Altcoin Review – LSD COIN: The new high?




Here we would like to introduce a new coin on the block namely LSD COIN. The OP on bitcointalk looks quite nicely presented and so far the Developer is quite active on the thread and is kindly giving the active  Altcoin Community free coins via the airdrop method. Total coins will be over 2 billion but that will happen over several years with staking. The annual staking rate will be set at 20% which will give a handsome lot of extra coins for the holders. Miners will be able to mint a lot of these coins through the POW phase and then earn on the yearly POS. 13% of the coins have been set aside for bounties and giveaways to give back to the avid followers of crypto currencies who like to promote and follow all the different and interesting coins and tokens available.

Two airdrops have been successfully completed to date and a third airdrop is in the works now for participants to receive more coins, especially those like myself who can’t or don’t know how to mien coins but are still a part of the crypto community.

Where this coin will lead us we don’t know yet as there is no roadmap available as of yet but we are hoping the Developer will issue a whitepaper soon so that we can all see the trajectory of LSD COIN. We are all waiting patiently for when this coin will hit the exchanges so we see how it flies. Will it be the new HIGH?




Here are the specs for LSD COIN:





To find out more where you can get free LSD COINS or how to mine it and for further news and information, hit the links below and keep an eye on the latest developments surrounding this LSD COIN venture.











Altcoin Review: MINEUM – Pointing the way forward for mining profits!




MINEUM is the CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING FARM and Brainchild of two Digital Currency Buffs and Enthusiasts hailing from Quebec, Canada and in order to beef up their already successful mining operations, they have decided to sell 49% of their stock in the form of digital TOKENS also going by the same name, MINEUM.

There will be a maximum amount of only 10 million MINEUM which are separated into various categories. 4 million will be set aside for the MINEUM ICO (Coin Offering) Whereby the General Public can come and purchase MINEUM on the ICO Platform created by the MINEUM staff for our ease of use. As MIMEUM is a mining platform itself, it will also host a POW phase for miners to point their miners at and there will be MINEUM set aside for the CEOS, Partners, Bounties and other activities, seeing a nice distribution take place. The MINEUM set aside for the CEOS will be placed in a public address and will only be touched if at all necessary.




The MINEUM ICO will take place for 21 days between the 7th and 28st May inclusive.

You will need to create an account to exchange btc for MINEUM on the MINEUM PLATFORM and make sure if you wish to purchase more than once, you will need to generate a new transaction each time as laid out in the account. You can also find the TERMS OF THE ICO here in this PDF FILE. 4 million MINEUM COINS will be made available to purchase for this ICO.




The MINEUM roadmap is setup in quarterly segments for the year 2016 and will continue into 2017  and beyond as mining operations grow and progress.

Projects will include:

1. Shareholder Platform:  A platform where shareholders can vote and find out all information pertaining to shareholder activities and to collect their dividends.

2. Cloud Mining Platform:  A platform where one can buy mining contracts for a host of different algorithms and duration.

3. Cloud Hosting Platform: Here you will be able to purchase mining equipment hosted by MINEUM or sent to your location as you see it.

4. Mining research and development, among many other projects to come including a GUI platform and a multifaucet.

Roadmap details for 2017 will be announced in the 3rd quarter of 2016.




Here are the relative specs for MINEUM:

Algorithm: x13
Abbreviation: MNM
Max number of coin: 10 000 000 MNM
Timing of block (in seconds): 180
Difficulty Retarget every block
Total POW: 750 000 coins
Block number when POW ends: 200 000
POS interest per year: 3%
Min stake age: 8 hours
Max stake age: 30 days
Mining Block Rewards




Want to connect more with the MINEUM Community and Developers? Why not hit the links below and join the MINEUM COMMUNITY today! There are social bounties now available too! So by helping to spread the word around on your Twitter or Facebook, you can earn some MINEUM! By joining in the signature campaign set up on Bitcointalk forum you can earn even more! There is already a social bounties spreadsheet setup which you can view from your MINEUM account, so once you do the tasks accordingly, you can connect with the Team and get your name on the list. Also there is an active slack community and Twitter contests too!!















Altcoin Review: Bitcurrency – Whistlecoin Takeover



BITCURRENCY is the new face of WHISTLECOIN, taken over by a spanking new DEV TEAM and Community to boot. A lot is going on behind the scenes to make this coin shine among alt coins. Traded on Bittex, Bitcurrency has a healthy volume and demand is growing for the Coin now that it is being looked after by the current Development Group.

A new logo design embellishes BITCURENCY to transform and take it to the forefront of digital currency. So what are the current short term goals for Bitcurrency?

At present there are plans for a multipool so that miners can mine other altcoins then bet paid with Bitcurrency. ANON features will follow suit with a fully anon trading wallet as one of the core goodies coming to this rebranded digital currency. The Dev and Community are working hard to create a next generation altcoin via BTCR.

