Altcoin Review : PONZI2 Launches today on YOBIT..



Well MR PONZI is back fr more fun and frolics but believe me, many are making a nice and tidy profit trading PONZI COIN. Now that the original PONZI COIN is well received and has established itself on Yobit, PONZI2 wants to make it’s appearance known and there is a cool way you can get your hands on cheap PONZI2 before it launches hot off the press on the exchange. It is going to be a a very small supply of coins making it quite rare and valuable from the offset but it will have generous rewards for stakers in POS MODE. Only 100k coins to start makes it an attractive bargain to pick up under 1k sats in prelaunch.










Here are the technical specs for PONZI2:

Name : Ponzi2
Ticker : Ponz2
PoS + DpoS Hybrid
Suppy on Start : 100000
Min.Age = 2 Days
Max.Age = Unlimited
DpoS Block Timing = 6 Minutes

Day 1 = 1 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 2 = 1 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 3 = 1 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 4 = 1 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 5 = 10 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 6 = 365 % PoS per block //per Year
Day 7 = 100 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 8 = 3650 % PoS per Block //per Year
Day 9 = 1000 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Day 10 = 36500 % PoS per Block //per Year
Day 11 – Block 100000 = 1 [Ponz2] per DpoS Block
Block +100000 = 365 % PoS Rate Per Year




Punters get a chance before PONZI2 is released to th exchange to buy some a little cheaper, as a gift for being an early bird. Minimum to participate is 0.05 BTC and here is a list of early birds so far.. This ends in a few hours so hurry!!! Playing early in PONZI2 gives you a chance to maximize your profits and returns and from the success of the original PONZI many made a return that would not want you to bank your cash and receive only 1%a year interest on it! Why not earn some free coins also for trolling using specific keywords? Get trolling today!

Still Premine Shares availabe, min.Deposit 0.05BTC
Based on actual Calculation aprox Payout 
1x 0.05 by EpyxZ = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.07 by F***  = 9090.90909090 [PONZ2]
1x 0.05 by I***  = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.1   by Coldfusion   =12987.01298701 [PONZ2]
1x 0.05 by P***  = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.1   by Kyle   =12987.01298701 [PONZ2]
1x 0.1   by CosaNostra   =12987.01298701 [PONZ2]
1x 0.12 by E*   = 15584.41558441 [PONZ2}
1x 0.05 by 0*  = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.1   by Simon   =12987.01298701 [PONZ2]      <payment outstanding
1x 0.05 by qiwoman2  = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.05 by Stein = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]
1x 0.05 by Clickerz = 6493.50649350 [PONZ2]

1x x.xx @qiwoman2  Bounty Slot for Blog Article
0.88 BTC / 100000 =880Sat


You follow these instructions to play:


Hey Guys & early Birds from the first round.
anyone interested to do it again ?
this has nothing to do with the Round3 on Ponzi.
and should be done fast and with Profit.

here are the rules,
-Minimum to join the Game 0.05 BTC

Max. Volume  2 BTC from all users no fixed Exchange Rate
the Supply get split by total Investment /per User
Request has been successfully sent! Thank you!
Stats and Specs will be good to go like anytime b4.send a yobitcode via pm with your *game Bet* to join or PM THE DEV to give you a btc addy to send your btc.



Get more INFO ON PONZI2 in the original PONZI -


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Altcoin Review: CHILI COIN is turning up the heat in the Cryptosphere!




Chili coin is a clever idea created to fill a gap in the app and gaming Industry. It has been mainly created to be integrated into gaming platforms as a gamer’s coin and will also have a mobile wallet as well.

So 100 million Chili coins have been premined for the ICO, Chili coin Initial coin offering and 10 million coins have been premined for development work, bounties and giveaways. The Dev wants to create a healthy Chili coin infrastructure made up of investors, miners and community friends so wants to distribute CHILI COIN in a variety of ways. This is healthy for altcoins to be well distributed before going onto the exchanges.

