Altcoin Review: S.C.A.M COIN – Third in a series of coins.




S.CA.M Coin is the third in a series of coins developed by a FUN DEVELOPER of coins and all his coins have got a huge following on YOBIT Exchange.

S.CA.M works primarily as a reward token for holders of the previous tow coins in the series, being PONZI AND PONZI2. So if you have reviously purchased PONZI and PONZ2 and are currently staking them in your wallet you can go and collect your free S.CA.M from  iTradeChips on Bitcointalk and also you can collect from the faucet as well:


There will be S.C.A.M Available as payment for trolling in the trollpayment gateway too. So if you are good at trolling on Yobit that is another way to receive S.C.A.M Rewards.

There have been three rounds of games with the PONZI series of coins and if round 4 is launched then you will be able to swap your PO0NZI coins for S.CA.M for a limited period as well.



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