There is a fully functioning IRC ROOM and Twitter with SLACK and REDDIT accounts to follow shortly. With only just over 18 million coins there is a lot of scope for growth and with a caring community it can really evolve and go far at a steady pace.




BTCR had a POW phase that is now over so the coin has rolled over into pure POS phase.

Here are the specifications for BITCURRENCY..

Proof of work (Over)

  • Algo: x11
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block reward:Block 1 – premine less than 0.6%(that amount will be burned soon)
    Block Rewards 2- 7199 – 2764
    Block Rewards 7200    - 4728
  • Max height: 7200(network does not accept PoW anymore)
  • PoS Started at Block 6000
  • Total coins in pow phase ~18.15 million



Want to get more involved in helping this altcoin on its journey? Why not hit the inks below for more details. Why not pop into the IRC room for the latest news and activities.






Altcoin Reviews: MAMMOTH COIN growing up..



MAMMOTH COIN is a fairly young coin that is showing promise in the Altcoin World. It is a POW/POS Hybrid utilizing the x13 Algorithm and has also some goodies called Superblocks for those who like to mine and earn extra rewards. MAMMOTH COIN boasts a plethora of qualities such as helping to conserve nature and animal protection. It also has ANONYMOUS technology and is very fast with speedy transactions.

Currently it is trading on some very well known crypto currency exchanges including Bittrex with a good volume of daily trading. There ill be a total of approximately 25 million coins through pow and pos phases which makes it quite a rare coin similar to Bitcoin in number. It also has a Supersend feature too, unique to MAMMOTH COIN.

There was no IPO for this coin so Miners ere able to enjoy a great run at launch and the POS phase runs for two months solid then it becomes PURE POS for staking. Also if you want to buy some cool goods you can buy stuff at the Bitcoinshop using MAMMOTH COIN so how cool is that? :) ..

There are a lot of developments in the work and the CHIEF DEV is also looking to redo the main website too so if your good at WEB DESIGN you can always get in touch with the MAMMOTH COIN DEV and offer up some services.


Here are the Specifications for MAMMOTH COIN..
- 60 sec PoW block time
- diff retarget each block for PoW
- Initial payout will be 200 coins per block
- True randomness, no cheat from big hashpower such as multipools
- Superblocks:
- Every 12 hours there will be a block with 20X normal payment (initial 4000 coins)
- Every 5 days there will be a block with 250X normal payment (initial 50000 coins)

- Block payout will be halved every 10 days
- PoW will be shut down after 60 days (will be pure PoS coin afterwards)

- No coins kept for charity
- 15 sec PoS block time
- diff retarget each block for PoS
- minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
- maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 60 days
- Variable PoS payout:
- 1st year:  50%
- 2nd year: 25%
- 3rd year: 13%
- 4th year: 7%
- 5th year: 4%
and subsequent years: 2%

- Total coins (including PoS) will be about 25,000,000. (5.347.300 PoW)




Want to find out more about MAMMOTH COIN? Here are some links to wet your beaks!






Altcoin REVIEWS: KRYPTKOIN MULTIPOOL ASIC Miner contest Bonanza and more



KRYPT KOIN Has grown into a successful and long lasting coin with great community support and very Active Team in Development.  Originally KRYPTKOIN started as a free distribution coin to 500 lucky BTCTALK Members who were fortunate enough to claim a stake but since then has grown into a huge community with over 213 pages already on Bitcointlak Forum and a healthy marketcap growing on the forums. There was no premine or IPO and the launch and distribution phases were as fair and honorable as they could possible be. Even the Main Dev only got one stake just like every other member.

There are 17 million coins in total giving an annual staking interest in your wallet of 7% yearly which is not to be scoffed at as it is a lot higher than we would receive having fiat in our bank accounts. What is wonderful about KRYPT KOIN is that is really has turned out to be  a huge Community Coin project with all developments funded by the Community. At present there are quite a few items in development including an android wallet, online wallet, wordpress plugin and more. A Marketplace is coming very very soon and now you can mine KRYPT KOIN INDIRECTLY through the KRYPTCOIN MULTIPOOL where there is great buzz and excitement at present due to the KRYPT KOIN ASIC MINER CONTEST which will be running for a whole week. Check out the link for the great prizes. I am sure you would love to win a miner all for yourself and collect KRYPT KOINS which are valuable altcoins in themselves. The contest is running from the 8th of July to the 15th July so for one week you have a great chance to collect contest entry tickets by mining for KRYPT on the KRYPT Mulitpool. Here are the FULL DETAILS for the contest. Although the Algorithm used by KRYPT is scrypt when mining on the multipool because you are mining for other coins but are being paid in KRYPT you can use a variety of algorithms on the mulitpool including  x11, x13, keccak and others.

