Altcoin News: QIBUCK COIN Announces new Bagholder Terms




Qibuck coin is going in it’s third month and has successfully survived through high and lows in the CryptoSphere.  QIBUCK Coin was primarily created to create  a value coin in a much volatile Crypto Market and to make an effort to generate consistent returns and bonuses for those who Hold the coin for the longer term.

Through trial and error the QIBUCK TEAM has decided to make some core changes in the PROOF OF BAGHOLD Concept to make it more lock tight and rewarding for Holders of a more longer term nature. We have found that Bagholders only holding the coin in their wallets for several days to get the Bagbonus Reward then dumping the coin massively hasn’t bode well for the price or for the ideal behind the coin itself, which was to REWARD FOR LONG TERM HOLDING. Also making monthly bag bonuses is actually generating more assets slower for QBK as a whole and we find that it would be better to pay Bagholders at bi monthly intervals, giving the Team more time to generate MORE long term assets and Profits for the Coin and for the Bagholders. Also having more time to generate revenues than doing the monthly accounting will be more beneficial all round. Angel Investors will continue to be paid monthly though as there are only 2 of them.

This is what the new Bagholder Terms will be to create a more Bagholder Worthy Coin and hep the price also to steadily and gradually increase as more assets and revenues are created and less coins on the market to be sold, the value of the coin should see a steady uptrend.



1. The Bagholder must incubate and stake at least 500 QBK in their downloaded wallet to be eligible for Bag bonuses BI MONTHLY This minimum is raised from the 100 coins as all our team think it is now way too low a minimum to be receiving these kinds of bonuses. A lot of work goes in trading, mining, research and website building, due diligence to generate the consistent returns we are thus having so far. We will though be launching our private forum over the coming 2 weeks whereby there will be weekly contests and giveaways to help smaller holders earn coins through various activities which will help promote the coin and also help smaller holders increase their Bags. For example we will launch video contests whereby the top winner may win a whole bag to Incubate of 500 coins and all other contestants can win a small bag for entering to give all levels of Crypto Enthusiasts a chance to participate and Baghold for Bonuses.

2. Bagolders need re register if they want to get paid in BTC..Otherwise screenshot will be taken A WEEK BEFORE the payment commences for bagbonuses, in this instance on the 4th of Dec. Bagholders must retain their coins for the two months in stake if they want to get paid.

3. Extra bag bonuses for higher staking bags.: We will award those with 5k or more QBK staked with 0.5% extra bag bonus, those with 10k or more with 1% extra bag bonus and those with 20k or more staked 2% extra bag bonus per 2 MONTHS. There is NO upper limit now for holding coins. We tried to make an upper limit with the intention of not allowing whale manipulation on our coin but that didn’t prove to be working. We believe that future demand for a bonus generating, asset growing coin will create more and more solid bagholding and with more coins locked away for staking there should be less volatility in the Marketplace. This is an OVERRIDE Bonus on top of the normal Bagbonus to be given to all Bagholders holding 500 QBK coins or more.





Currently we are in talks with another coin of value,  ABUNDANCE COIN,  to start creating revenue generating websites. We have one planned to be created this month and will be the first of many to come.

We are also looking at hoarding more store of value coins like DNOTES, which have shown an extraordinary growth since their inception and are also in the category of long term holding and is geared to savers and asset collectors. We want to be an integral part in solidifying the Future of Crypto Currencies geared more towards those who wish to diversify their savings in anything other than Fiat which has steadily shown a decline and depreciation in value over time. Other new Asset Backed coins of Interest we will be also working with is UCI Coin which is geared more to offline Investment Projects such as Tea Plantations etc through its crowd funding portal and there is of course still the XC Collaboration Project which is still on, just waiting for the XC Team to be ready to deliver with the Tech. Not everyone is a trader or a miner and we know that many people want to generate a source of revenue for their savings, this is where QBK hopes to excel over the coming months and years, to be a vehicle for long term savers to appreciate their current asset holdings.

We believe that those sharing our vision and who have invested in our Crypto Currency will be delighted with the new changes that will not only help the price appreciate in value over time but should bring even better returns/ bag bonuses for their  bags in staking mode. Also smaller term holders or bag holding aspirants will be able to win their ay to staking bags with our forthcoming big contests and giveaways planned over the coming weeks.






