Neonymous Neo Feeder Bitcoin Social Team Build How to Guide and Review.

Dear Friends..

I would like to cordially invite you to take a peek at an online Bitcoin Phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet since it opened it’s doors the last three days..

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What is Neonymous?

Neonymous Neo Feeder is a peer to peer multi level marketing program consisting of a forced 3 x 10 matrix with a low cost entry point of 5 usd equivalent in Bitcoin. One must join invited by another Neo Feeder member and payments are conducted from member to member via a social networking build system. This alleviates the whole theory of this business being labelled a scam as no bitcoin is sent via the site but is sent directly from downlines to uplines.

1. What do you receive for your 5 usd entry cost?

You are purchasing a week’s text ad advertising.

2. Can you purchase more than one position?

Certainly after 7 days the level 1 advertising spot expires so you may purchase another position at that point but in mean time as you go up the levels your position earns more and more as you upgrade from levels one to ten as you receive more bitcoins and members in your organization. So you can end up with infinite spots working their way up the System.

3. Do you need to refer to earn?

As much as we encourage members to tell others about this wonderful opportunity you may receive earnings as spillover and spillunder form other member’s efforts but as this is a social build taking Bitcoin to another level we do most certainly encourage collaboration and a collective group effort to make this a success. We do have also in place mechanisms for passive members to flourish via our social media groups and team social build.

4. How do I get bitcoins and how do I make a payment?

You may open a bitcoin blockchain wallet easily here and request either from your direct upline or a leader in our group for help with an exchange if you have no bitcoins yourself at this present time.

5. You have been referred by so and so but you am paying someone else why is that?

As Neonymous Neo Feeder has a forced matrix you may end p as spillover into someone else down the line which helps another member to go up a level. This is to encourage team work and make sure no one is left behind.

6. How do you join?

Click the join now button here or choose to join us through the mmg forum team build by joining mmg forum and requesting NIL in a pot on that thread, NIL standing for next in line to be given a link by Arick our Mentor and Coordinator..and then send your 5 usd payment to the person listed under the upgrade section. After sending a payment then you send a message to that member with the date, time and copy/paste of your payment proof for that member to activate you manually so then you will receive your own referral link to be able to sponsor others.

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7. What if the member you sent money does not verify you within 24 hours what do you do then?

You may then send a support ticket to the Admins with your copy/paste payment proof Or send a pm to our FB group if you are in our team and we will alert the Admins to upgrade you asap.

8. Can you bring in friends and family living at the same address and using the same i.p?

Certainly you can as long as they consent and understand how the program works and you encourage them likewise to tell others if possible.

9. How can you learn more in depth about the comp plan of Neonymous Neo Feeder?

You may watch this Youtube video about the Neonymous Neo Feeder Compensation plan depth and also look at the compensation plan at a glance.

10. If you get referrals and they pay you how do you confirm and verify them?

You click on the referrals tab in your back office and then click on ALL in the dropdowns and display then you will see your referrals with a pink button next to their names. If they have paid you then you click on the pink button which turns green. This will activate and upgrade them. There is also a video inside your back office showing you exactly how to do this.

11. If you cannot contact your sponsor directly who can you contact?

You may contact us on skype add us noting you are in Neonymous in our team @ rudolfyan555 or connect to us at our FB Group for further help and instructions..







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How to Join BitBillions GBBG REVISED EDITION


Now that BitBillions GBBG fixed a back office they have now made the sign up process much easier and now members can login to their back office even before they upgrade which saves them one step in the BitBillions Sign up process. So this is how you join the BitBillions GBBG site:


1. Click on your referrer’s url: It looks a bit like the one below : You are welcome to join this link of course as it is my referral link..


2. Click the join now button at the top of the site.

3. Scroll down and click the green ‘I ACCEPT THE GBBG NDA’.

4. On the following page click on the green ‘SIGN ME UP’ Button.

5. You will be given a unique username and password. You are advised to keep this stored somewhere safe so you can retrieve it at will.

6. Scroll down again and click the orange ‘JOIN NOW’ button and fill in your email address. Once that is done you will be able to login to your back office.

7. Follow the instructions in your back office and pay for your donation either through the gofundme option with your credit card or via the Bitcoin payment option. To do that you MUST open a Bitcoin wallet and buy or obtain one Bitcoin to send. You should actually purchase or acquire 1.001 Bitcoin as there is a small fee attached in sending one Bitcoin. How to open a Bitcoin wallet and how to acquire Bitcoins is at the end of the joining instructions in this post.

8.  Once you have paid for your BitBillionS Founder Position you will be able to refer others and before you do that you MUST put in your BITCOIN WALLET RECEIVER I.D into the PAYMENT I.D area which will show up in your back office once you are a fully upgraded member. You must also let your referrals know this as well so once they upgrade they must also do this immediately. THis completes the BitBillions Sign up process.





HOW TO OPEN A BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN WALLET: This video will show you how to create your Bitcoin wallet to send and receive Bitcoins.

Where to get Bitcoins easily:


I use two sites to purchase my Bticoins with online Ecurrencies:


xChanger.org E-Currency Exchanger


I hope you find this information useful..

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Bitbillions GBBG News – Bitcoin value continues to soar.

bitcoin chart


Bitcoin values continue to soar as this digital currency gains more and more momentum in the Marketplace. So what does this mean for Bitbillions GBBG?  Well for one thing you may have noticed that because the price of Bitcoin has gone up, so has the price of the donation to get a founder membership gone up in price too as it is hedged against the value of the Bitcoin.

More and more new members and existing ones are now beginning to stock pile Bit billion founder positions before the prices become out of reach for the General Public. This is not hype as one can visit the GOFUNDME site and see how many donations are pouring in and this is excluding those that are going in via bitcoin which we don’t know yet the number of. There will be a position /Member count issued on the 15th March which will be quite exciting to see how much closer we are to reaching the first milestone.

One question sitting on my mind is how much Btcoin can us little people manage to get hold of so that the Big Phat Catz in Wall St don’t buy a load of it to manipulate the currency. Well because I know their antics I would keep my bitcoins in the event of whatever they may try to do because in the end I believe Bitcoin to be a fairly invincible product of the Human Soul yearning to be Free.. A growing David in the midst of a Goldman Sachs Goliath.

Bitbillions GBBG and Bitcoins together stand for the Emancipation of the Masses against a tyrannical Banking system that has placed so many top bankers in key positions in governments all over the Globe.


O.K NUF said..let’s get the movement going! I saw the price of Bitcoins go up by around 30% within the last ten days. That has to say something about where this digital currency is heading. More to come soon in the next segment.

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