Alt Currencies: AXIS COIN REVIEW




Today we present to you what I would call a no frills, no nonsense coin which doesn’t promise the earth but it does promise a cool functioning Crypto with activity and punch.

AXIS COIN is not yet rolling out or considering to add all those fancy things like ANON transactions and long winded foundations but it does want to boast a fast hashing, fast transaction Coin hence it is using the X13 Algorithm. It will have a 6 day mining period with 12 million coins to be hashed out during this time before it turns to POS on the seventh day. POS period will generate another set of coins totalling 24 million.

There is only a 1% premine of AXIS COIN to help with expenses and development which I believe is reasonable as a coin has to grow and compete in this ever growing exciting space.

What I really liked was the cool, crisp logo and design and simple approach which is refreshing for the not so nerdy types like myself! :) Silkcoin has one hell of a buff wallet so AXIS COIN is going to use this wallet to start hatching coins. AXIS COIN doesn’t want to be a pump ‘n’ dump by miners coin so it isn’t looking to get on an an exchange too early.




These are the specifications for AXIS COIN..

AXIS is a X13 hashing algo coin. It’s sexy and fast. We’ll post tutorials for different types of cards.

6 days of hashing. “And the 7th day, God rested.”

12.000.000 coins in total ( 12 Millions in PoW )
Premine =  1% ( Not for blow and hookers. )
Coins from POW = 11880000
Coins Per day = 990000
Coins Per block = 687.5
1 minute blocks ( We could put less, but we want to avoid forking. )
PoS coins = 2 x 12 from PoW. ( 24 million coins after PoW )
7% PoStake
Min – Max age = 7 hours, 1 month



Want to find out more how to get involved with AXIS COIN? Come check out the links below for more exciting details..

MAIN WEBSITE in development





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