Altcoin Review: HYDROMINER – Get Your Stake in Green Mining!




Many of us in the Cryptosphere have always dreamed of getting into mining Bitcoin and Altcoins but many things have stood in the way, such as cost logistics, space, technical know-how and cheap electricity. Now with HYDROMINER we have a chance to participate in an already up and running successful MINING PROJECT that is looking to expand and include the Average Crypto Joe into into its mining fold.

Originally the brainchild of Two Sisters, namely Nadine and Nicole Dablon, HYDROMINER is growing into a Colossal mining farm using Green Energy from HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER stations and it plans to be the biggest ever ECO MINING GIANT through expanding its base via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The PRE-SALE or PRE ICO sold out within 36 minutes and currently we are nearing the end of the main ICO whereby over 2.4 million USD has already been raised so far in Ethereum. The mining is taking place up in the ALPS in Austria and more mean Green Machines will be deployed with the new funds.

Here is a great video that was produced by the Two Pioneering Sisters along with other KEY TEAM Members of HYDROMINER:




The TOKEN created on the Ethereum Blockchain is called H2O and there will be a total supply of 100 million tokens. In the presale 187,500 H2O Tokens were sold and the maximum ceiling to be reached for the main ICO is 25 million H2O tokens. Investors who invest and buy H2O Tokens will be able to exchange their tokens from Early 2018 for 24 month mining contracts on the HYDROMINER site. This makes H2O token a utility token and NOT a security which means everyone from around the world can participate in this ICO. To join the ICO you need to procure some Ethereum and go to the TOKEN SALE page and buy directly.

There is a solid Team, Roadmap in place and an already well established mining operation. This crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s in my books when it comes to altcoin ICOS. The fact that HYDROMINER can save 85% or more on the actual electricity costs of mining and also do it in an ECO friendly way makes this a miner’s dream. We all now have the chance to partake in this dream that is now becoming a reality for all those who want to take part. Soon more containers with mining equipment will be purchased and more hydro electricity procured, bringing mining to the Masses and profits for All.




Want to get to know the HYDROMINER project a lot better? Check out the links below on how to get involved.







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Altcoin Review: Introducing BURSTCOIN – An altcoin for Everyone!


BURST1     BURSTCOIN is not new by any means, it has been around for a couple of years BUT it has grown into a solid altcoin with a varied infrastructure that would make any altcoin enthusiast proud. It has so many positive qualities that I would advise anyone new to Crypto currencies to take a good deep look at it. Why do I have this very strong opinion about BURST? 1. Well for one it is very easy to mine without having to spend an arm and a leg on mining hardware. It mines on your hard drive so it is one of the most Eco-friendly mining coins out there and it won’t mess about with your CPU or GPU! 2. There is a very large and strong community of developers, miners and investors who are utilizing BURST in a variety of ways and are keen to see this coin as one of those long term coins with real value over time. 3. There is a great forum where you can find all the relevant information you need in your daily BURSTING activities along with people to guide and help you in every step you take towards building an empire of BURST! The members there are very welcoming and friendly and that’s one reason I feel so at home accumulating BURST AND BURST ASSETS. 4. This is the part I really like! As I don’t mine myself, investing is my next best option that anyone can get involved in, especially Crypto Noobs!  Always though do your due diligence before you purchase assets and purchase form trusted Members. There are a variety of investments assets that one can purchase on the BURST ASSET exchange and information about all assets can be found here: ASSET DETAILS  5. BURST has a solid floor and great volume on the POLONIEX exchange especially and buy support is always strong as asset issuers always pay out their dividend bonuses in BURSTCOIN. There will always be plenty going on in the BURST ECO-SYSTEM. I will be doing blog reviews at regular intervals on BURST as there is a lot here going on in development! Burst being the first PROOF-OF-CAPCITY altcoin has given a new lease of life to avid miners in this space. 6. BURSTCOIN is a prestigious coin and is trading on all three major digital currency exchanges, POLONIEX, BITTREX and C-CEX!



• NXT based • Proof of Stake Removed • Proof of Capacity implemented • No IPO • No Premine • 4 minute block time • 2,158,812,800 coins total • Block reward starts at 10,000/block • Block Reward Decreases at 5% each month


burst3Want to get to know the BURSTCOIN community better and get involved in the various BURST activities on offer? Please do not hesitate to see what this wonderful altcoin Beauty has in store for you. I am hooked on BURST because I see real value behind it.