Altcoin Review: SNAPUP – How Shoppers will get the best discounts with Cryptocurrency!



There have been many innovative ways in which blockchain technology has been implemented but this new and delightful adaptation of this awesome tech is beneficial to so many groups of the population, young and old, investors and consumers!

SNAPUP wants to bring shopping for premium and more luxurious goods to a wider spectrum of shopaholics who before would not have been able to afford to purchase goods of this nature at the full retail price. The blockchain smart contract on the Ethereum platform makes it now possible for group purchases to be bought at massive discounts in a reverse type auction environment. Participants will be able to accrue discounts of 80%-90% OFF the full retail prices of the goods of their choice if they meet the requirements in the bidding process when they take part. Geared especially towards the trendy 18-30 year old demographic, SNAPUP will take all sorts of currency but for the very first time, it will also accept digital currency.

SNAPCOIN is the ERC20 TOKEN which will be the ‘IN HOUSE’ currency of SNAPUP and will be used by participants who want to bid for the products they would love to acquire. It will help everyone involved in the project on so many different levels benefit through the whole infrastructure related around this amazing system, creating a new economic model built on community and fairness, only possible through a decentralized platform. By having tons of products and items available through drop shipping, this allows much leverage for SNAPUP to provide the best possible prices, with minimum initial outlay and overheads.




There will first be a PRESALE of SNAPCOIN so that Investors can get the biggest bonus of 20% which will take place between 28th August 2017 – 4th September 2017, basically for one week whereby 2 million SNAPCOIN will be available for purchase at this time. Any of these SNAPCOINS not sold during the PRESALE ICO will be added for distribution during the main crowd sale.

Here are the rest of the details pertaining to the main ICO;

Contributors in this ICO will be able to participate in SNAPUP BETA with their SNAPCOINS which will give them a great insight into how the whole process works.

There is also a lot of detail and information provided via the SNAPUP WHITEPAPER which will give readers and investors a more in-depth guide in order to perform their due diligence.

Here is how the rest of the tokens will be distributed through the main ICO. In my next blog review, I will give more information on the main ICO timeline and dates.

20.000.001 – 40.000.000 SNAPCOINS (SNP) will give investors a bonus of 10%

40.000.001 – 60.000.000 SNAPCOINS (SNP) will give investors a bonus of 5%

60.000.001 – 80.000.000 SNAPCOINS (SNP) will give a bonus to investors of 2%

80.000.001 – 100.000.000 SNAPCOINS (SNP) no longer carry any bonus for participants.



SNAPUP is offering a fantastic bounty reward program for all those in our altcoin community that wishes to take part and help promote this project far and wide. 4 million SNAPCOINS will be given to those who complete assigned tasks in a professional manner and that is a cool 2% of the whole token supply! So this is your chance to help promote a great project that already has a working prototype and get rewarded in a limited edition crypto that can only appreciate in time as supply lessons and demand grows! The SNAPUP BOUNTY PROGRAM is around for a limited time so hurry if you want to have a chance of owning SNAPCOINS other than from purchasing in the Initial coin offering.


To find out more about how you can get involved in this amazing project, check out the links below for further details.









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