What is the Future for Bitcoin?

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Many analysts and market traders are very keen to see what the long term end will be for bitcoin and the World of Bitcoiners at Large. Will it just be a fad that will burst into a bubble then pop? Or will Bitcoin lead the way to a future that is far brighter and more intrinsic¬† for Mankind as a whole. I for one personally an gearing up to be one of those people who pioneered a civilization based on Crypto curernecies and am hoping to be able to facilitate the growth in the use and transaction of Bitcoin and it’s other crypto counterparts. Want to know what GBBG Bitbillions Analysts think of the future of Bitcoin? Will it jump up after the last Bitcoin crash or will more and more bitcoin enthusiasts come to back the enigmatic virtual coin?

You can read up on their analysis here and what the GBBG FUND MANAGERS MARKET OPINION is and you may view it with an optimistic zeal like I myself see it or as an over optimistic ply for deliverance. Whatever you find for Bitcoin’s future make sure you have some satoshis stacked away in your wallet for a rainy day. From where I am sitting I see bitcoin is here today as long as the Internet thrives and is a healthy part of our existence in this three dimensional reality. As more and more merchants accept Bitcoin as a form of payment the more I see it flourishing within the Global Marketplace..


GBBG Considering the Adoption of Litecoin


As Bicoin is already reaching an all time high in the Global Markets, Litecoin is beginning to get traction now as it moves form 60 cents a litecoin to over 5 dollars in just a week of trading crypto-currencies.¬† Litecoin accumulation for steady wealth creation is being adopted by many now who feel they missed out on the Bitcoin appreciation Boom and are now heading to purchase lItecoins by the bucket load. Others who already have large reserves of BTC are also diversifying heavily into Litecoin. Due to more popularity heading mainstream for these crypto-currencies as just opposed to being played on the Markets by hardcore speculators or being mined by uber nerds, BitBillions is also considering a take of the Action as global markets shift form more traditional monetary economies to a far more libertarian framework. So if the Bitbillions GBBG Fund is going to diversify this way it can only mean huge dividends for it’s investors over a short period of time. Pumping more money into the Litecoin Economy can only drive the price even further up through the roof.

Bitbillions is the very first Bitcoin/crypto-currency Wealth creation vehicle of its kind so it is well worth the investment of getting in at this early stage to reap the benefits of earning your wealth in bitcoin and litecoin currencies.

Daddy Bitcoin is far too strong to break now and mummy litecoin is on the way to give birth to more cyber currencies! More and more of the General Public are seriously looking to hedge their life savings and pensions into the ‘cyber gold rush’ of our times..


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Other good news of a more personal nature is that I managed so far to secure four shares for the BitBillions GBBG Fund so if you are looking for a good investment online then the GBBG Fund may be just right up your alley.