Altcoins Review: GROWCOIN – Helping the Herbal Community Grow



grow7GROW COIN is a new coin on the block that promises not to be just another ‘weed con’. Some great incentives and formulas have been created to help GROW COIN Investors keep a hold of their coins for the longer term.  There is a MINI GROW COIN ICO at the moment where a million coins will be held for ICO Investors to participate in. So if you are not a miner, this is a good chance to pick up some coins at a decent before the market opens, price. Minimum investment into GROW COIN via the ICO phase is 0.05 per investor and maximum is 1 btc to allow more people to participate. There are less than 48 hours left for the ICO stage. Miners will be able to mine approximate another million or so coins right after the launch of the POW phase. When POW ends there will be a POS phase of 4% per year.


GROW SHOP is the main focal point for GROW COIN which is a current work in progress and should be fully functional within one or two weeks from now. The good news for Marijuana growers is that when a buyer purchases any product form the GROW SHOP, 1% of the Buyer’s transaction in GROW COINS will be destroyed, thus making GROW deflationary which means over time GROW COINS will become rarer and rarer which should help the holders of GROW COIN to profit by keeping the coins.




Here are the specifications for GROW COIN:



THE  GROW COIN Team are doing their best to create a fair coin without any hidden agendas or premine to make it all fair for both miners and ico investors. With just over 2 million coins and a small market cap to start with there is a fair chance that this coin over time will appreciate both in value and have good use to be able to shop and also purchase merchandise. This bodes for good value all around. Investing in GROW COIN in the early stages could be a winner in this uncertain Altcoin World. POW begins on the 20th of November with a 12 hour notice to give Miners the chance to set up their rigs.



Here are some links and information t get to know GROW COIN and the Team better. Why not click away and join the GROW TEAM?












Altcoin Review: BITREPLICA Now in POW and on Exchanges


bitreplicaBITREPLICA  was created to give miners and coin adopters a fair chance to accumulate the coin over a long ten year proof of work mechanism,. In the first year just over 1 million coins will be produced and the block rewards will be even at 10 coins a block to make for as fair a mining experience as possible.  The blocks pop every 5 minutes so it will be a great coin to mine even years from now.

Already listed on two exchanges, BITR is getting a positive response both from miners and traders alike who have taken to the coin like a duck to water.  There is less than 1% premine to be used for bounties and development costs 0.09% and the coin is using the x13 algorithm. After 10 years of POW there will be roughly 3.6 million BTR and the staking interest stands at 15% annually starting after 24 hours of coin maturity.

There is already a lotto game, faucet and block explorer and healthy trading coin the Exchanges.  The wallet is cool, crisp and clean with no glitches and I see a steady growth in the user base behind the coin. I look forward to seeing future developments and a road map probably coming over time. This is a no frills Coin that promises a solid growth and commitment from the DEV Team, bringing a simple concept for long term wealth generation back into Crypto.



Here are the specifications for BITREPLICA..


Algo: x13
Block time: 5 Minutes
Diff retarget each block.
PoW ends in approximatively 10 years from launch.

Block Reward:

Block 1: premine 35000 (Less than 0.9 %)
First Block Year: 10 BITR per block
Second Block Year: 5 BITR per block
3rd to last PoW block: 2,5 BITR per block

TOTAL POW COINS: 3,6 Millions circa in max 10 Years from launch day.

PoS Stake Interest: 15%
Min stake age: 24 h
Max stake age: unlimited.




Want to get involved more with BITREPLICA? Why not hit any of the links below to get more info on how to be a part of BITR.


IRC: #Bitreplica

email: bitreplica@mail.com



Altcoin Review: SNOWBALLS rolling into the CryptoSphere




A brand new HIGH POS COIN has come to the Altcoin Scene with a bang. SNOWBALLS otherwise known by it’s ticker as BALLS has been trading at high speeds on POLONIEX and C-CEX and on POLONIEX has already exceeded 30 btc volume in the last 24 hours. Many altcoin enthusiasts are buying the coin to stake in their wallets as it gives out a 13% staking roi after the first 24 hour period.