Part of the road map is also to create games for both desktop and mobile platforms and link CHILI COIN to these games where players will be able to buy in game items etc. This can really bring big value to this new and sizzling  hot altcoin.




Here is the information regarding the ICO and where to buy your CHILI COIN. It’s very easy and all you need to do is register and upload BTC to the site and purchase your CHILI COIN and then withdraw to your CHILI COIN wallet to start staking.  There is also a faucet within the site and you can hatch 1 Chili coin every 12 hours as well! Maybe you want to try your hand at CHILI COIN DICE too! Whatever coins are NOT sold in the ICO will be burned which means if there are many unsold coins, the value of the CHILI COINS you hold could skyrocket overnight!! So you might catch a bargain!

ICO information:
ICO price: 0.00000010
ICO coins: 100000000
ICO Total: BTC 10

ICO start:   5/15/2016 4:45:00 PM UTC
ICO end:   6/1/2016 4:45:00 PM UTC











Here are the technical specs of Chili Coin  for your reference:

X11 algorithm
PoW and PoS
PoW 10 CHILI block reward
PoS 10% interest
Minimum PoS coin age 4 hours
Maximum PoS coin age 256 days
120 seconds block time
RPC port: 54219
P2P port: 54218



Want to get to know the DEV Team and Community behind CHILICOIN? Why not come to visit on the Bitcointalk forum and engage in all things CHILI COIN!

Keep an eye out also for bounties and giveaways offered as well! The Developer wants an engaging community of talented altcoin buffs on board.



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Altcoin Review: PONZI COIN – The FUN ALT that is rocking on YOBIT!



When PONZI coin was launched it was half-accepted in the Crypto Community as some wacko coin without much future in it apart from some hot air maybe, a bubble and some deflation to go with it to oblivion. This cranky Number of an altcoin has made such headway in the digital currency markets on Yobit, that it has grown an ever increasing fanbase. Even I myself have to say, I like the novelty ideas behind PONZI COIN. Digital currencies are an expression of ideas and intellect and sometimes they have an element of real fun attached to them, this is one of those FUN coins that has real value and tech added too!

We all know the biggest PONZI scheme on the planet is fiat currencies run by the banks, govts and federal reserve and every time paper currency is printed, it loses it’s value, hence we have year after year of inflation that’s plagued our world and impoverished billions of people.

What makes PONZI COIN different? Well, for one thing, the DEV is a very magnanimous Member of the Altcoin Community who is constantly giving out PONZI gifts to PONZI COIN lovers everywhere and has devised a very clever TROLLING mechanism where you can TROLL nicely on YOBIT and other exchanges and earn some PONZI for being a good troll!

Here is the info to participate in the trolling for PONZI COIN gifts..  TROLLPAYMENT GATEWAY INFO





Here are the technical specifications for PONZI COIN.

DPOS Rewards ~ 60 Minutes DPOS Block Target
< Block   2880 = 10 [Ponzi]
< Block 500000 = 1000 [Ponzi]
> Block 499999 = 10% Annual Rate
Proof of Work Reward ~ 60 Seconds Block Target
< Block    100 = 100 [Ponzi] Premine ~ 10000 Coins
< Block   1440 =   1 [Ponzi]
< Block   2880 =   5 [Ponzi]
< Block   4320 =   6 [Ponzi]
< Block   5760 =   7 [Ponzi]
< Block   7200 =   8 [Ponzi]
< Block   8640 =   9 [Ponzi]
< Block  10080 =  10 [Ponzi]
< Block 999999 =   5 [Ponzi]
Port = 11119
RPCPort = 11120
CoinStakeMinAge = 2 Days
Algo = X13
Premine = 10000 [Ponzi




PONZI COIN is always giving out gifts for helping out in the community and also is offering a very lucrative Bitcointalk Signature campaign.