KRYPT is already on three prestigious exchanges and heavy voting is taking place by the Community on Mintpal and other exchanges where there is a lot of support as this coin is gaining popularity. So it’s a good time to pick up some coins cheap before the price inevitably goes up. :) .

For those who didn’t get a chance to enter the main distribution Phases there is a chance to claim a few bounties. There are mainly translation bounties and article writing jobs up for grabs so why not take the chance to earn some KRYPT while doing some good karma for the Coin? The Community is kindly donating to make sure this coin reaches moon status very soon. It is already healthy and climbing up the ranks on the Bittrex Exchange. I can’t wait to see who wins the ASIC MINER contest and what the KRYPTKOIN Marketplace will look like. I am sure now is the time to mine, buy and hold KRYPTKOIN. I can’t see it staying at this price it’s at for too long. I see a huge Whale fest arriving once KRYPTKOIN hits the Mintpal Exchange that’s for sure.

What I see is a coin that has a stead future in front of it because of the stable growth in both community and development. Innovations are taking place to enrich the coin as well as great giveaways and activities to help bring even more distribution and holders to the Coin. One of the great incentives on offer is to tweet a unique tweet once a day and you can earn 100 KRYPTKOINS which is an excellent and easy to way to get word out plus earn some coins at the same time. There is a fully functioning faucet too. KRYPTKOIN has everything for any kind of CRYPTO Enthusiast out there….




Here are the specifications for KRYPTKOIN..

With no premine and a great following,this is one of the most successful scrypt coins I have seen to date.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Money Supply: 17,000,000
Block Target: 30 seconds
Transaction Fee: 0.01
Confirmation: 3
Block Maturity: 50
PoS interest: 7% annually
Min stake age: 3 hours
Max age: 30 days



Want to find out even more bout RYPTKOIN to get further involved?

Why not check out the links below..















Today we are making a beautiful Giveaway thanks to FUJICOIN DEVELOPMENT TEAM for our loyal Readers and we see this coin evolving and growing as the DEVS are working very hard to make FUJICOIN one of the best coins to mine today, especially for smaller Miners so they can get a slice of the altoin pie without worrying about the big ASIC BOYS muscling in. FUJICOIN was added to COMKORT EXCHANGE so this is a time to celebrate, buy and mine FUJICOIN.

Tomorrow we will do a cool review on FUJICOIN which will help you all see the true value of this coin that is a miner’s blessing. For those that can’t mine it is their chance to pick up some FREE FUJICOIN just for doing the very simple tasks below.



100 Friends can enter this giveaway for 100 FUJICOIN each.

1. Follow FUJICOIN ON TWITTER and come post your twitter username.

2. Retweet this Tweet:  https://twitter.com/goldentags/status/485279586398130177

3. Post your FUJICOIN WALLET addy and get paid within 24 hours..




Altcoin Reviews: MINERALS COIN – a coin to behold



MINERALS COIN is surely giving altcoins a run for their money with their new and innovative branding and Coin. This was a coin that decided to launch without an IPO or a premine, instead it is relying on donations form it’s community to help development but has so far had a successful launch and big group of followers.

The MINERALS Development Team have some great ambitions including an E-SPORTSBETTING site and ANONYMITY features to the coin as well, among other stuff in the works like wallet improvements and STARCRAFT Tournaments. THE DEVS did their best to make MINERALS easier to mine for smaller miners and now it is firmly in the POS stage it is time for the investor oriented coin lovers to get attracted to it. Although one can still mine through the multipool even through the pos stages.

MINERALS is a POW/POS HYbrid coin using the x11 Algorithm and there will be a total of Thirty Million Minerals produced in the pow phase. Thereafter there will be a 5% staking interest per annum.




Here are the specifications for MINERALS..

Name: Minerals [MIN]
Algo: X11
Block time: 30sec
Block reward:
Blocks 1-100:   1 MIN
Blocks 101-20090: 1500 MIN
Last POW block 20090.  (7 days of mining)
Total POW coins: 30,000,000
Block retarget: every block
POS interest: 5% per year
Coins stake after 10 hours
Confirmations per transaction 4
Coins mature after 50 blocks
Premine: 0 (0%)



Here are some interesting links for those who want to get closer to MINERALS and more involved.






Altcoin Reviews: TEA COIN – It’s time for Tiffin and a cuppa ROSIE LEE!




Billions of TEA LOVERS around the world would love TEACOIN as it is a coin that has a great application for the TEA INDUSTRY as a whole. Already there are TEA MERCHANTS accepting TEA COIN which give this coin the added intrinsic value for both tea and coin enthusiasts. I am a great Tea Drinker myself and I start my morning with a cuppa Spicy Chai, almond milk and palm sugar then work my way down a  list of herbal teas from dawn till dusk! How cool it is to be able to buy your friends and loved ones a special blend of Tea with TEACOIN! There are so many gourmet Tea Shops and online Tea Stores that could integrate TEA COIN so easily into their payment gateway systems.