SNOWBALLS started off as a POW SHA256 Coin with 1 million mine able by POW coins then on 2nd of November moved to staking at the rate of 5000% yearly. Since miners stopped mining and staking in wallets has begun there has been a massive market frenzy which I haven’t seen in the Altcoin Markets for a long time.

Maieuticoin and Snowballs are the future for coin generation and through the staking hardware unit now on offer one will be able to stake on low energy cost machines and grow coins in a much more cheaper and energy efficient way than through the original way of mining which is much more expensive all round. Check out the staking hardware unit here: STAKING HARDWARE

Balls are trading on four exchanges so far and there is a faucet, dice game and block explorer with rich list too.



Here are the specifications for SNOWBALLS..


  • Algorithm: SHA256    Ports: 11064, 21064
  • 40 BALLS each over 25,000 Mined PoW Blocks
  • Proof of Stake at 5000% yearly yield 24h / 30d
  • Staking starts November 2nd at 12:00:00 GMT
  • Tx fees are destroyed for anti-inflation (6400000)
  • Name conf file mmxiv.conf in Roaming/Snowballs Folder
    • This is an important step for all Snowball hardware
    • If self compiling, it will make as MMXIV-Qt/snowballsd




Want to know more about SNOWBALLS? Here are some useful links. There are also future plans for using SNOWBALLS as a reward coin for the HARDWARE STAKING CUSTOMERS. So apart from being a high returns POS coin it also has a use  that will bring even more value to the coin.




Altcoin Reviews: POTATO COIN – Bringing SPUDS and Happiness to African Farmers



POTATO COIN was born out of the Idea to bring prosperity and sustainability to African Farmers and simultaneously spreading the Wealth through the hands of those that trade SPUDS on the exchanges. The coin is going to introduce many features and easy ways to integrate merchants and customers together and there is also a ROAD MAP with all the plans laid out for the SPUDS ECOSYSTEM to develop.

The coin itself is using the X11 Algorithm and 50% of it will be premined and the other 50% of the coin will be mined through POW, giving Miners also a fair chance to accumulate the coin. There will be 625 million SPUDS total.  After approximately 400 days of POW, Potato coin will turn to POS and will be giving a 3% Annual staking Interest for its holders. Part of the PREMINE will be held in a TRUST FUND to be distributed to African Farmers as well as another part will be held for development bounties etc in order to facilitate the growth of SPUDS through out the Altcoin Industry.

Farming in general is one sector of society that both Governments and Corporations have distorted and also created a void whereby sustainable farming practices are neither encouraged nor subsidized. POTATO COIN is trying its best to change the Status Quo and to deliver results that will benefit all members engaged in taking action with POTATO COIN.




Here are the specifications for POTATO COIN..



BLOCK REWARD – 500 (Decreasing by 0.0004 per block)

BLOCK TIME – 30 seconds

MAXIMUM COINS – 325 Million

RCPPORT – 512015

PREMINE – 50% ( For African Farming development)




This is a great time to get involved with an altcoin that is really trying to make a difference in a truly sincere way. Helping others who toil on the soil make a living while still being able to be rewarded for holding the Coin at the same time is truly a win – win. Mining SPUDS should also be a breeze and very profitable while the price is still fairly cheap on the exchanges. There are already a few good sized exchanges trading spuds including C-CEX. So if you are not a miner, collecting some Spuds while they are at a good price is the best way to help grow the Coin.
















THE UCI CROWDSALE is now on and together with QIBUCK COIN we are announcing a special PROMOTIONAL OFFER..

Anyone buying UCI COIN through our offer will receive a 10% BONUS of their purchase in QIBUCK COIN. There is no minimum purchase and you can enter and buy up UCOINS throughout the month and claim your QBK Bag as long as you send in to us your full info so we can check it against the UCI CROWDSLE LEDGER.


To claim simply send in your UCI ADDRESS AND your QBK ADDRESS to receive your QBK 10% BONUS BAG.