Altcoin News: QIBUCK COIN ( QBK) Joins forces with ABUNDANCE COIN (ABC2)

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We apologize for not being active on the Blog for a while now but we moved house and country and also launched our own coin, QIBUCK COIN and have been frightfully busy ever since, establishing our name and brand. In one month we managed to raise the value of our coin 100% almost and also create an asset backed coin too. We paid out our first dividends to bagholders, through our proof of baghold Idea and today we are joining forces with ABUNDANCE COIN and merging our TEAMS to create a more powerful force in the CRYPTOSPHERE. We will share resources, work load and helping to asset back both coins as ABC2 becomes the second official proof of baghold coin! QBK Coin pays its bagholders monthly and as ABC2 Coin is our fledgeling Proof of Baghold coin it will pay it’s bagholders quarterly..



This is our wonderful merger operation:



QiBucks Coin (QBK) is merging with Abundance (ABC2)

The teams will also merge for shared resources.
QBK will pick up 3 new people to its team with expertise in Graphic Design/Coin Managment/Marketing/Payouts/Mining/Web Development.
Abundance will initiate its own bagholder incentive program with rewards going out every 3 months.  Abundance will focus upon hashlets, software development and undervalued coins to provide the income to reward ABC2 Bagholders.

What this means to QBK Bagholders…..

Abundance will be the 1st BagBonus given to QBK Bagholders.  In addition to the monthly BagEarnings, QBK has initiated a BagBonus program.  These will be random rewards given to our beloved community.

Each QBK Bagholder will receive 150 ABC2!

Abundance was a bargain.  WIth the entire distribution priced at less than 10 BTC, the QBK team saw incredible upside for ABC2 having a significant price rise with more exposure and more volume.

The co-founder of ABC has been on QBK team since the beginning and there will be significant economies of scale, shared resources for the two coins.

What this means to ABC Holders

Abundance will now be an asset-backed coin and bagholders will now receive quarterly dividends on our investments.  This is a first for a coin that had no ICO.  Details of this plan are still being finalized.

Abundance is pivoting significantly and will no longer have the same giveaway focus.  Crypto has changed and ABC2 is changing with it.

You can purchase QBK on POLONIEX at present and ABC2 on C-CEX.. Both coins are at bargain basement prices and also as a result of this great Union of Minds and Coin Entities every QBK EXISTING BAGHOLDER WITH 100 OR MORE COINS DOWNLOADED in their NON POLONIEX wallets can receive 150 ABC2 courtesy of ABC2 as a gift. Please download the ABC2 wallet and pm qiwoman2 on Bitcointalk with your QBK addies for verification and your ABC2 addies to receive your free gift.




Please welcome aboard our new Partners ABC2 Team who endeavor to make both QBK AND ABC2, Sturdier, stronger and forever rewarding Coin Entities.





Altcoin Launches: ABUNDANCE COIN (ABC) Bringing wealth to the Cryptosphere


ABUNDANCE1A wonderful altcoin is coming to the Crypto Community on the 1st of August which is the Brainchild of a few most gallant Crypto Promoters and Altcoin Buffs who which to leave a mark in Cryptoland that will bear gifts and bring smiles to All that embrace the Coin that is Generosity itself Personified. I personally don’t like to over hype coins but I believe that ABC will help to restore faith and kindness back into a space that lately has been tainted with scams, Devs running off with the premine and ninja launches gone awol. It is a coin Miners will have fun to mine and those working hard to promote through the POE ( proof of Effort) will be rewarded greatly for their efforts.

ABUNDANCE COIN is utilizing the x11 algorithm which is very cool for mining with and the POW mining phase will last for eleven days then it will switch to pure POS. Bittzy78 and JDS1000 who are CO – FOUNDERS of ABC are both well established promoters of altcoins plus they have businesses too which alone bring a lot of merit to the Coin Industry. Other members helping to bring ABC to the Fore are also well established in the CRYPTO Community and I myself likewise am honored to play a small part in helping to bring ABUNDANCE COIN to life in the next couple of days.



Here are the specifications for ABUNDANCE COIN..

Name: Abundance (ABC)
Algo: X11
Block time: 30 sec
Block reward: x
Blocks 1-100:   x
Blocks 101-20090: x
Last POW block x 10 days of mining
Total POW coins: 355,000
Block retarget: every 20 blocks
POS interest: – look at btctalk ann thread
Coins stake after: 1 day
Confirmations per transaction: 3
Coins mature after: x
Premine : 145,000 out of 500,000 max for Po


Aggressive staking in the early part of the ABUNDANCE POS cycle will give Holders of the Coin the big incentive to keep the coins trading at healthy prices. Also through Proof of Effort there will be a lot of distribution for those who wish to help in promoting ABUNDANCE COIN through various social media tasks.



Would you like to get involved and join the ABUNDANCE Party at launch and beyond?Come and check out the links below and see how you can enter Abundant Living through ABUNDANCE COIN!