This is one great Idea the Founder of TEACOIN Mr Brew has quoted on Bitocintalk that I believe can make the marketcap for TEACOIN skyrocket:

“I’m asking Online TeaShops to create a discount codes using “TeaCoin”.

Then from their build up relationships and hopefully become popular in the Tea world”


In the first 4 months there will be 40.3 million TEACOINS mined then a further 2.5% annual inflation of coins will be added so it is quite a rare coin and could easily grow as a store of wealth too for altcoin investors and collectors, the more it is utilized. It is using the SHA256 algorithm and miners love this coin as there was no premine to it so everyone had equal chance to get the first blocks on this coin. There is a beautiful website, block explorer and a dedicated Development Team growing the TEACOIN Project far and wide and soon will be trading on famous exchanges like Bittrex.



Here are the specifications for TEA COIN..

No Premine
Block target: 30 seconds
Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment)
Block reward: 1000 TEA, halving every 20160 blocks (about 1 week), not dropping below 1 TEA (inflationary)
Total coin supply: 40.3 million TEA + yearly inflation
40.3 million coins will be mined in around 4 months
Thereafter around 1 million per year or 2.5% inflationary.





How would you love to get more involved in TEA COIN and see where you can mine or buy them up for cheap? I am certainly going to get my hands on a few and one day I can buy up a year’s supply of tea with my TEACOINS! :) . There has been so much work, love and dedication put into this coin that I personally would love to see it moon!









If you are a TEA SUPPLIER or SHOP Please consider adding TEA COIN as a payment gateway and you will be truly enamored! :)




Altcoin News and Giveaways: DNOTES SURGING to the SKIES

DNOTES BONANZA NEWS GIVEAWAYDNOTESDnotes has and will be one of my alltime favorites in the alt coin world as it has been remarkably stable and on an uptrend since its inception. The DNOTES team continue to strive to create an investor’s instrument that is worthy to have and hold long into the distant future, not just a coin created on a fad.

TODAY DNOTES has a special mintpal voting Bonanza and twitter giveaway where you can earn 10 DNOTES per vote which is pretty awesome considering DNOTES is worth over 300 sats at this current time of writing.

To find out more about DNOTES please visit the Bitcointalk Announcement Thread here. DNOTES THREAD

To enter in the daily voting bonanza please click : DNOTES GIVEAWAY BONANZA





Also why not visit this lovely DNOTES FAUCET too? This is another great place to collect some DNOTES. You can also mine DNOTES and Buy on POLONIEX and ALLCOIN..



Altcoin Review and Giveaway PART 1: LIGHTCOIN (LIT) coming to your wallets today..



LIGHTCOIN is a new POW /POS altcoin using the x11 algorithm which saves plenty of energy and electricity so is great for keeping our planet in better shape. There are many plans in the works for this cool coin including a gui wallet and an anonymizer which are features altcoin lovers really like to see in the newer coins.

There will only be 20 million coins produced and a proof of stake will come in at 2% a year which will kick in after the 20k blocks of POW. POW Phase will bring in ten million coins and there will be another ten million in the POS phase.

The Development Team are looking for more interested parties to help out as a Community to get the coin to where they wish it to go so if you have any skills to help the coin reach its Zenith please feel free to contact the DEVS via the Bitcointalk Announcement thread.

The Team also want to develop a LIGTHNODES network which will be really interesting to see how it pans out. So it would be worth owning some LIGHTCOIN because if it develops similarly as DARKCOIN then it could be a great Contender for success in the ANON FEATURE ALTCOIN department. :) . As there are many ANON COIN Fans out there this coin should also appeal to this specific crowd of coin collectors. So if you missed out buying  DARKCOIN on the cheap now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of LIGHTCOIN!




Here are the specifications of LIGHTCOIN..


Lightcoin Specifications

  • Ticker: LIT
  • Block time: 60 secs
  • Est maximum supply: 20 million
  • Stake interest: 2% annually
  • Minimum stake age: 12 hours
  • Premine: 0.8%

Proof-of-Work Stage

  • Algorithm: X11
  • Est max supply: 10 million
  • Confirmations: 120 blocks to mature
  • Block reward: 200 LIT to block 20000 and 20 LIT after block 20000

Proof-of-Stake Stage

  • POS starts at block 20000 with 2% stake interest per year and 12 hours to mature





Here are some LIGHTCOIN LINKS to get you started with LIGHT COIN. Get some more insight on the Coin or come to mine it while it is still in POW.





Please come back tomorrow for our special LIGHTCOIN GIVEAWAY which will complete this first series of LIGHTCOIN EVENTS.. :)