Altcoin Review: BITREPLICA Now in POW and on Exchanges


bitreplicaBITREPLICA  was created to give miners and coin adopters a fair chance to accumulate the coin over a long ten year proof of work mechanism,. In the first year just over 1 million coins will be produced and the block rewards will be even at 10 coins a block to make for as fair a mining experience as possible.  The blocks pop every 5 minutes so it will be a great coin to mine even years from now.

Already listed on two exchanges, BITR is getting a positive response both from miners and traders alike who have taken to the coin like a duck to water.  There is less than 1% premine to be used for bounties and development costs 0.09% and the coin is using the x13 algorithm. After 10 years of POW there will be roughly 3.6 million BTR and the staking interest stands at 15% annually starting after 24 hours of coin maturity.

There is already a lotto game, faucet and block explorer and healthy trading coin the Exchanges.  The wallet is cool, crisp and clean with no glitches and I see a steady growth in the user base behind the coin. I look forward to seeing future developments and a road map probably coming over time. This is a no frills Coin that promises a solid growth and commitment from the DEV Team, bringing a simple concept for long term wealth generation back into Crypto.



Here are the specifications for BITREPLICA..


Algo: x13
Block time: 5 Minutes
Diff retarget each block.
PoW ends in approximatively 10 years from launch.

Block Reward:

Block 1: premine 35000 (Less than 0.9 %)
First Block Year: 10 BITR per block
Second Block Year: 5 BITR per block
3rd to last PoW block: 2,5 BITR per block

TOTAL POW COINS: 3,6 Millions circa in max 10 Years from launch day.

PoS Stake Interest: 15%
Min stake age: 24 h
Max stake age: unlimited.




Want to get involved more with BITREPLICA? Why not hit any of the links below to get more info on how to be a part of BITR.


IRC: #Bitreplica

email: bitreplica@mail.com



Altcoin Review: VOCAL – The new Crypto with a VOICE


VOCAL1VOCAL is a new Crypto Currency that is geared towards the Music Industry. A tool to empower new and also prominent Artists in the Music Field, Vocal is designed to reach out to many who perhaps do not have yet the means to pursue their musical career due to lack of funds to purchase equipment etc and also create the platform for Musicians and Artists to sell their Music in the VOCAL WEBSTORE.  VOCAL will have a dual function in the way it operates to assist Musicians get to the next level though their WEBSTORE AND KICKSTART PROGRAMS and will accept BTC AND VOCAL as the two crypto currencies to be used as a medium of exchange on their VOCAL Platforms.


VOCAL is preparing a healthy ECONOMIC environment for both Investors in the Crypto Currency itself and for the Artists and Musicians it aims to help. As Crypto Currencies have smaller transaction fees, VOCAL will be enabling the ailing economies worldwide by creating a healthy financial system within its own ecosystem which has been drafted in its own PROOF OF ECONOMIC STABILITY DOCUMENT just released. This document explains all how the economy system within the VOCAL COIN environment will function ad why it is going to be a lucrative entry point for ICO investors to collect a few coins at ICO launch.  By Initializing both an ECONOMIC Fund and a DEVELOPMENT fund as outlined in this PDF, VOCAL COIN aspires in this way to generate revenues for both the top 50 VOCAL COIN addresses, the Artists and Musicians and the general health of VOCAL COIN itself through its Stability FUND. Creating a coin deflationary in nature when the ECONOMIC FUND hits a certain target, VOCAL will be ensuring the steady economic growth of the Coin whilst at the same time helping Musicians and Artist fulfill their dreams.




Here are the specifications of VOCAL as outlined in the VOCAL announcement thread.

The main currency in Vocal will be [Vocal] Coin ,  it will be used in the store, for crowd-funding’s and to be the base of the Vocal stability fund.
Vocal Coin has optimal specifications designed as a fast currency for the Vocal store and to not generate over inflation being fully PoS with a 4% stake annual interest.
There will be initially 28 million vocal coins to be used on the entire platform.

