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I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream to make this world a better place and I believe Crypto currencies can help us achieve that for future generations. On a personal note I want to earn enough Crypto to re unite with my Family, Especially my Son, who due to financial constraints I have not been able to see for over five years.

I can’t mine as I am not that techie enough and also would need a lot of dough for equipment but what I can do is promote cryptos far and wide and help all the coins get out there and gain huge market caps..  :) So any help throwing me some coins would be awesome to help me keep this blog running, spread the word and earn some crust for my time and devotion to the Cause.

Crypto Momma wants to build a future for her Kid fulfill his goals and dreams too while building a foundation and income for the Family and beyond..

Bitcoin address:  19vK3L3ewQzPZHaRmNqtR8iojVevpQS6b2

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