PONZI COIN DEV TEAM is also doing an early bird ICO treat for all PONZI COIN HOLDERS. If they own PONZI COINS at the time they launch their new coins they will receive more of the new coin for free, matching the amount of PONZI COINS they have downloaded in their wallets. This is an awesome and most generous way to reward current PONZI COIN holders. More information on that here: PONZI EARLY BIRD ICO BONUSES INFO




Want to get to know the PONZI COIN Crowd and DEV TEAM? Why not click the link below to get better acquainted with all things PONZI COIN!



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Altcoin Review: WMCOIN – The Alt that is WOWING China and Beyond!


Introduction to WMCOIN:

China is known to do everything on a big scale. When the Chinese are passionate about something, they don’t do things by halves and WMCOIN, the ALTCOIN with backing, is no different. WMCOIN oozes razzmatazz and and a WOW Factor that will woo the crowds in and outside of China!

Created in February 2016, WMCOIN was founded by Bitcoin and Digital Currency Enthusiasts from all different regions in order to facilitate a faster and smoother transaction time for a coin to be used in the NEWS, ONLINE SHOPPING, GAMING and ENTERTAINMENT Industries. There will be 1 Billion coins in total and 90% was premined to be used for Investment, Infrastructure etc , 900 million was mined giving miners also a chance to mine this precious altoin. 100 million is reserved for POS.

WMCOIN is poised for success in global markets due to its strategic partnerships and it has also been able to obtain full control and stock of the prestigious BTCSIDE.COM News Bulletin, which is one of the top and foremost Bitcoin Resources in China!

WEM, Which is the company backing WMCOIN is building infrastructure Online in the Entertainment, Gaming and Shopping Industries in China to bring, collectively, quality services and products to the marketplace. These are all billion dollar markets up for grabs and WMCOIN is taking a chunk right out of it. This brings great value to WMCOIN and builds it’s intrinsic value, which makes it well worth investing in and holding.

Check out all the games and sites WMCOIN is already a part of and has constructed. . Many Merchants  now already accept WMCOIN now as a form of payment as well, making it a major player in the Marketplace. By creating it’s own infrastructure where WMCOIN can be used, alongside mass-adoption, WMCOIN can easily fill in the gaps that Bitcoin has left open for other major altcoin players.




















WMCOIN has a plethora of bounties up for grabs on the Bitcointalk forum and there is a large and active community base to interact with as well.  International Digital Currency Buffs are now getting drawn to WMCOIN as it is a crypto currency that has a value and a use, which is what we are all looking for in a digital currency of today. So if you have a service to offer WMCOIN please feel welcome to drop by the Bitcointalk OP, or you can interact via QQ and Slack, depending on where you feel more at ease! There is also WMCOIN Rain pouring in the slack room and a generous signature campaign on Bitcointalk for avid writers and forum posters!










Here are the tech specifications for WMOIN

Ticker: WMC

Algo:X11& POS

Block Time :60 s

Max PoW Mining supply: 900 M coins

PoS :100M coins




Want to meet the WMCOIN Team and be a part of this growing community of Admirers and Investors? WMCOIN with it’s expanding architecture will be a glowing example of what a good and sturdy altcoin should be. It’s a great time to become a part of it.


QQ:1878301253   |   QQ Group:553874699








Altcoin Review: MINEUM – Pointing the way forward for mining profits!




MINEUM is the CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING FARM and Brainchild of two Digital Currency Buffs and Enthusiasts hailing from Quebec, Canada and in order to beef up their already successful mining operations, they have decided to sell 49% of their stock in the form of digital TOKENS also going by the same name, MINEUM.

There will be a maximum amount of only 10 million MINEUM which are separated into various categories. 4 million will be set aside for the MINEUM ICO (Coin Offering) Whereby the General Public can come and purchase MINEUM on the ICO Platform created by the MINEUM staff for our ease of use. As MIMEUM is a mining platform itself, it will also host a POW phase for miners to point their miners at and there will be MINEUM set aside for the CEOS, Partners, Bounties and other activities, seeing a nice distribution take place. The MINEUM set aside for the CEOS will be placed in a public address and will only be touched if at all necessary.




The MINEUM ICO will take place for 21 days between the 7th and 28st May inclusive.

