Alt Currencies: HYPER REVIEW – Intergalactic coins for space travelers!



Welcome to our HYPER REVIEW. This coin has given me a lot of excitement personally as I am a Sci-Fi Buff since my childhood. I grew up with them all, Startreck, Starwars, Planet of the Apes and Stargate. HYPER COIN wants to become an in house coin for a SPACE MMO Game along with other aspirations such as being an in house currency in Other MMO games too!

HYPER is currently looking for Talented Individuals to help in the creation and conceptualization of the MMO Game and Friends who can help bring more ideas to the table. At this early adoption phase getting involved in HYPER now is an excellent time to get on board.

HYPER is a POW/POS Hybrid and once POW is finished you will be able to earn more coins by owning it and staking it in your wallet. HYPER is also creating a Stabilization Fund in order to keep the coin prices stable on the exchanges. Already going up the ranks fast on BITTREX exchange, HYPER is looking forward to a bright future on Earth and Beyond!



Here are the specifications for HYPERCOIN..

72.5 coin blocks with only 4.5 million coins mined and staked (vast majority are mined) for the first 2 weeks PoW / PoS 5% monthly phase
Pure PoS phase begins after the first two weeks – 5% interest every month, staking daily for the first 5 years
60 Million Coins in circulation after 10 years – PoS phase 3 then begins with 2% interest annually, staking daily
Algo is Scrypt
HYPER wallet includes coin control for serious staking
30 second block time
2.5% premine to fund market stabilization fund, space-based MMO which will use HYPER as game currency and also to fund marketing, games, services and much more.
During 2 week PoW phase mining difficulty retargets every 10 mins

Market Stabilization Fund: As well as funding the development of HYPER virtual worlds, games, services, marketing and more, a Market Stabilization Fund will be used to trade on exchanges, to try and ensure HYPER value on exchanges is stable and growing.



Here is more information on HYPER to get you engaged and started on this awesome addition to the Altcoin Family!

Check out the HYPER forum link below and see how you can also collect some HYPERS for free!