You may contact us through one of the following ways:

1. PM me on Bitcointalk Forum @qiwoman2 or

2. send me email @ qibucks@gmail.com or

3. Comment on this blog with the above details.


The QBK PROMO BAGS will be delivered once a week till the end of the CROWDSALS. The CROWDSALE is on until the end of November before UCICOIN hits the major exchanges.


Please check our previous post on UCI COIN and also another good UCICOIN BLOG POST made by a fellow Investor in UCICOIN.. This is a chance to own a coin that can actually be exchanged directly for shares in various companies as well as soon to exchanged for BTC, FIAT and other Altcoins.





Altcoin Review: VOCAL – The new Crypto with a VOICE


VOCAL1VOCAL is a new Crypto Currency that is geared towards the Music Industry. A tool to empower new and also prominent Artists in the Music Field, Vocal is designed to reach out to many who perhaps do not have yet the means to pursue their musical career due to lack of funds to purchase equipment etc and also create the platform for Musicians and Artists to sell their Music in the VOCAL WEBSTORE.  VOCAL will have a dual function in the way it operates to assist Musicians get to the next level though their WEBSTORE AND KICKSTART PROGRAMS and will accept BTC AND VOCAL as the two crypto currencies to be used as a medium of exchange on their VOCAL Platforms.


VOCAL is preparing a healthy ECONOMIC environment for both Investors in the Crypto Currency itself and for the Artists and Musicians it aims to help. As Crypto Currencies have smaller transaction fees, VOCAL will be enabling the ailing economies worldwide by creating a healthy financial system within its own ecosystem which has been drafted in its own PROOF OF ECONOMIC STABILITY DOCUMENT just released. This document explains all how the economy system within the VOCAL COIN environment will function ad why it is going to be a lucrative entry point for ICO investors to collect a few coins at ICO launch.  By Initializing both an ECONOMIC Fund and a DEVELOPMENT fund as outlined in this PDF, VOCAL COIN aspires in this way to generate revenues for both the top 50 VOCAL COIN addresses, the Artists and Musicians and the general health of VOCAL COIN itself through its Stability FUND. Creating a coin deflationary in nature when the ECONOMIC FUND hits a certain target, VOCAL will be ensuring the steady economic growth of the Coin whilst at the same time helping Musicians and Artist fulfill their dreams.




Here are the specifications of VOCAL as outlined in the VOCAL announcement thread.

The main currency in Vocal will be [Vocal] Coin ,  it will be used in the store, for crowd-funding’s and to be the base of the Vocal stability fund.
Vocal Coin has optimal specifications designed as a fast currency for the Vocal store and to not generate over inflation being fully PoS with a 4% stake annual interest.
There will be initially 28 million vocal coins to be used on the entire platform.

  • 100% Proof of Stake
  • Initial Coin Supply: 28 Million coins
  • Stake Interest: 4%
  • Minimum Stake: 6 hours



VOCLA is pure POS to facilitate a more equal and even distribution of the coin and is currently being held on the C-CEX Exchange. It is being received warmly so far and those who are in the Music Business will appreciate such an endeavor to help assist in bringing customers and Bubbling Talent together on one platform. The ICO for VOCAL will run for seven days and the price will be static throughout the ICO period @ 500 satoshi after which the ICO will finish and the market then will trade freely according to demand and supply.  One may pick up ICO coins here: VOCAL C-CEX MARKET for the duration of the ICO.



Want to know more about VOCAL Today? Why not check the links below..







Altcoin Review: LEMUR COIN – Rare Crypto full of SOCIAL PROWESS AND CUTENESS!




LEMUR COIN is a fun packed, yet rare altcoin with a lot of ambitions to make its mark in the Crypto Universe. There will be only 100k coins and it is a Paradise for the small Miners because it doesn’t like Asic Mining Farms to say the least.  It’s a difficult and precious coin to mine but it was meant to be that way.

LEMUR COIN isn’t just any altcoin, it has apps on the way,  places to spend it, games, and asocial exchange site where you can earn or grow followers for your social media outlets, a win win for every Crypto Lover out there. With a big Community around it and a happy set of miners, LEMUR COIN has built a reputation that is long lasting and solid, which is not something that is easily achieved in Crypto nowadays with so much pumping and dumping appearing in the marketplace.