  • 100% Proof of Stake
  • Initial Coin Supply: 28 Million coins
  • Stake Interest: 4%
  • Minimum Stake: 6 hours



VOCLA is pure POS to facilitate a more equal and even distribution of the coin and is currently being held on the C-CEX Exchange. It is being received warmly so far and those who are in the Music Business will appreciate such an endeavor to help assist in bringing customers and Bubbling Talent together on one platform. The ICO for VOCAL will run for seven days and the price will be static throughout the ICO period @ 500 satoshi after which the ICO will finish and the market then will trade freely according to demand and supply.  One may pick up ICO coins here: VOCAL C-CEX MARKET for the duration of the ICO.



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Altcoin Reviews: EXCLUSIVE COIN (EXCL) – A quality Crypto rising.



EXCLUSIVE COIN was launched in September 2014 and had a good reception in the Crypto Currency World with an active DEV and Community of Miners and Traders alike. The Coin trades on several exchanges including Bittrex Exchange. EXCL COIN used the x11 Algorithm and there will be a total supply of 60 million coins.  There is a 2% POS annually which is to keep the network from clogging up and the Idea behind EXCL is to help Crypto Punters be able to purchase some items cheaper than they would have to pay in BTC.This weekly sale of some limited Items is what will help this coin gain momentum over time to come.

One Great quality about the Creator of EXCL COIN is that experience He has with Crypto. He is also an avid Coin Investor, Blogger and Miner so he is an ALL ROUND CRYPTO GEEK. He has many decent plans for the longevity and stability of EXCLUSIVE COIN. EXCLUSIVE COIN also offers some cool services like a vanity address creator as well, to make your wallets looking pretty.

It’s very refreshing to see a crypt Enthusiast develop his own coin after seeing so many other coins fail and Devs run away with ICO funds etc so I was also pretty impressed with finding this solid Crypto on Bittrex and Bitcointalk. There is also a roadmap in place to develop EXCL coin further into the Future to ensure a long life and growing Community. It has two block explorers and a whole bunch of mining pools to choose from. EXCL Coin is a sure bet favorite Alt among the Mining Fanatics.



Here are the coin specs for EXCL COIN..

Total supply: ~60,000,000 (60MM) [60000000 - 23474339.7208 = 36525660 actual total numer of coins in circulation]
Algorithm: x11 (POW)
PoS: 2% a year
ICO: 49% of coins [approx 29400000 of which 23474339.7208 got destoryed]
Dev fund:1% [600000]
Block reward: 8
Block time: 40 seconds
Difficulty retarget: every block

Blocks 2-8000 will have 0 coins.



Here the EXCL Coin links to gain a greater glimpse at what EXCL has in store for Crypto Punters Everywhere. Why not take a look and see what EXCL Can do for you? There has been a lot of press also about EXCL Coin too and you can find all the links on the Bitcointalk Thread. After a successful launch, ICO and avid community of miners and followers, EXCLUSIVE Coin looks to be heading in a positive trajectory.









Altcoin News: QIBUCK COIN AND UCI/HIT SHARES Special Sale Offer




UCI AND QIBUCK COIN have collaborated together to bring QBK Bagholders and others coming through this special Sale a unique and wonderful promo that will benefit greatly those that partake in it. Already we have made some Sales and happy Customers who have taken up this offer for their benefit.

HYDROINFRA SHARES are being sold at rock bottom prices before they rise as is anticipated soon due to the developments with various Governments across the Globe to utilize and adopt HYDROINFRA TECHNOLOGIES that are helping our Planet to go Greener. So not only does One benefit the Purse strings by taking advantage of this special promo but also the World is becoming a better place for this proactive activity. Please note this is a really HOT OFFER not to be missed.




Here is how to participate in our HIT SHARES SPECIAL OFFER..

PM Qiwoman2 on Bitcointalk Forum or email us at qibucks@gmail.com with HIT SHARES in the subject line with your skype username so we can make the transfer of shares etc very smooth or we can proceed via email or pm.

You may purchase a minimum of 100 HIT SHAREA to be eligible for the following.

1.5% of your purchase is gifted back to you in a form of a QIBUCK COIN BAG.