You will need to create an account to exchange btc for MINEUM on the MINEUM PLATFORM and make sure if you wish to purchase more than once, you will need to generate a new transaction each time as laid out in the account. You can also find the TERMS OF THE ICO here in this PDF FILE. 4 million MINEUM COINS will be made available to purchase for this ICO.




The MINEUM roadmap is setup in quarterly segments for the year 2016 and will continue into 2017  and beyond as mining operations grow and progress.

Projects will include:

1. Shareholder Platform:  A platform where shareholders can vote and find out all information pertaining to shareholder activities and to collect their dividends.

2. Cloud Mining Platform:  A platform where one can buy mining contracts for a host of different algorithms and duration.

3. Cloud Hosting Platform: Here you will be able to purchase mining equipment hosted by MINEUM or sent to your location as you see it.

4. Mining research and development, among many other projects to come including a GUI platform and a multifaucet.

Roadmap details for 2017 will be announced in the 3rd quarter of 2016.




Here are the relative specs for MINEUM:

Algorithm: x13
Abbreviation: MNM
Max number of coin: 10 000 000 MNM
Timing of block (in seconds): 180
Difficulty Retarget every block
Total POW: 750 000 coins
Block number when POW ends: 200 000
POS interest per year: 3%
Min stake age: 8 hours
Max stake age: 30 days
Mining Block Rewards




Want to connect more with the MINEUM Community and Developers? Why not hit the links below and join the MINEUM COMMUNITY today! There are social bounties now available too! So by helping to spread the word around on your Twitter or Facebook, you can earn some MINEUM! By joining in the signature campaign set up on Bitcointalk forum you can earn even more! There is already a social bounties spreadsheet setup which you can view from your MINEUM account, so once you do the tasks accordingly, you can connect with the Team and get your name on the list. Also there is an active slack community and Twitter contests too!!















ALTCOIN REVEW: PALCOIN hits the Crypto Scene – Rare is Beautiful!



Palcoin was created as a rare coin for crypto collectors to get real value from holding a coin with a purpose. It will bring value to the altcoin community in various ways and will set itself apart with its own unique style and language. Palcoin is fair to miners and to long term holders as it has implemented a POW stage and is implementing a generous POS staking for those who love to collect altcoins for the future.

PALCOIN initially is targeting the job seekers market as it’s first priority and will initially create a site for global headhunters and Job seekers alike, which will provide situations and job vacancies around the globe, irrespective of borders and gender. Also PALCOIN is set to engage the community from the offset and a portion of PALCOIN is being set aside to be awarded to community members that collaborate with PALCOIN in different ways. So if you have any talents that you can lend to PALCOIN, you can be rewarded for helping out!




PALCOIN SPECS make PAL very attractive to miners, speculators and long term holders and has been cleverly laid out as below:


Algorithm                             Scrypt
Type                                       PoW/PoS
Coin name                            palcoin (pal)
RPC port                               6964
P2P port                               6963
Block reward                       3 coins
Total coin supply                150,000 coins
Premine percent                 8%
Last Pow block                    25,000
Pos stake                              90%/year
min stake age                      2 hours no maximum.



Palcoin has numerous ideas to implement under its umbrella and the JOB SITE is the first of these to come into fruition very soon. Here is a list of other core elements to the roadmap which is still a work in progress and will be soon put up in it’s full glory on Bitcointalk forum. So here is a short list at present:

Job sites (Under construction)
Palcoin Atm cards
Zero cash implementation.
App for palcoin payment gateway
mobile and online wallet
Continued development.


PALY, the Head of PALCOIN has a generous spirit and has set aside 1% of the coin to give out to community members who engage in the PAL conversation on Bitcointalk forum and who also assist in the development and promotion of PALCOIN through all it’s ongoing phases of development. So, if you have something  to contribute to the PALCOIN cause you will be generously rewarded.

There is already a thriving community of miners and long term friends who want to see PALCOIN succeed and are actively engaged in the PALCOIN project in various ways.




