Altcoin Review: WI COIN – Killer App is Ready to take on the World



The Market has spoken. The World is ready and the product is about to take the Mobile World by storm. What do we want to share with our Audience today? The story about the KILLER APP CRYPTO WI is about to become a household name in a very short time span due to the ripeness of this wonderful application. Let’s dissect the information in easy steps so that even those not so techno minded can grasp the greatness of what is about to be unleashed.

Everyone in the world needs access to the Internet in different places at different times but doesn’t sometimes want to pay high prices for mobile internet packages. Others in the meantime have plenty of bandwidth to spare that they pay their internet provider an arm and a leg in monthly payments but aren’t 24/7 logged on to their peripherals. So the CRYPTO WI Killer APP has come to create a new marketplace for RENTING OUT WI-FI to those that need it by those who can provide it. Everyone now is becoming more mobile and being on the road has become the norm for many. People have been dying to see this technological advancement since 2008 and now we have it! Remunerating those who sell or rent their WI FI will be in WI COIN, which is going to be the in house currency for this whole project. Those who wish to rent the WI FI from others will have to purchase WI COINS in order to pay for the service they desire, all through the APP.

Check out the video below to see how the APP actually works as the Prototype is fully functional and ready.




There will be a PRESALE in August and a full blown ICO or Initial Coin Offering in September to Generate Capital to take this all to the next level. What’s interesting about this crowd sale is that not much is needed to launch this to the 50 million mass market and a capitalization of fewer than 5 million dollars is a great investment opportunity as this means that there is so much room for growth and profit in the mid to long term for WI COIN holders. More intricate details will come out when all the information will be ready and we will post this in our next blog review as we receive the news.

So many other ICOS ask for a huge up front amount before there is any service or product ready to deploy but CRYPTOWI is a fully fledged and market ready product and that is why not as many funds are needed to get the project on the road. Once the crowd sale has finished then sometime in October the initial release of the APP will ensue.



Now let’s talk about the digital currency that will be the driving force behind the CRYPTOWI application. The disruptive currency will be powered by the ETHEREUM blockchain and created through a smart contract as an ERC20 token. There will be a maximum supply of 100 million tokens and they will be distributed as follows:

90% of WIC tokens will be presented for sale in the ICO.

5% will be reserved for the IN APPLICATION use.

3% Will be kept aside for the Team expenses.

2% is reserved as a generous reward for bounty promotions.

Making WIC the only currency allowed to be used on the CRIPTOWI platform will make it more and more valuable over time as demand for the Token grows as more and more users download the application.


Who are the team behind this revolutionary project? The brainchild who are pioneering WI-FI sharing never accomplished before and who are bringing this APPLICATION FIRST TO MARKET? Meet the Team who will roll this all out in front of our eyes.

RONALD. B.SAO has been involved in the I.T field for well over ten years and has been an avid part of the Bitcoin Cunnity from as early as 2014. CRYPTOWI is his initial solo project and he hopes to bring it to the Masses.

DEEPAK KUMAR is the LEAD Technical Developer of CryptoWi who excels in a number of programming languages. As a Leader of tech operations and will make sure the APP is working to perfection at launch.

CATHRINE OLIVER is the Marketing Arm behind the WIC project and boasts a PHD in Marketing and has extensive knowledge of promotion and who is spearheading online and offline marketing campaigns to springboard CRYPTOWI in all directions.



Here are some useful links in order to get more information in detail on the CryptoWi project.








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