Altcoin Review: SELFIE COIN – High POS with plans






More and more Devs are taking on the high POS route to test the strength of the blockchain networks as well as helping to distribute coins in a way that involves less expensive mining equipment. SELFIE COIN is a new coin that also wants to take its place amongst the HIGH POS GIVING Cryptocurrencies.

SLFI is giving an annual POS rate of 2015% and is already trading on two exchanges so far successfully where you can pick up some now at very attractive rates on the altcoin market. There is a bounty for a new logo going as well as working block explorer, active Dev team and growing fan base community. The Devs don’t want to promise the moon by posting too many fancy roadmaps but are slowly but surely implementing new things and taking strides as they see fit.

SELFIECOIN will mainly be emphasizing itself in the social media sector and hopefully will have business growing along those lines to support the coin’s future growth. They are also looking at curving the inflation of SELFIECOIN at a later date as it befits the market when it will be eventually needed. You can also vote for SELFICOIN HERE: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home/Voting





Here are the specifications for SELFIECOIN:

Algorithm: Scrypt
Reward: 500 SLFI
PoS interest: 2015% Annually
PoS Min Stake Time: 1 hr
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
Block Time: 60 sec
maturity: 30 blocks
Anti Instamine Blocks: 2 to 50 “10 SLFI”
Full Reward blocks: 51 to 4320 “500 SLFI”


Want to know more about SELFIECOIN and get involved? The Dev Team is always looking out for talented friends of Crypto to help grow SELFIECOIN to new heights.













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Altcoin Review: BITREPLICA Now in POW and on Exchanges


bitreplicaBITREPLICA  was created to give miners and coin adopters a fair chance to accumulate the coin over a long ten year proof of work mechanism,. In the first year just over 1 million coins will be produced and the block rewards will be even at 10 coins a block to make for as fair a mining experience as possible.  The blocks pop every 5 minutes so it will be a great coin to mine even years from now.

Already listed on two exchanges, BITR is getting a positive response both from miners and traders alike who have taken to the coin like a duck to water.  There is less than 1% premine to be used for bounties and development costs 0.09% and the coin is using the x13 algorithm. After 10 years of POW there will be roughly 3.6 million BTR and the staking interest stands at 15% annually starting after 24 hours of coin maturity.

There is already a lotto game, faucet and block explorer and healthy trading coin the Exchanges.  The wallet is cool, crisp and clean with no glitches and I see a steady growth in the user base behind the coin. I look forward to seeing future developments and a road map probably coming over time. This is a no frills Coin that promises a solid growth and commitment from the DEV Team, bringing a simple concept for long term wealth generation back into Crypto.



Here are the specifications for BITREPLICA..


Algo: x13
Block time: 5 Minutes
Diff retarget each block.
PoW ends in approximatively 10 years from launch.

Block Reward:

Block 1: premine 35000 (Less than 0.9 %)
First Block Year: 10 BITR per block
Second Block Year: 5 BITR per block
3rd to last PoW block: 2,5 BITR per block

TOTAL POW COINS: 3,6 Millions circa in max 10 Years from launch day.

PoS Stake Interest: 15%
Min stake age: 24 h
Max stake age: unlimited.




Want to get involved more with BITREPLICA? Why not hit any of the links below to get more info on how to be a part of BITR.


IRC: #Bitreplica

email: bitreplica@mail.com



Alt Currencies: Introducing ISO COIN -an E -Currency for merged mining



A Coin rising through the ranks with an ever increasing base of fans and a highly dedicated an knowledgeable DEV, ISO E-Currency coin is one of those ‘sleepers’ that will make many a miner happy over the coming weeks. A website is in the works, along with a block explorer and talks with Exchanges for further development and enhancement of the Coin.

ISO is using the SHA256 algorithm similar to Bitcoin and there will be 900 million coins in total. This is purely a POW coin so will be favored by miners predominantly then along the way investors will also gain quick interest as development goes forth.  Also if CEX.IO accept ISO as a merged mining coin the possibilities are endless so please help to vote for this to bring ISO into even more prominence.  There is 0% premine in this coin so any donations to help develop the coin will be gladly accepted.

An android wallet is also in the works along with modifications for the windows wallet so work is being done daily to get ISO COIN up to speed. ISO shows a lot of promise of what a coin can achieve with a conscious and most dedicated Developer and Team.




Here are the specifications for ISO COIN..

No Premine
Based on Bitcoin 0.8.6 source
Block target: 30 seconds (20x Bitcoin)
Difficulty retarget every 2016 blocks
Block reward: 100 ISO, halving every 450k blocks
Total coin supply: 900 million ISO





Want to know more about ISO and how you can get more involved? If you are a miner you will love this coin and want to lap it up at this early stage of development.






Alt Currencies: OTTOMAN COIN REVIEW – A coin for a Glorious Era


ottoman coin

OTTOMAN COIN is using the x13 Algorithm and will be launching on the 20th June 2014. Already there are interested pools and parties ready to mine and the Developer seems keen not only to get a good launch going but also He listens to what Coin Enthusiasts want from a coin and is doing his best to accommodate both miners and investors in the fairest possible ways.

It is a Hybrid – POW/POS coin with ten million coins maximum for the POW stage set then a grand total of 100 million coins will be then staked over 13 years which gives a nice chunk of roi for the holders of OTTOMAN COIN over a long period. Only a small premine of 0.6% will be taken to be used for bounties and development along with a 3% IPO offering which will enable the DEV to utilize these funds for the growth of OTTOMAN COIN.

What I like about this coin most is that it doesn’t promise a ton of bells and whistles just to entice buyers. It has a robust road map with a lot of doable and can be accomplished in the not too distant future. There will be no multipool or anon feature in the works but the Developers are looking at more merchant orientated features such as a debit card to get the Coin to be utilized by the Masses. The lovely OTTOMAN COIN wallet is also ready for the Launch!

Interested COIN LOVERS and INVESTORS who want to participate in the IPO before it closes it’s doors can do so via the BITCOINTALK ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD to not miss this opportunity. I also decided to invest in this IPO as it has a great chance to succeed.  Of course each Investor must do his/her own due diligence before making any decisions.



Here are the specifications for OTTOMAN COIN..

Maximum POW coins: 10.000.000 OTC
- Total coins after 9 years: 50 Million OTC
- Total coins after 13 years : 100 Million OTC and keep on increasing by 20% PoS yearly.
- PoW Algorithm: X13
- PoW + PoS
- POW blocks : 10000
- 1000 Coins per block
- PoS interest 20% per year
- 60 second block target
- 110 confirmations for blocks to mature
- Premine 0.6% (for development, promotion, give-away’s, bounties)
- IPO 3% (on request by several people)

IPO Address : 1N5sERNApjSNjJxsNfg6zaZFTHQAEV97VU




Want to find out more information on OTTOMAN COIN? please check out the links below for further details of this promising young coin.