Altcoin Review: WI Coin for the Masses



Now that digital currencies are moving to the next level and into mass adoption, WIC COIN wants to engage with the Masses in a unique and simple way. Bridging the gap between the Digital World and the Lay Person’s experience, The WI Coin Killer App is poised to be the new way to earn digital currency just by renting our your wi-fi!!!

CRYPTOWI Killer APP- How it works:

This is how ordinary folks like you and me can earn WI Coin through the Cryptowi App that is so simple and spectacular that I believe it will catch on in more ways than one.


1. You will need to register for an account in order to use the APP.

2. The APP will request you to upload the passwords for your wi-fi connections, although it would be sensible not to load your very personal connection like ‘home’. For every password uploaded the User will receive 100 WiC, You don’t only receive WiC for uploading the password, you will also be able to set a price for others to be able to use your network, so in essence by ‘sharing’ out your wi-fi, you can earn extra WiC! This is really extraordinary and will help bring revenues to a large user base. 10 million WiC have been set aside for the early stages of this APP adoption which will give room for 100k passwords to be stored and shared.

This APP is very clever and will appeal to many people on the go and travelling who will be in need of wi-fi networks. On the main screen of the App you will be able to see all the wi-fi spots available in the locations you are in, along with the price set for each usable wi-fi. You will also know how many WiC you have earned and will be able to withdraw to your wallet.


Wi Coin will be available for early adopters/investors by way of an Initial Coin Offering/Crowdsale. This will give many altcoin enthusiasts the chance to be part of this wonderful project from the offset and WI Coin is rewarding the Early Birds with some bonuses as set out in the image below:


There will be 25 million WiC available for sale in the ICO and it will be fully escrowed by 3 chosen Escrow partners as transparency and trust are two very important components attached to this project. The starting date for the ICO will be on 22nd of April 2017 and will commence at 6 pm EST with a 30% bonus and will end on May 24th 2017. Of course, the earlier you buy into the ICO, the more bonus WiC you will receive as a trusted partner in this venture.

The Great news is that WiC will go on two Exchanges also at launch and there will also be a USD pairing making it even easier to purchase WiC. CryptoDao.com and Coinexchange.io have both pledged to add WiC for ease of trading.



The Core Team behind the WiC project comprises of three Individuals who have both talent and experience in their respective chosen fields.

1. Ronald B Sao is the Founder of WiC and has over ten years I.T experience behind him. He also has been heavily involved in the altcoin Scene since 2014 and this is his very first full on project. He hopes to bring Crupto to the masses with this killer app that the world has been waiting for with anticipation since 2008.

2. Catherine is a Marketing and Investment Expert who and has PHD in Advertising. She will be mainly responsible for marketing both online and offline and has made a considerable angel investment into the project.

3. Deepak Kumar is the main Head Developer for the App itself and will be responsible for the smooth running of the APP. He has expert knowledge in java, C++ and XML.

Roadmap details include:

JAN-FEB 2017 – Birth of the Project, formation of core team and first round of closed funding arranged.

MARCH-MAY 2017 – Announcement and start of the ICO with emphasis on marketing and community involvement/bounties.

MAY-JUNE 2017 – Launches of both the App and Coin and distribution of Wic, along with initial app Use.

JULU-DEC 2017 – Integration of Shapeshift, Offline Navigation, Private Messaging, Private Transactions and getting WiC on Prestigious Exchanges.



