Altcoin Review: WMCOIN – The Alt that is WOWING China and Beyond!


Introduction to WMCOIN:

China is known to do everything on a big scale. When the Chinese are passionate about something, they don’t do things by halves and WMCOIN, the ALTCOIN with backing, is no different. WMCOIN oozes razzmatazz and and a WOW Factor that will woo the crowds in and outside of China!

Created in February 2016, WMCOIN was founded by Bitcoin and Digital Currency Enthusiasts from all different regions in order to facilitate a faster and smoother transaction time for a coin to be used in the NEWS, ONLINE SHOPPING, GAMING and ENTERTAINMENT Industries. There will be 1 Billion coins in total and 90% was premined to be used for Investment, Infrastructure etc , 900 million was mined giving miners also a chance to mine this precious altoin. 100 million is reserved for POS.

WMCOIN is poised for success in global markets due to its strategic partnerships and it has also been able to obtain full control and stock of the prestigious BTCSIDE.COM News Bulletin, which is one of the top and foremost Bitcoin Resources in China!

WEM, Which is the company backing WMCOIN is building infrastructure Online in the Entertainment, Gaming and Shopping Industries in China to bring, collectively, quality services and products to the marketplace. These are all billion dollar markets up for grabs and WMCOIN is taking a chunk right out of it. This brings great value to WMCOIN and builds it’s intrinsic value, which makes it well worth investing in and holding.

Check out all the games and sites WMCOIN is already a part of and has constructed. . Many Merchants  now already accept WMCOIN now as a form of payment as well, making it a major player in the Marketplace. By creating it’s own infrastructure where WMCOIN can be used, alongside mass-adoption, WMCOIN can easily fill in the gaps that Bitcoin has left open for other major altcoin players.




















WMCOIN has a plethora of bounties up for grabs on the Bitcointalk forum and there is a large and active community base to interact with as well.  International Digital Currency Buffs are now getting drawn to WMCOIN as it is a crypto currency that has a value and a use, which is what we are all looking for in a digital currency of today. So if you have a service to offer WMCOIN please feel welcome to drop by the Bitcointalk OP, or you can interact via QQ and Slack, depending on where you feel more at ease! There is also WMCOIN Rain pouring in the slack room and a generous signature campaign on Bitcointalk for avid writers and forum posters!










Here are the tech specifications for WMOIN

Ticker: WMC

Algo:X11& POS

Block Time :60 s

Max PoW Mining supply: 900 M coins

PoS :100M coins




Want to meet the WMCOIN Team and be a part of this growing community of Admirers and Investors? WMCOIN with it’s expanding architecture will be a glowing example of what a good and sturdy altcoin should be. It’s a great time to become a part of it.


QQ:1878301253   |   QQ Group:553874699







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