2. Payment options can be in BTC AND QBK as well as other fiat options.

3. Shares transferred directly to you within 24 hours of purchase.

4. Some DIAMOND CIRCLE aka DC shares while stocks last.

5. 10% SALE COMMISSION to be added to QIBUCK ASSETS for partaking in this special deal.







Altcoin Reviews: MAMMOTH COIN growing up..



MAMMOTH COIN is a fairly young coin that is showing promise in the Altcoin World. It is a POW/POS Hybrid utilizing the x13 Algorithm and has also some goodies called Superblocks for those who like to mine and earn extra rewards. MAMMOTH COIN boasts a plethora of qualities such as helping to conserve nature and animal protection. It also has ANONYMOUS technology and is very fast with speedy transactions.

Currently it is trading on some very well known crypto currency exchanges including Bittrex with a good volume of daily trading. There ill be a total of approximately 25 million coins through pow and pos phases which makes it quite a rare coin similar to Bitcoin in number. It also has a Supersend feature too, unique to MAMMOTH COIN.

There was no IPO for this coin so Miners ere able to enjoy a great run at launch and the POS phase runs for two months solid then it becomes PURE POS for staking. Also if you want to buy some cool goods you can buy stuff at the Bitcoinshop using MAMMOTH COIN so how cool is that? :) ..

There are a lot of developments in the work and the CHIEF DEV is also looking to redo the main website too so if your good at WEB DESIGN you can always get in touch with the MAMMOTH COIN DEV and offer up some services.


Here are the Specifications for MAMMOTH COIN..
- 60 sec PoW block time
- diff retarget each block for PoW
- Initial payout will be 200 coins per block
- True randomness, no cheat from big hashpower such as multipools
- Superblocks:
- Every 12 hours there will be a block with 20X normal payment (initial 4000 coins)
- Every 5 days there will be a block with 250X normal payment (initial 50000 coins)

- Block payout will be halved every 10 days
- PoW will be shut down after 60 days (will be pure PoS coin afterwards)

- No coins kept for charity
- 15 sec PoS block time
- diff retarget each block for PoS
- minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
- maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 60 days
- Variable PoS payout:
- 1st year:  50%
- 2nd year: 25%
- 3rd year: 13%
- 4th year: 7%
- 5th year: 4%
and subsequent years: 2%

- Total coins (including PoS) will be about 25,000,000. (5.347.300 PoW)




Want to find out more about MAMMOTH COIN? Here are some links to wet your beaks!






Altcoin REVIEWS: KRYPTKOIN MULTIPOOL ASIC Miner contest Bonanza and more



KRYPT KOIN Has grown into a successful and long lasting coin with great community support and very Active Team in Development.  Originally KRYPTKOIN started as a free distribution coin to 500 lucky BTCTALK Members who were fortunate enough to claim a stake but since then has grown into a huge community with over 213 pages already on Bitcointlak Forum and a healthy marketcap growing on the forums. There was no premine or IPO and the launch and distribution phases were as fair and honorable as they could possible be. Even the Main Dev only got one stake just like every other member.

There are 17 million coins in total giving an annual staking interest in your wallet of 7% yearly which is not to be scoffed at as it is a lot higher than we would receive having fiat in our bank accounts. What is wonderful about KRYPT KOIN is that is really has turned out to be  a huge Community Coin project with all developments funded by the Community. At present there are quite a few items in development including an android wallet, online wallet, wordpress plugin and more. A Marketplace is coming very very soon and now you can mine KRYPT KOIN INDIRECTLY through the KRYPTCOIN MULTIPOOL where there is great buzz and excitement at present due to the KRYPT KOIN ASIC MINER CONTEST which will be running for a whole week. Check out the link for the great prizes. I am sure you would love to win a miner all for yourself and collect KRYPT KOINS which are valuable altcoins in themselves. The contest is running from the 8th of July to the 15th July so for one week you have a great chance to collect contest entry tickets by mining for KRYPT on the KRYPT Mulitpool. Here are the FULL DETAILS for the contest. Although the Algorithm used by KRYPT is scrypt when mining on the multipool because you are mining for other coins but are being paid in KRYPT you can use a variety of algorithms on the mulitpool including  x11, x13, keccak and others.