Here are the coin specs for Wic:

Name: Wi Coin
Tickr: WiC
Algorithm: X11
Block generation method: POW/POS
Block Target Time: 4 minutes
Difficulty Retarget: Every block
Total Supply: 100,000,000 coins
Premine: (Block 1): 25,000,000 coins – ICO
(Block 2): 11,000,000 coins – 10,000,000 WiC distributed to the app users for uploading their passwords as explained above + 1,000,000 WiC reserved for bounties
Block 3-50: 0 coins – To avoid instamine
Block Reward from 51 -320,050 (POW): 200 coins
Total Blocks (POW): 320,050
POS after block: 320,050
Stake interest: 8% annually
POS minimum age: 1 hour
POS max age: 720 hours

 WiC Distribution Model



The Distribution Model the Wic Team have decided to create is appealing to all altcoin enthusiasts ranging from miners, investors, app users and community promoters so giving everyone a chance to own a piece of the pie in a fair and safe environment. Whether you are an altcoin investor, miner, app user or community promoter, there is something for everyone here at WiC!

There are many lucrative bounty campaigns on offer so if you feel you have something of value to contribute to help in marketing and spear heading this project you will be fairly rewarded for your efforts. Bounties are offered for Twitter and Facebook Marketing, Blog reviews and Videos, Renting out your BTCTALK forum signature and Translations. So if you have some promoting talents why not show them off and earn some funky bounties!

This is the way the coins will be distributed:

64% for mining during the POWPOS phases.

25% for the Initial Coin Offering.

10%  for distributing to app users.

1% for community bounty campaigns.

Wic Links:


To find out more about this project and how you can get involved, why not check out all the links below. So far there has been great anticipation and a warm response from the altcoin Community for this unique and well drafted out plan to bring Crypto to the Masses.




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Altcoin ICO: MERCATOX launches MERCATOX Exchange in BETA and CROWDSALE




Mercatox is an eco-system to assist in the exchange and procurement of digital currencies, primarily via it’s trading platform apparatus which is now in it’s beta phase of development. The MERCATOX Exchange boasts ease of use both for experienced traders and newcomers and will be rolling out many new features which include ewallets, loan systems and smart contract exchange mechanisms.

There is also an affiliate system in place whereby users can recommend friends and other participants to MERCATOX and earn some referral commissions from the actions done via their referrals in the system.  This alone will help spread the name of the Exchange far and wide via network marketing and other forms of advertising!

The MERCATOX team has been working on the Trading Platform for the last seven months and now have released the BETA VERSION to be tested and iron out any kinks that need fixing via anyone that joins as a beta-tester in this period. The BETA VERSION of the site will probably be around for a couple of months till all the extra bells and whistles are launched on the fully fledged MERCATOX platform.





MERCATOX is releasing 5% of it’s shares in the form of MERCA TOKENS to further facilitate marketing and completion of the main platform so it’s a great chance to own a piece of the MERCA PIE and to be able to earn from the demand and rising price of the MERCA TOKENS as the exchange builds revenue and momentum!

The CROWDSALE will run from November 20th 2016, to December 20th 2016 and each MERCA TOKEN has a fixed price of 0.005 btc. The minimum amount one can purchase during this ICO is 0.05 btc worth of MERCA TOKENS. Another 5% of shares has been pre-solved to an Investor who has helped to build the platform to this point as an outside investor. 100 btc will be the ceiling needed to be raised in this round of ICO.

There are bonuses valuable for early bird investors and are as follows:

1. First 3 day investors will receive a 10% bonus.

2. NOV 23RD – NOV 30TH buyers will receive a 5% bonus.

3. DEC 1ST- DEC 8TH buyers will receive a 3% Bonus.


Buyers will receive their MERCA TOKENS once they have purchased them and these TOKENS at the end of DECEMBER once the CROWDSALE ends will be exchangeable and will also be receiving dividends from activities derived on the MERCA platform! Of course before investing please do your due diligence as this is the responsibility for any investor.

You can purchase MERCA TOKENS on the site once the sale commences.





The MERCATOX Team is working hard on the project at hand and are listed on the site with their Bios. They are namely:

1. Oles Bodnytsky, Canada - Project Manager

1. Ann Dunaevska, Canada - Business development

3. Alexander Andrusienko, Ukraine - Lead IT

Each TEAM Member has much experience in their chosen line of work and can be contacted via their emails which are listed on the site also.


