Alt Currencies: Introducing KASHMIR COIN

Today we have a rare gem of a coin for all crypto currency Collectors who like to lap up those valuable coins. As there is a limit to how many KASHMIR COINS are being minted it is a good time to get some while the prices are really cheap as it is already on a number of exchanges, four exchanges at this current time of writing. There is stable trading now which is healthy for a new coin before it hits the bigger exchanges to come in time.

For those not familiar with the region, KASHMIR is a beautiful region situated in the North West of India and is part of the Himalayas.



There  are only 1001 KASHMIR COINS available so miners are really taking to mining this coin like a duck to water.  The Developer is also currently in talks with merchants to get the Coin to be accepted for your shopping needs too!

There is only a small premine of 1% of the Coin to help develop the coin further which includes Bounties and giveaways and the KASHMIR TEAM have been very generous in giving some of this precious coin through a faucet and giveaways. There is also an active thread developing now on Bitcointalk Forum too.



Here are the Specifications for KASHMIRCOIN which is using the Script Algorithm.

1001 coins max
Algo: scrypt
Block time: 101 seconds
Retarget: every 10 minutes
Transaction: 3 confirmations
RPC port 10011
P2P port 11010
Tx fees: 0,00001

Block reward:
0.0010010 KSC

Random 20X superblocks





Want to know more about this rare gem of a coin? Why not visit the links below and get a feel of what this coin has to offer the ALT COIN Enthusiasts.








4 thoughts on “Alt Currencies: Introducing KASHMIR COIN

  1. wrong post.. :) give me your community coin address i got no giveaway for KASHMIR COIN yet.. i will give u community coins..

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