KRYPT is already on three prestigious exchanges and heavy voting is taking place by the Community on Mintpal and other exchanges where there is a lot of support as this coin is gaining popularity. So it’s a good time to pick up some coins cheap before the price inevitably goes up. :) .

For those who didn’t get a chance to enter the main distribution Phases there is a chance to claim a few bounties. There are mainly translation bounties and article writing jobs up for grabs so why not take the chance to earn some KRYPT while doing some good karma for the Coin? The Community is kindly donating to make sure this coin reaches moon status very soon. It is already healthy and climbing up the ranks on the Bittrex Exchange. I can’t wait to see who wins the ASIC MINER contest and what the KRYPTKOIN Marketplace will look like. I am sure now is the time to mine, buy and hold KRYPTKOIN. I can’t see it staying at this price it’s at for too long. I see a huge Whale fest arriving once KRYPTKOIN hits the Mintpal Exchange that’s for sure.

What I see is a coin that has a stead future in front of it because of the stable growth in both community and development. Innovations are taking place to enrich the coin as well as great giveaways and activities to help bring even more distribution and holders to the Coin. One of the great incentives on offer is to tweet a unique tweet once a day and you can earn 100 KRYPTKOINS which is an excellent and easy to way to get word out plus earn some coins at the same time. There is a fully functioning faucet too. KRYPTKOIN has everything for any kind of CRYPTO Enthusiast out there….




Here are the specifications for KRYPTKOIN..

With no premine and a great following,this is one of the most successful scrypt coins I have seen to date.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Money Supply: 17,000,000
Block Target: 30 seconds
Transaction Fee: 0.01
Confirmation: 3
Block Maturity: 50
PoS interest: 7% annually
Min stake age: 3 hours
Max age: 30 days



Want to find out even more bout RYPTKOIN to get further involved?

Why not check out the links below..











Altcoin Reviews: MINERALS COIN – a coin to behold



MINERALS COIN is surely giving altcoins a run for their money with their new and innovative branding and Coin. This was a coin that decided to launch without an IPO or a premine, instead it is relying on donations form it’s community to help development but has so far had a successful launch and big group of followers.

The MINERALS Development Team have some great ambitions including an E-SPORTSBETTING site and ANONYMITY features to the coin as well, among other stuff in the works like wallet improvements and STARCRAFT Tournaments. THE DEVS did their best to make MINERALS easier to mine for smaller miners and now it is firmly in the POS stage it is time for the investor oriented coin lovers to get attracted to it. Although one can still mine through the multipool even through the pos stages.

MINERALS is a POW/POS HYbrid coin using the x11 Algorithm and there will be a total of Thirty Million Minerals produced in the pow phase. Thereafter there will be a 5% staking interest per annum.




Here are the specifications for MINERALS..

Name: Minerals [MIN]
Algo: X11
Block time: 30sec
Block reward:
Blocks 1-100:   1 MIN
Blocks 101-20090: 1500 MIN
Last POW block 20090.  (7 days of mining)
Total POW coins: 30,000,000
Block retarget: every block
POS interest: 5% per year
Coins stake after 10 hours
Confirmations per transaction 4
Coins mature after 50 blocks
Premine: 0 (0%)



Here are some interesting links for those who want to get closer to MINERALS and more involved.






Altcoin Reviews: TEA COIN – It’s time for Tiffin and a cuppa ROSIE LEE!




Billions of TEA LOVERS around the world would love TEACOIN as it is a coin that has a great application for the TEA INDUSTRY as a whole. Already there are TEA MERCHANTS accepting TEA COIN which give this coin the added intrinsic value for both tea and coin enthusiasts. I am a great Tea Drinker myself and I start my morning with a cuppa Spicy Chai, almond milk and palm sugar then work my way down a  list of herbal teas from dawn till dusk! How cool it is to be able to buy your friends and loved ones a special blend of Tea with TEACOIN! There are so many gourmet Tea Shops and online Tea Stores that could integrate TEA COIN so easily into their payment gateway systems.