SOCIALCEX, the LEMUR SOCIAL EXCHANGE SITE lets you grow your LEMUR POT when you do various tasks and also refer others to join. If you want followers and tasks done on your social media outlets you can buy some LEMUR COINS and pay for these services to help you get more rankings and popularity for all your social media needs.


LEMUR Coin has one the Popularity vote on all fronts and is available on Google APPS called the flying LEMUR which is recommended for much fun and frolicking after a serious day of doing due diligence on a gazillion altcoins.  This coin has found success in the Crypto Crowd because the DEV Team are very engaged with their Followers s have built a stable environment in which to grow in. Miners who mined it had a great chance of receiving a good share of LEMUR COINS



Here are the specifications for LEMUR COIN..

Symbol:          LMR

Algorithm:        X11

(blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, and echo)

Total Coins:        100 000

Block Time:        300 seconds

Difficulty Retarget:        DGW 3

(Every Block with Dark Gravity Wave 3)

Premine:        1.3%

(For development, bounties, games, food and drinks for loyalists   and His Sexiness King Coolian Topless Parties 24h.
Was actually meant 1.2%, but Mr. Hash is so nerdy, that he wanted to see the first 120 confirmations…
Those extra ~ 123 coins will be given away for fellow lemurs as an extra bounties!)

NO INSTAMINE: First 500 blocks reward is just 1 coin

Reward:        2 coins per block

Total blocks:        50 000 blocks


Want to know more about LEMUR COIN?

LEMUR COIN is a coin of real worth and value and many cool things are coming via the LEMUR DEV TEAM and Community Including funky apps and more merchant adoption. SO LEMUR COIN is a great coin to collect and hold. LEMUR DEVS were very generous to early adopters who received free coins in LEMUR COIN GIVEAWAYS and bounties too!

Why not hit the links below..










Altcoin News: QIBUCK COIN Announces new Bagholder Terms




Qibuck coin is going in it’s third month and has successfully survived through high and lows in the CryptoSphere.  QIBUCK Coin was primarily created to create  a value coin in a much volatile Crypto Market and to make an effort to generate consistent returns and bonuses for those who Hold the coin for the longer term.

Through trial and error the QIBUCK TEAM has decided to make some core changes in the PROOF OF BAGHOLD Concept to make it more lock tight and rewarding for Holders of a more longer term nature. We have found that Bagholders only holding the coin in their wallets for several days to get the Bagbonus Reward then dumping the coin massively hasn’t bode well for the price or for the ideal behind the coin itself, which was to REWARD FOR LONG TERM HOLDING. Also making monthly bag bonuses is actually generating more assets slower for QBK as a whole and we find that it would be better to pay Bagholders at bi monthly intervals, giving the Team more time to generate MORE long term assets and Profits for the Coin and for the Bagholders. Also having more time to generate revenues than doing the monthly accounting will be more beneficial all round. Angel Investors will continue to be paid monthly though as there are only 2 of them.

This is what the new Bagholder Terms will be to create a more Bagholder Worthy Coin and hep the price also to steadily and gradually increase as more assets and revenues are created and less coins on the market to be sold, the value of the coin should see a steady uptrend.



1. The Bagholder must incubate and stake at least 500 QBK in their downloaded wallet to be eligible for Bag bonuses BI MONTHLY This minimum is raised from the 100 coins as all our team think it is now way too low a minimum to be receiving these kinds of bonuses. A lot of work goes in trading, mining, research and website building, due diligence to generate the consistent returns we are thus having so far. We will though be launching our private forum over the coming 2 weeks whereby there will be weekly contests and giveaways to help smaller holders earn coins through various activities which will help promote the coin and also help smaller holders increase their Bags. For example we will launch video contests whereby the top winner may win a whole bag to Incubate of 500 coins and all other contestants can win a small bag for entering to give all levels of Crypto Enthusiasts a chance to participate and Baghold for Bonuses.

