Alt Currencies: Pink Coin Review


pincoin1 Pink Coin had its origins as another ordinary color coin until it had a makeover and facelift by the Community. Since then it has been pimped out into a Brand to be proud of.  Everything about PINK COIN has been overhauled and new COMMUNITY TEAM are doing the utmost to bring the Coin into one of the most prominent positions in the Alt Coin Industry.

Along with a block explorer, multipool, updated wallets and charity drive there are also anonymous transactions being tested now too! This is a great feature that have really helped to elevate the Coin to new heights on the Trading Platforms. It has risen healthily especially on Bittrex where the  volume has grown nicely and steadily over the last couple of weeks. You can even earn PINK COINS by donating to the Breast Cancer Charity Drive that PINK COIN is running.

I have myself invested in a large amount of PINK COINS as I feel there is much promise here. Of Course as an Investor everyone needs to do their own due diligence. There was no premine or IPO for this coin so any promotions or help and costs are covered by the Community at large. Don’t forget to donate to the Cause as you can earn 100 PINK COINS BONUS for each 1usd you donate until they reach a 20 usd target.


pinkcoin2 Here are the specifications for PINK COIN.. PINKCOIN3


Want to find out more about PINK COIN? Why not check out the links below for more information today. PINK IS HOT!






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