This is one great Idea the Founder of TEACOIN Mr Brew has quoted on Bitocintalk that I believe can make the marketcap for TEACOIN skyrocket:

“I’m asking Online TeaShops to create a discount codes using “TeaCoin”.

Then from their build up relationships and hopefully become popular in the Tea world”


In the first 4 months there will be 40.3 million TEACOINS mined then a further 2.5% annual inflation of coins will be added so it is quite a rare coin and could easily grow as a store of wealth too for altcoin investors and collectors, the more it is utilized. It is using the SHA256 algorithm and miners love this coin as there was no premine to it so everyone had equal chance to get the first blocks on this coin. There is a beautiful website, block explorer and a dedicated Development Team growing the TEACOIN Project far and wide and soon will be trading on famous exchanges like Bittrex.



Here are the specifications for TEA COIN..

No Premine
Block target: 30 seconds
Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment)
Block reward: 1000 TEA, halving every 20160 blocks (about 1 week), not dropping below 1 TEA (inflationary)
Total coin supply: 40.3 million TEA + yearly inflation
40.3 million coins will be mined in around 4 months
Thereafter around 1 million per year or 2.5% inflationary.





How would you love to get more involved in TEA COIN and see where you can mine or buy them up for cheap? I am certainly going to get my hands on a few and one day I can buy up a year’s supply of tea with my TEACOINS! :) . There has been so much work, love and dedication put into this coin that I personally would love to see it moon!









If you are a TEA SUPPLIER or SHOP Please consider adding TEA COIN as a payment gateway and you will be truly enamored! :)




Altcoin News and Giveaways: DNOTES SURGING to the SKIES

DNOTES BONANZA NEWS GIVEAWAYDNOTESDnotes has and will be one of my alltime favorites in the alt coin world as it has been remarkably stable and on an uptrend since its inception. The DNOTES team continue to strive to create an investor’s instrument that is worthy to have and hold long into the distant future, not just a coin created on a fad.

TODAY DNOTES has a special mintpal voting Bonanza and twitter giveaway where you can earn 10 DNOTES per vote which is pretty awesome considering DNOTES is worth over 300 sats at this current time of writing.

To find out more about DNOTES please visit the Bitcointalk Announcement Thread here. DNOTES THREAD

To enter in the daily voting bonanza please click : DNOTES GIVEAWAY BONANZA





Also why not visit this lovely DNOTES FAUCET too? This is another great place to collect some DNOTES. You can also mine DNOTES and Buy on POLONIEX and ALLCOIN..



Alt Currencies: TORNADO COAN REVIEW – Blowing the wind into Crypto




What I love most about alt coins is that each coin carries it’s own unique identity, like a new star or child being born so I love them all on the offset and like to follow their development. What do you think I like about TORNADO COIN? Well it sure wants to put put itself on the ALTCOIN MAP with a thud and putting a lot of wind in some crypto sails, it is sure making it’s mark now with an active Developer and a rallying team of supporters looking forward to some stormy weather ahead. :)

Boasting the x13 algo and being a Hybrid POW/POS, TORNADO COIN has a lot to offer any altcoin enthusiast, whether in the mining phase or beyond through to staking. There will only be a total of ten million coins which makes this coin quite rare and of good value to Investors. Many developments are in the works including PERSONAL NODES for those owning 500k or more TORNADO COINS in their wallets which is unique to TORNADO COIN.

It’s already now trading on COINANDER EXCHANGE and there is a BITTREX EXCHANGE Initiative already in the works with many community members on the way to helping the Coin get listed. After all which Exchange doesn’t want to see volume right? This is certainly a coin to watch and if you own any, to hold onto for staking.




Technical Specifications
algorithm: X13 POW+POS
Total coin: 10,000,000 (POW 6 Million + POS 4 Million )
POW last: 7200 – 5 days POW
POS generate after 7200 block
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty Retargets:DGW
Decentralized MasterNode Network
POS Min age: 7 hours
POS Max age: 30 day
Confirmations on Transactions: 10
Maturity: 50
POS: 40%
P2P port: 18123,RPC port: 18124

block < 180: 1 TornadoCoin (180 coins to test and avoid a lot of instamining)
after 180 : 800 TornadoCoins