambitious road map first to create 4 main tip bots for the biggest Social Media outlets, namely FACEBOOK, TWITTER, REDDIT AND YOUTUBE where anyone can tip another user for their work using TIPPING ROCKS as a currency medium. Two fellow Bitcoiners are involved mainly into getting this plan off the ground, along with the rest of the Altcoin Community who wish to adopt it.


Moving from Fiat to Crypto Currency as a medium of exchange can be accelerated through the use of tip bots and is widely popular now among many on the Internet today.

TIPPING ROCKS are launching on the 27th November 2014 using the X15 Algorithm and There will be 10 million coins created in the POW mining phase and 4 million will be premined for the ICO which means both miners and non miner investor folks can get their hands on some TIPPING ROCKS early enough to get some skin in the game.  There will be an annual POS rate of 5% and there are also bounties available for those who wish to assist in this wonderful project. There is also a road map outlining the specific target dates for each segment of work that needs to reach completion for this project to be hailed a success so the ICO Funds accrued via the Escrow will be used for bringing this technology to the Masses.

Each TPRS will be sold @ 2k sats 0.00002 BTC and the mnimum investment is only 2k sats and no maximum. There is a valid Escrow and the ICO combined with Mining should bring the Coin to it’s full potential.



Here are the specifications for TIPPING ROCKS:


Algorithm: X15

PWO Coins: 10,000,000 (10 million) TPRS

ICO Coins: 4,000,000 (4 million) TPRS

Maximum POW Height: 600.001

Block Time: 60 seconds


POS Interest: 5%

POS Minumum Age: 12 hours

POS Maximum Age: 60 days

POS starts at Block 129.600

BLOCK 1: ICO COINS (4,000,000 TPRS)

BLOCK 2 – 6000001: 10 TPRS ( NO HALVING)

RCP Port: 13150

P2P Port: 14150


Want to know more about TIPPING ROCKS and how to get involved? Why not cheek out the link below: Also if you have a mining pool why not  get it added so miners can come to mine..