Here are some links for PALCOIN, so you can get to know the PALCOIN TEAM AND COMMUNITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!




SKYPE -    palcoins



Altcoin Review: Newbium – bringing new tools to the Cryptosphere


NEWBIUM has begun its evolution in the Digital Currency space to provide a service to Crypo Experts, Traders and Investors in this field with smart tools to be able to make smarter decisions. Using cutting edge technology and precision marking data that anyone involved will be able to access in order to generate more wealth.

Knowledge is power and this is what makes Newbium as the new kid on the block, both attractive as an investment and as a tool for investors. Whether you are a Novice or a Pro, you will be able to take full advantage of the information tracking and educational platforms that Newbium will bring to the Altcoin scene.

Newbium has published a whitepaper which you can find HERE and there will be a total of 100 million coins distributed as follows:

Breakdown of the coin distribution:
40% - crowd sale
9% - rewards for bounties, campaigns, swaps & strategic partnerships.
51% - shall be held and distributed over the long term.  The distribution method and process shall be determined through voting by the Nxttycoin community.

Data Analytics for Crypto Currencies is a must project that needs to be expanded and it is this market of over three million Crypto currency enthusiasts that NEWBIUM is reaching out to. It will build a platform in stages and will bring value and intrinsic wealth to all of its token holders as it will be providing services on its platform that will generate income from subscriptions and various other activities. Here is a list below of some of the revenue generating ideas that NEWBIUM is proposing:

Potential revenue models:
1) Paid subscriptions for specialized data/services.
2) Sales of Index products (NxttyACCI).
3) Providing data feeds for third-party plugins (WordPress), widgets, etc.
4) Providing human generated data feeds to robotic traders, DAO, etc.
5) Access to historical data in Newbium database.




The Newbium CROWDSALE  began on the 1st of May 2016 and will carry on for up until and including the 31st May 2016 and the tokens can be purchased via this link: NEWBIUM CROWDSALE. To purchase your NEWBIUM, just follow the instructions as prompted on the page.


Here is the breakdown of the ICO FUNDS AND BONUSES as stated on the NEWBIUM OP on Bitcointalk forum:

As you can see there was a healthy bonus for the first week of purchases.

Crowdsale Bonus
20% bonus for buying on day 1 of crowdsale.
10% bonus for buying during the 1st week (May 1st to 7th)

Uses of funds:
The ICO fundraising is specifically aimed at hiring permanent marketing expertise  and building out the platform.  The project will strive to generate profits for its token holders. You can even earn bounties in the signature campaign for Bitcointalk forum and that way earn also some free NEWBIUM!





To connect with NEWBIUM Developers and to find out more what NEWBIUM has in store for the digital currency market in general you can check the following links:

This Team with and its concept is going to revolutionise the way we do business in the Altcoin World and will be able to convert Rookies into real-time professional crypto currency investors and traders.











Altcoin Review: FOOTY CASH (Foot) bringing Crypto to Fantasy Sports


All Devs when creating their coin have a vision in their minds as to how they wish to reshape their future and the future of those that follow their dream. FOOTY CASH (FOOTY) is no different in the sense that with it comes behind it a BIG DREAM. The dream to take Crypto to Fantasy Sports is what is going to shape the future of FOOTY CASH. Once FOOTY CASH can be used in FANTASY SPORTS WORLDWIDE and on Fantasy Sports websites etc it will surely gain a great intrinsic value and that by the way IS the plan and road map for this awesome new and crisp looking coin on the block.

There were four million coins created through the POW process and now that POW has just ended FOOTY CASH is moving into a very interesting phase. Voting has already commenced on 2 exchanges with more to follow suit so it’s a good time now to support Footy by casting your votes :). With interest now coming in from all over the globe from various sectors of Cryptoland, FOOTY is setting itself on growing an avid community of enthusiastic followers. You don’t necessarily need to be a Sports Buff to get involved in FOOTY CASH.