The road map or timeline consists of various steps from October 2016 ongoing till the 3rd quarter of 2017, where the MERCATOX infrastructure will all be put in place.

Here is the timeline for work on the MERCATOX PLATFORM to completion..


1. October 252016 – Launch of BETA PLATFORM

2. November 20 to December 20 – Crowdfunding Campaign

3. January 2017 – End of BETA and full launch of main framework platform, further marketing and promotions.

4. February 2017 – Start of 2nd Phase development and more crowdfunding IF deemed necessary.

5. April 2017 – Beta testing of wallets.

6. May 2017 – Beta testing of peer to peer functionality of third party partners.

7. June 2017 – Promotions and marketing campaigns of all features created to date.

8. July-September 2017 – Development and implementation of peer to peer exchange in Beta and other further improvements to the eco-system.

9. August-September 2017 – Full implementation of Peer to peer Exchange.






For further information on MERCATOX and how to get involved, please click the links below:













Altcoin Review: Maieuticoin (MMXIV) switches on to HIGH POS!

Maieuticoin REVIEW


MMXIV COIN is a scarce and rare coin that is kicking into HIGH POS at block 80,000. With just over 2000 coins currently in circulation, this coin is going to be bringing some excitement in to the Altcoin Scene once it goes into hyper drive. Currently sitting at 50% POS, Maieuticoin has been trading under the radar quietly on POLONIEX , VAULTEX and Bittrex exchanges, with followers slowly hoarding the coin over the last few months. Now that interest is surging, the price also has followed suit and has more than tripled in the last week alone.



MMXIV is a pure POS coin and one can also grab a  MAIEUTICOIN SNOWBALLS staking machines which can stake MMXIV and other coins. This machine is energy efficient and a is staking beast of a machine that can house your coins and get them staking real good! Currently MMXIV has a market cap of over 20k USD so there is a lot of room still for more adoption and growth as more altcoin Enthusiasts find out about the Coin.  As MMXIV is a pure POS coin, miners can only mine it via the MMXIV MULTIPOOL but that is another way to accumulate XXMIV apart from purchasing from the exchanges hosting it.

Although MMXIV uses the sha-256 algorithm just like it’s cousin Bitcoin, MMXIV ads something special to the table. By being a pure POS coin it enters the realm of energy saving by allowing holders to stake/mine in their own wallets, thus making it one of the greener coins on the Altcoin Market.

Any day now the HYPER POS of 2014% a year will start so it’s a great time to grab some coins before the buying frenzy begins. Please make sure you download the latest wallet version for maximum efficiancy.






  • Pure Proof of Stake
  • 24 Hour Maturity
  • 2 Minute Blocks
  • 50% Yearly
  • 30 Day Max



Want to know more about MMXIV? Why not check out the links below..






Altcoin Review: BANKSY COIN – New AltCoin on the block.



Banksy coin made a silent entrance into the Altcoin world but it is getting a nice Community rallying behind it.

BANKSY Coin is using the SCRYPT ALGORITHM and there are a total of 999,999,999 coins. The DEV Team have been very generous in using the 10% Premine for giving coins to the Community. 100 BITCOINTALK FORUM Members are each receiving 50k BANKSY Coin as a free gift. It is a HYBRID COIN POW/POS and there is a 2% annual staking interest for those holding the coin in their wallets.


BANKSY COIN is already trading on COIN-SWAP and voting is underway for several other exchanges too.. The Coin has been created to reward good KARMA and to give back to the Altcoin Community. There is also so far a Chinese translation of the Announcement thread too.

The wallet is really cool with extra features and is working well even before the launch which is so important. Both wallets are working perfectly for MAC and WINDOWS. There are all sorts of goodies in the wallet including a block explorer and chat coming soon. With a built in miner too this wallet is one of the funkiest on the block.




Here are the specifications for BANKSY COIN..

