Alt Currencies: Introducing BTCTALK Coin

As soon as I saw this coin on Bitcointalk and it offered an IPO I had to take a little chance and managed to secure myself a small stake. I was increasingly pleased to find out that I will also be airdropped some coin from the 49% premine that is going to BitcoinTalk Account Holders. This coin is a reward and gift to the BitcoinTalk Forum Community so it will be a valuable asset in the hands of those that respect it.

There are already four exchanges listing BCC Coin once it launches including my all time favorite Poloniex of course so the Trollbox is beginning to heat up on this one. Just over sixty three and a half million coins will be available so they will be quite valuable from the offset. There is only a 0.5% premine for promotions, bounties and development which ensures the coin gets a good head start.

There already is a growing community of supporters for BCC Coin and the Developer is active and keen to answer any queries that may arise or deal with an issues in hand. The IPO phase for the Coin has now ended but one can actively take part in mining, supporting, promoting and purchasing





The 49% airdrop will happen to Bitcointalk Account holders 20 days after launch to give time for the coin to settle and also for it not to be mass manipulated and dumped. Active members in Bitcointalk Forum will be sending their BCC coin wallet address via PM to the DEVS once the coin is launched so those who follow the instructions will benefit from this bailout. There is also the added advantage here that as BitcoinTalk Members are a global community there will be no need to use government i.ds or other complicated methods to drop the coins.




Here are the specifications for Bitcointalk Coin for your perusal:

Algorithm: POW+POS (Scrypt)
Maximum BCC: 63,561,840
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block 2 – 200 Reward: 1 BCC (Avoiding instamine)
Block Reward: 20 BCC
Difficulty Retarget: Every 10 blocks
Block Halving Rate: Every 6 months
POS: 15%
Airdrop: 49%
IPO: 0.5%
Premine: 0.5%









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