Today is a pivotal day for women around the world as we enter a new paradigm in the Crypto Currency World that until now has been predominantly enjoyed by our Men. is the Brainchild of the DNOTES COIN DEVELOPMENT TEAM who want to add value to this area that has sometimes been tainted with the wrong colors.


Cleaning up the Alt Coin Industry and providing it a higher quality image is what CRYPTOMOMS  sponsored by DNOTES pledges to achieve though its flagship website. By Bringing more and more women into this financial revolution, Cryptomoms aims to cohesively educate, inform and enlighten through an entertaining manner and with a lightheartedness that should endear many new members into crypto currencies in general. Although CRYPTOMOMS  is targeted towards women, anyone can join in and help bring some light and useful hints and tips to their Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunties, Nieces, Girlfriends and Fiances..  Did we miss anyone out? :)

CRYPTOMOMS is all inclusive, all embracing and all inspiring and was even featured by YAHOO FINANCE and is taking the Crypto World by storm.



We wish to humbly celebrate and be a part of this great moment in CRYPTO HISTORY by hosting a giveaway for CRYPTOMOMS kindly Sponsored by what I call our DNOTES FAMILY..

To enter the giveaway,  for 100 lucky friends to receive a maximum of  500 DNOTES EACH , you can do any or all of the following:

1.  JOIN CRYPTOMOMS FORUM and make at least two posts of interest. Also you can learn a lot while you are there. Come back and post your username and links to posts. = 200 DNOTES

2. Follow CRYPTOMOMS on Twitter and come back and post your twitter username. = 100 DNOTES

3. Do one of the following: LIKE AND TWEET this blog post and post your twitter or fb username or google plus. = 200

4. Post your DNOTES Address to receive DNOTES COIN. You can download the wallet or open a wallet at POLONIEX or ALLCOIN.

Please note it may take up to 24 hours for payments as we are human. :)

Celebrate with us and help the Ladies in your life get some coins!





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