The fact that this coin is being run by an honest team of developers and which has seen a 0 premine makes it rather special in my eyes and it will gain momentum as it starts to pick up on exchanges. Miners enjoyed the mining phase and we are sure to see now the POS collectors come to start grabbing the coin as it hits the exchanges to come. FOOTY CASH has a really funky looking wallet too available on Windows and Linux.



Here are the specifications for FOOTY CASH..

Scrypt POW/POS

4,000,000 PoW

Block time:
1 minute

PoW Rewards:
1000 coins per block halving every 2000 blocks. POW ends at block 20160

POS Returns:
3% with an 8 hour min stake

Min stake age:
8 hours


FOOTY CASH has it’s own website,  a presence on Twitter and is also in GIVEAWAY MODE ON BITCOINGARDEN too! Why not pick up some Footy for free while you can! There is no better time than the present   Here is where you too can get involved with FOOTY CASH and get to know the coin and it’s Dev Team better..





Please vote for FOOTY CASH HERE:





Triplethr3at Review: Earn 100 bucks a day in bitcoin or USD!

Triplethr3at Review:


Triplethr3at is a revshare site for fast paced earnings. I will give you a brief introduction on how it works so you can maximize your earning potential.

1. Sign up using my link:  https://www.triplethr3at.net/?ref=qibucks

2. login and click on ‘my account’ setup your cash out settings.

3. Click on ‘subscriptions phase 1” and pay the ten bucks subscription fee.

4.  Click on ‘my wallet’ then click ,add money, and add your funds.

5. Click on ‘revshare phase ‘ then start purchasing the 3 usd shares. You can buy up to 50 a day of those. Once you max out those you buy the next ones.

6. Click on ‘SURF ADS’ at the top and start surfing ten sites a day so you can qualify for payments. After 24 hours you should start earning 40% a day on the 3 usd shares.

Triplethr3at Strategy:
My safe strategy is simple. Add what you can afford to lose and keep repurchasing @ 100% for approx 2 weeks. After that take out your seed money. Then repurchase @ 90% take out 10% daily mon-fri OR keep repurchasing @ 100% until you reach your desired goal. Please only invest what you can play with as I consider TT3 more in the high risk  category but the Admins are great and it is now building momentum so it’s a great time to build your ad packages. I now have over 2k usd worth of active shares and only need a few hundred more to reach my 100 bucks a day withdrawal goal.

Triplethr3at Conclusion:



This is a great way to build an online income fast and my preferred payment processor of choice is bitcoin. If you want to pick up some bitcoin and use it is best to open a coinbase wallet account as this is the bitcoin wallet you will be able to withdraw to.


Join TT3 Using my link and every month I will give all my referrals a cash back bonus into their bitcoin account!

You can also PM ME on FACEBOOK regarding strategy and send me your username and how much you added funds so I can put on a spreadsheet to take note of for bonus day! My FB is;  https://www.facebook.com/elle.yan.7 Please respect my fb profile and do not spam me as I tend to ban spammers, thanks for understanding. I will respond within 24 hours to all messages regarding help with strategy or your accounts once you have joined and funded. There is also an FB TT3 group as well so once you join I will add you if you so wish.

If you build up your account and maybe find some friends also to join using your own links you will reach the 100 day withdraw target in no time! I have jut moved house and my router is in my old home so once I get it back and my desk top works I will make videos also.









Free bitcoin faucets




 Here you can click for unlimited Bitcoin satoshis every hour of the day you have free time! It’s all free money!

I will be adding new sites here daily.

As I perfect my strategy for optimum results I will share in new videos. So come back to this blog often.

Check ou our video below on easy instructions how to click.

Here is also one site you just login daily and get coins..   QOINPRO –  More refs you get more coins you earn And it unlocks more bonuses. Also many levels referral commissions too so over time it will add up.!

Please let us know if any link is broken, or disabled, then we can update it, thanks.