2. Bagolders need re register if they want to get paid in BTC..Otherwise screenshot will be taken A WEEK BEFORE the payment commences for bagbonuses, in this instance on the 4th of Dec. Bagholders must retain their coins for the two months in stake if they want to get paid.

3. Extra bag bonuses for higher staking bags.: We will award those with 5k or more QBK staked with 0.5% extra bag bonus, those with 10k or more with 1% extra bag bonus and those with 20k or more staked 2% extra bag bonus per 2 MONTHS. There is NO upper limit now for holding coins. We tried to make an upper limit with the intention of not allowing whale manipulation on our coin but that didn’t prove to be working. We believe that future demand for a bonus generating, asset growing coin will create more and more solid bagholding and with more coins locked away for staking there should be less volatility in the Marketplace. This is an OVERRIDE Bonus on top of the normal Bagbonus to be given to all Bagholders holding 500 QBK coins or more.





Currently we are in talks with another coin of value,  ABUNDANCE COIN,  to start creating revenue generating websites. We have one planned to be created this month and will be the first of many to come.

We are also looking at hoarding more store of value coins like DNOTES, which have shown an extraordinary growth since their inception and are also in the category of long term holding and is geared to savers and asset collectors. We want to be an integral part in solidifying the Future of Crypto Currencies geared more towards those who wish to diversify their savings in anything other than Fiat which has steadily shown a decline and depreciation in value over time. Other new Asset Backed coins of Interest we will be also working with is UCI Coin which is geared more to offline Investment Projects such as Tea Plantations etc through its crowd funding portal and there is of course still the XC Collaboration Project which is still on, just waiting for the XC Team to be ready to deliver with the Tech. Not everyone is a trader or a miner and we know that many people want to generate a source of revenue for their savings, this is where QBK hopes to excel over the coming months and years, to be a vehicle for long term savers to appreciate their current asset holdings.

We believe that those sharing our vision and who have invested in our Crypto Currency will be delighted with the new changes that will not only help the price appreciate in value over time but should bring even better returns/ bag bonuses for their  bags in staking mode. Also smaller term holders or bag holding aspirants will be able to win their ay to staking bags with our forthcoming big contests and giveaways planned over the coming weeks.






ALtcoin Review: UCI COIN – Development in CROWDFUNDING and asset backed.


ucicoin2UCI Coin is coming to the Altcoin Scene with a grand plan and to bring both Investors and Crypto onto a new platform of Business  Development. This marriage of Investor and Crypto Currency is becoming far more popular as more and more Altcoin Enthusiasts shy away from the non asset backed variety of coins that only get pumped and dumped and are controlled by Developers and Whales while the Majority of holders suffer and incur losses.

Universal Crowd-Funding Investments s.a.l (UCI) is the main Brain Child behind UCI COIN and is an initial crowd funding portal for various projects and activities on and offline, including a Tea Project Yielding monthly dividends of 5% to Investors. For inquiries about investing in any UCI PROJECTS OR UCI COIN Itself please check out the links at the bottom of this post.






UCI COIN will be distributed in a very different way to what the majority of crypto currencies in that the Sale will be done Privately on a crowd funding platform and also there is currently a pre sale running on for very prestigious positions that will be generating a monthly return for Investors purchasing the following packages: Currently there are 4 vip founder, 10active  founder and 2 angel investor positions left and once these are gone that’s it. This is just a limited offer to be able to earn part of the UCI PIE as long as hold a Crypto Currency of value.

a)- 14000 UCICOINs will be given prior to launch which are valued currently more than 2 USD each

b)- 3-7%% return on investment monthly paid by cash or bitcoins

c)- Gold&Silver Ounces will be earned each 6 months depending on the profit UCI generates from all the projects

d)- Investor will receive 15000 diamond circle shares for free upon his investment current market value 0.05 cents/share

e)- 8000 HydroInfra Shares will be also given current market value 1 euro/share

f)- the biography and name of the investor will be listed on ucicoin.com founders page, if investor allows

and many other benefits to be mentioned with time.