◦Algorithm: Scrypt
◦Hybrid POW & POS.
◦Total Coins: 999,999,999 BSY
◦Total Premine: 10% (Premined coins will be
donated in various giveaways)
◦Yearly Interest: 2% Annually
◦Block Time: 60 Seconds
◦The fastest transactions ever.
◦Min stake age: 5 days, Max age: 100 days
◦Wallet Block explorer buit-in.
◦Wallet IRC chat Built-in.
◦Modern Wallet Layout.




Want to know more about BANKSY COIN? Why not check out the link below..

















Altcoin Reviews: MAMMOTH COIN growing up..



MAMMOTH COIN is a fairly young coin that is showing promise in the Altcoin World. It is a POW/POS Hybrid utilizing the x13 Algorithm and has also some goodies called Superblocks for those who like to mine and earn extra rewards. MAMMOTH COIN boasts a plethora of qualities such as helping to conserve nature and animal protection. It also has ANONYMOUS technology and is very fast with speedy transactions.

Currently it is trading on some very well known crypto currency exchanges including Bittrex with a good volume of daily trading. There ill be a total of approximately 25 million coins through pow and pos phases which makes it quite a rare coin similar to Bitcoin in number. It also has a Supersend feature too, unique to MAMMOTH COIN.

There was no IPO for this coin so Miners ere able to enjoy a great run at launch and the POS phase runs for two months solid then it becomes PURE POS for staking. Also if you want to buy some cool goods you can buy stuff at the Bitcoinshop using MAMMOTH COIN so how cool is that? :) ..

There are a lot of developments in the work and the CHIEF DEV is also looking to redo the main website too so if your good at WEB DESIGN you can always get in touch with the MAMMOTH COIN DEV and offer up some services.


Here are the Specifications for MAMMOTH COIN..
- 60 sec PoW block time
- diff retarget each block for PoW
- Initial payout will be 200 coins per block
- True randomness, no cheat from big hashpower such as multipools
- Superblocks:
- Every 12 hours there will be a block with 20X normal payment (initial 4000 coins)
- Every 5 days there will be a block with 250X normal payment (initial 50000 coins)

- Block payout will be halved every 10 days
- PoW will be shut down after 60 days (will be pure PoS coin afterwards)

- No coins kept for charity
- 15 sec PoS block time
- diff retarget each block for PoS
- minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
- maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 60 days
- Variable PoS payout:
- 1st year:  50%
- 2nd year: 25%
- 3rd year: 13%
- 4th year: 7%
- 5th year: 4%
and subsequent years: 2%

- Total coins (including PoS) will be about 25,000,000. (5.347.300 PoW)




Want to find out more about MAMMOTH COIN? Here are some links to wet your beaks!






Altcoin Reviews: ORBIT COIN is spinning POS COINS out of ORBIT


ORBITCOINORBIT COIN is unusual and has a staking BONANZA that shouldn’t get unnoticed due to it’s high rewards. This coin originally started at 31 million coins but now has been reduced to only 3.5 million coins. Who wouldn’t want a coin that gives 500% stake interest in one year?

To improve the Coin big time a new retargeting Algorithm was introduced to make both POW and POS more efficient and rewarding. Now the Staking Bonanza is really giving all holders of ORBIT COIN some great perks as a reward for being early adopters.

The Staking Bonanza is comprised of two stages  Stage one gives you 10 WHOLE ORBS per block but you must have 20 ORBS in a block to receive these ten ORBS (between blocks#610K and #660K) . So for a POS block to be generated and receive 10 ORBS you must have 20 ORBS to stake them. For POW miners the reward is 2 ORBS PER BLOCK. Stage two of the BONANZA (between blocks #660K and #760K ) gives half the rewards of stage one and thereafter the rewards drop to 1 ORB for each block once the BONANZA ends. Once the Staking BONANZA ends you will be receiving one ORB approximately every ten days or maybe even faster for each 20 ORBS you own if you are a stake holder.