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    31. EzBitcoins                                100 sat              15 mins
    32. Faucet Club                              100 sat             15 mins
    33. en.TaffixBits.xyz                       50 sat        15 mins

    34. Dark BTC                                        50 sat         15 mins
    35. claim BTC                                  150 sat              20 mins

    36. Bitcoinerz.eu                        155 sat               21 mins

    37. bitcoin job                           500 sat    30 mins
    38. Btc4You                                   490 sat      30 mins

    39. BitStore                             300 sat    30 mins
    40. Xbitcoin                                 250 sat      30 mins

    41. Joninhaxs                         100 sat      30 mins

    42. Bitoin.infotest777   100 sat 30 mins
    43. giftcoin                              250 sat              45 mins

    44. Faucet NCjeux                200 sat       45 mins

    45. InvestingBitCo.in      500 sat    60 mins
    46. Extra Btc                            410 sat      60 mins

    47. iFaucet                            405 sat       60 mins
    48. weekend bitcoin                   300 sat               60 mins

    49. freebitcoinz                            300 sat                 60 mins

    50. free bitcoin co                        250  sat            60 mins

    51. Generous distribution    250 sat              60 mins
    52. we love BTC                            200 sat                60 mins

    53. Limo Service                           200 sat             60 mins

    54. get your bitcoins                  200 sat              60 mins

    55. Bonum Coin                            200 sat              60 mins

    56. gamerfaucet                             190 sat                 60 min

    57. whitwolfbtc                             150 sat                60 mins

    58. FauceBit RU                            150 sat               60 mins

    59. the free bitcoin                     150 sat                60 mins

    60. Win Lot of Satoshi           150 sat                60 mins
    61. bike ran 4 k                            150 sat                 60 mins

    62. GreenFaucet                            132 sat                 60 mins

    63. top bit                                           125 sat              60 mins

    64. BitBox LA                                 125 sat              60 mins
    65. BtcHD                                          119 sat                60 mins

    66. bitLucky                                        100 sat                60 mins

    67. The free bitcoin website   100 sat            60 mins
    68. MaxiFaucet                               100 sat              60 mins

    69. bitcoin crypto rials               100 sat             60 mins

    70. get your free bitcoins        100 sat             60 mins

    71. natalifaucet.ru                       100 sat            60 mins

    72. minions                                       100 sat               60 mins

    73. Favorite Faucet                    100 sat                 60 mins

    74. Nijia Dog                                  100 sat                 60 mins

    75. bit beer                                        100 sat                60 mins

    76. Super Satoshi                           100 sat               60 mins
    77. bitGolden                                      100 sat             60 mins
    78. Free Bitcoin Earn                    100 sat            60 mins
    79. bitec24.pl                                         95 sat             60 mins
    80. Artifax Gaming Faucet           75 sat            60 mins
    81. MiniBit                                              68 sat            60 mins
    82. Bitcet                                                   51 sat         60 mins

    83. LetsGoo.de                                      27  sat         60 mins

    84. Earn free bitcoins                   25 sat              60 mins
    85. Bitcoin for us                          800 sat            120 mins
    86. One Ad Faucet                        510 sat             120 mins
    87. FreebitOc                                  100 sat              120 mins
    88. BitcoinDrips                          100 sat               120 mins
    89. BTC-tree                                  100 sat               120 mins

    90. Frogbtc                                      100 sat              120 mins

    91. Chicken-Btc                          100 sat              120 mins

    92. Satoshi Nakamoto             100 sat              120 mins

    93. EarnBTC                                    200 sat                180 mins
    94. Crazy Fire                                  200 sat               180 mins
    95. faucet BTC RU                      154  sat                180 mins

    96. satoshi faucet RU               154 sat                 180 mins

    97. MegaBitcoinKran.ru          107 sat                  180 mins
    98. faucet-bitcoin-RU                106 sat                  180 mins
    99. bitcoin master RU                105 sat                  180 mins
    100. kran online                                103 sat               180 mins
    101. faucet BTC                               102 sat                 180 mins        

    102. bitkran4ik.ru                         101 sat                  180 mins
    103. lemon bitcoin                        100 sat                180 mins