2- VIP FOUNDER Costs 10,000 USD, Benefits:

a)- 7000 UCICOINs will be given prior to launch which are valued currently more than 2 USD each

b)- 1.5% return on investment monthly paid by cash or bitcoins

c)- Gold&Silver Ounces will be earned each 6 months depending on the profit UCI generates from all the projects

d)- Investor will receive 5000 diamond circle shares for free upon his investment current market value 0.05 cents/share

e)- 3000 HydroInfra Shares will be also given current market value 1 euro/share

f)- the biography and name of the investor will be listed on ucicoin.com founders page, if investor allows

and many other benefits to be mentioned with time.

3- Active FOUNDER Costs 2,000 USD, Benefits:

a)- 2000 UCICOINs will be given prior to launch which are valued currently more than 2 USD each

b)- 0.75% return on investment monthly paid by cash or bitcoins

c)- Silver Ounces will be earned each 6 months depending on the profit UCI generates from all the projects

d)- Investor will receive 1000 diamond circle shares for free upon his investment current market value 0.05 cents/share

e)- 700 HydroInfra Shares will be also given current market value 1 euro/share

f)- the biography and name of the investor will be listed on ucicoin.com founders page, if investor allows



It’s refreshing to find a face behind the Business and the Coin, unlike many developers who over and over again use the Anonymous feature to try to scam unsuspecting investors. Antoun Toubia is an experienced all round Business Entrepreneur and Investor with holdings  and Interests that span the Globe. Also Antoun is a deep Crypto Currency Enthusiast who also helped to finance the first proof of baghold Coin, Qibuck as well as owning and purchasing the first two – way bitcoin atm machine in Europe. One can easily contact him on social Media, Mobile and Skype Voip protocols.



Here is the current list of assets Backing UCI coin in the presale period but more and more will be added as time goes by . PLEASE NOTE: The UCI COIN can be exchanged anytime with HydroInfra Shares Or Diamond Circle Shares. All UCI COINS can be exchanged there is no limit.me goes by. There will be five million coins issued

1 – HydroInfra Technologies Shares (3,000,000 Shares x 1 Euro/per share market value) www.hydroinfra.com

2 – Diamond Circle Shares (10,000,000 Shares x 0.05 Cents/per share market value) www.diamondcircle.net

3 – UCI Preferred Shares (1,000,000 Shares x 10 Usd/per share market value) www.u-ci.org

4 – 1,000,000 Bankcoin Will be shared among investors/coin holders www.bankcoinreserve.com

5 – 1,000,000 PesetaCoin Will be shared among investors/coin holders pesetacoin.info

6 – 2,000,000 Virtacoin Will be shared among investors/coin holders www.virtacoin.info

7 – 2,000,000  Adsactly Coins Will be shared among investors/coin holders www.adsactly.org and www.adsactly.com/?rid=3235



To Invest in any of the above projects, make inquiries etc please check out the links and information below. Also once the crowd sale is open to the general public there will be a special offer open to get rewarded Qibuck  COIN as well if coming through our Special Promo which will be announced at time of the Crowd Sale opening.  There will be five million POS Coins issued for the ICO  which counts for 40% of the total UCI assets which will yield a dividend for those special VIP/Founder packages. A press release will be issued shortly.




SKYPE: ubeing

Moble: +961-70-887131





Altcoin Reviews: GANJA COIN comes to Market



A new, clean and crisp Herbal Coin comes to market in the form of GANJA COIN. Warmly received already by the Altcoin Community, GANJA COIN brings with it a lot of hope and promise for the Herbal Crowds at large.  GANJA is a POW/ POS coin giving 10% annual interest and is also going to be a rare coin, currently sold in an ICO. Only one million coins are currently available in the ICO and at bargain basement prices. It ends in  few hours so there is plenty f room for market cap growth. Those buying in the ICO will also be eligible for the free special gift of seeds which is a novel and great way of helping the Coin grow. There will also be a chance for MINERS to mine before block 10300, then it will turn to pure POS staking. There will be a variety of wallets to download too after the launch commences.