ORBIT COIN also possesses a coin control mechanism that lets you decide how to stake and manage your coins inside your wallet, now isn’t that a cool feature for one hot altcoin? :)




Want to start receiving and staking ORBIT COINS? Why not head on to BITCOINGARDEN FORUM and check out all the ORBIT voting threads and receive some ORBIT COIN REWARDS.


Here are the specifications for ORBIT COIN.

  • advanced hybrid Scrypt proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS)
  • ~3.5 million coins to be produced
  • 40 seconds combined block target (1 minute for PoW, 2 minutes for PoS)
  • retargets every block using Orbitcoin Super Shield (OSS)
  • time warp and instamining protection
  • advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks
  • transaction messaging supported
  • the 1st implementation of 0% PoS
  • PoW and PoS blocks carry the same fixed reward of 1 ORB
  • 6 confirmations for regular transactions
  • 200 confirmations for minted coins
  • very low transaction fees (most transactions are free)
  • no destruction of transaction fees (all collected by a block finder)
  • the default P2P port is 15298, RPC port is 15299
  • I2P/Tor ready

Statistics for the 1st part of Staking Bonanza: 180.44K ORB generated, average of 3.61 ORB per block, duration 26.13 days (23.15 days expected).



Want to find out more in depth knowledge about ORBIT COIN? Why not follow the ORBIT COIN ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD on Bitcointalk Forum for more exciting developments..


Alt Currencies: SILK COIN REVIEW – On the Silk road to SUCCESS




I have watched many crypto currencies come and go,some to move stealthily to the higher end of the Spectrum and some to fizzle out into Oblivion but one coin that has shown remarkable poise and progress from it s humble beginnings is SILKCOIN.  The price has grown steadily since it launched with no real pumping and dumping and has had great volume built on all the ecxhanges it is traded on, Especially on the Poloniex and Bittrex Exchanges. Heralding its advance to MINTPAL EXCHANGE, SILKCOIN is now the coin that Collectors and Whales alike will want to amass!

It is a Hybrid coin initially with interwoven POW/POS stages until finally it will relax into full POS at a stake of 2% per annum. This will encourage lovers and hoarders of SILKCOIN to download the wallet and utilize all the goodies therein. The Wallet is a phenomenon in the Altcoin Industry and has been a key element in the rise of where SILKCOIN has arrived to today.

The SLIKCOIN WALLET will have tons of inbuilt features such as built in chat, explorer, exchange and decentralized hub to make SILK Coin into a real uncensored space for crypto currency enthusiasts worldwide. Basically speaking SILKCOIN’S ROADMAP is centered around a real unique ECO SYSTEM that the Developers are working on in full force making SILKCOIN a force of PROMINENCE among altcoins.



Here are the specifications for SLIKCOIN..

  • Block time: 1 minute
  • Maximum POW supply: ~45 million
  • Difficulty retarget: every block
  • Stake interest: 2% annually
  • Min transaction fee: 0.0001 SC
  • Fees are paid to miners
  • Confirmations: 10, maturity: 350
  • Minimum stake age: 12 hours – No max age
  • P2P port: 16666, RPC port: 16667

Stages and Proof of Work

  • Algorithm: scrypt
  • Block reward: 5000 SC in first stage and 2500 in third stage
  • First stage POS-POW : block 1 to 10 000 (~5 days & ~30 million coins because of POS blocks)
  • Second stage Full POS : block 10 000 to 50 000 (~30 days)
  • Third stage POS-POW : block 50 000 to 60 000 (~5 days & ~15 million coins because of POS blocks)

- HARD FORKED to please everyone Smiley

  • Last stage – Full POS at 2% per year and 12 hours maturity





Want to get more information to be more involved in SILKCOIN activities? Why not check the links below for more details. The SILKCOIN Community is thriving and buzzing all over the Internet!