    104. Faucet Rotator                       50 sat                180 mins
    105. BitWorldTeam                     5 sat                   180 mins
    106. BitCoins for free                120 sat            230 mins
    107. Kingmax                                    300 sat              240 mins `

    108. white wolf btc                        150 sat             240 mins

    109. FreeBitcoinDice                  111 sat          240 mins
    110. Gimli Faucet                        100 sat          240 mins

    111. prostoloto.ru                       180 sat         250 mins
    112. KokoFaucet                           83 sat           250 mins
    113. BTC 4 ME                              700 sat          360 mins
    114. GiantBitcoin                       500 sat          360 mins

    115. Faucet Box Xyz                  500 sat          360 mins

    116. Rainingfreebitcoins       400 sat            360 mins
    117. FreeBitcoin.co                    250 sat             360 mins
    118. FreeBitCoin.site               200 sat          360 mins

    119. Btdfy.xyz                                   200 sat       360 mins
    120. king of satoshi                      100 sat                 400 mins

    121. prize bitcoin                            100 sat                 400 mins

    122. Gana   unos satoshi           1090 sat            480 mins
    123. CoinBuster                                  700 sat                500 mins

    124. satoshifiesta                              300 sat                 500 mins

    125. your personal faucet             125 sat                  500 mins

    126. Mayabitcoin                                500 sat                 600 mins
    127. Satoshi Faucet                           400 sat                600 mins
    128. Valley Bitcoin                            400 sat                600 mins
    129. Free Satoshi                                200 sat                600 mins
    130. all your satoshis                       135 sat                   600 mins

    131. BTC Mission                               125 sat                   600 mins

    132. faucet bitcoins                          125 sat                    600 mins

    133. polmarad                                       100 sat                   600 mins

    134. Faucetly                                          100 sat                   660 mins
    135. 666 satoshi                                  111 sat                    666 mins
    136. e-sat0shi                                      500  sat                 700 mins

    137. btcmaster                                   500 sat                  700 mins

    138. Green satoshi                            50 sat                  700 mins

    139. Bitcoin Catcher                       1000 sat            720 mins

    140. bitstap                                           850  sat                  720 mins

    141. free bitcoin home                   415 sat                   720 mins

    142. FREE BITCOINS                   200 sat                  720 mins

    143. Gold Coins Faucet                100 sat                    720 mins

    144. bitcoin masters                     300 sat                   750 mins

    145. Coin4you                                   2000 sat                 800 mins
    146. razorcrypt                               1000 sat                  800 mins

    147. dorifaucet                                 1000 sat                  800 mins

    148. one ad faucet                           1000 sat                  800 mins

    149. Digital Motor Cycles           580 sat                   800 mins
    150. bitcobear                                   450 sat                     800 mins

    151. lindasfaucet                            400 sat                     800 mins

    152. freshcoins                                 200 sat                   800 mins

    153. Free Loves Faucet                150 sat                   800 mins
    154. cow faucet                                 111 sat                     800 mins

    155. Birsds-farm                              100 sat                   800 mins
    156. faucet-coins                             100 sat                    800 mins

    157. Bitcoin Galaxy                        100 sat                    800 mins
    158. satoshi di du                           100  sat                    800 mins

    159. It’s raining bitcoins               200 sat                 900 mins
    160. BoxFaucet                                   1050 sat                   1440 mins
    161. Quiniela Faucets                    500 sat                     1440 mins

    162. M14 Bitcoins                            500 sat                     1440 mins

    163. DarkBTC.io                              350 sat                      1440 mins
    164. BitcoBear                                   250 sat                     1440 mins
    165. free bitcoins 24/7                200 sat                    1440 mins

    166. triplebitcoins                          100 sat                    1440 mins

    167. Minions-Faucet                      100 sat                    1440 mins
    168. CRYPTAL Faucetbox          100 sat                    1440 mins

    169. 999satoshi                            9 sat                     1440 mins
    170. Web-Socnet                                     1 sat                    1440 mins
    171. Madscientist                               250 sat                 1500 mins