GANJA COIN wants to create an easier way to for merchants around Europe and beyond to sell their Marijuana and Hemp based products via a friendly crypto currency that will cater for their needs and customers alike. Creating a merchant gateway is the Primary aim along with creating its own Online Hemp Furniture and products store to generate more awareness and intrinsic value to GANJA COIN holders. This will be wonderful for GANJA COIN Fans as they are purchasing, mining and trading a coin that is growing in wealth and value over time. A Crypto with a mission, GANJA COIN Enjoys already a growing base of Crypto Enthusiasts together with an Active and extremely hardworking and dedicated DEV Team.




Here are all the details for the GANJA COIN ICO..Hurry while stocks last!


- Submit an high definition copy of a Face Showing Personal ID for verification and a photo with your face near your ID.
- Submit an high definition bill or a document proving your identity.
- Provide BetaShareX with wallet code for code review before adding the coin onto our website
- Mine a genesis/firsts blocks with the premine;  Exact amount of ICO coins and mineable/distributed coin must be disclosed clearly in the ANN of the coin.
- Transfer the premine to BetaShareX/ or give a priv key to import

BetaShareX will release the BTC fund from ICO to developers only and strictly if:

- Wallet and blockchain are working properly up to 36 hours after ICO ends.
- At least Mac and Windows Wallets are released and working.
- At least an alternative wallet (Webwallet, iOS or Android.)
- Proof of sending the Seeds promised as bonus for Investors.

ICO coins available for investors:  1’000’000 GANJA (1 Million GANJA)

Price per coin is: 0.00001500 BTC

Minimum investment per person: 500 GANJA

Max investment per person: 100000 GANJA



Official ESCROW BTC ADDRESS : 1HyYWJHcGcf4139b4aAb1nHgZsnitXR4Hw

Officials ESCROW contact for ICO communications: ico@betasharex.com  or via PM https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=386933

1) Create an account on https://betasharex.com/ . You will need this to receive your GANJA coins from ICO sell. Please be accurate with your email used for registration: you cannot change this later by yourself, and you will need to contact BetaShareX support in order to have email changed for your account.

2)Send the BTC to 1HyYWJHcGcf4139b4aAb1nHgZsnitXR4Hw then write a PM or an email with:
- the TX ID of your BTC payment;
- your https://betasharex.com/ account e-mail address;
- the amount of coins you bought
**- if you have invested more than 0.1BTC in our ICO submit also the message “SEED BONUS”, to be enlisted for the investors free seed bonus!

Once we’ll launch GANJA, https://betasharex.com/ will open a GANJA/BTC market and users will be able to create their own Ganjacoin address on the exchange.

You will receive your GANJA ico coins deposited automatically onsite at https://betasharex.com/ once GANJA will be live!

Official ESCROW BTC ADDRESS : 1HyYWJHcGcf4139b4aAb1nHgZsnitXR4Hw

ICO funds will be released to us from BetaShareX team according to ICO terms previously described.
Moreover we add to ICO terms the fact of release at least both Mac and Win Wallet since launch.

Officials ESCROW contact for ICO communications: ico@betasharex.com  or via PM https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=386933

ICO COUNTDOWN: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141019T21&p0=136&msg=GANAJCOIN+ICO+FINISH&csz=1


If you invest more than 0.1 BTC in GANJA coin you will receive a sample SEED of a strain which we have in our “fridge database” Wink
Specifiy this, if your investment is suitable for this bonus, in your submission to escrow contact about your payment.

List soon.




Here are the specifications for GANJA COIN..

Algo: x14
Block Time: 1 Minute
Blocks Maturation after: 20 Blocks
Tx confirm: 5
Stake Interest: 10%
Market ticker: [GANJA]


Block 1: 1 Million premine for ICO

Block 2-250 0 Block reward for fair launch.

Until block 1500: 100 GANJA
Until Block 3100: 200 GANJA
Until Block 4650: 250 GANJA
Until Block 7200: 100 GANJA
Until Block 10300: 50 GANJA

After block 10300 Ganjacoin wil be pure PoS with an annual interest of 10%.

A multipool with autoconvert to GANJA will be created after pure PoS will start.




Want to know more? Hit any of the links below to connect to GANJA COIN now..