Altcoin Review: BILLARY COIN – Adding a new dimension to Politics.



Since the unleashing of blockchain technology with Bitcoin, a new revolution has come to pass that can help alleviate and solve the most expensive and complicated problems that ail our post-colonial and and outdated economic and social systems.  The Blockchain not only records as a ledger of transactions and is used as a wealth creation tool but can be used to solve a plethora of issues with its application. One such application is the dysfunctional electoral voting system that is both costly and not 100% transparent, even when used in a so called democratic world.

Hence the need for BILLARY COIN to step in and fill this much needed gap to clean up the voting system and make it a fairer and more level playing field for ALL VOTERS. We all know that the current voting systems in place are cumbersome, expensive and can be easily rigged and messed about with by different Lobbies, so BILLARY COIN has teamed up with, and is supporting another blockchain problem solver - FOLLOW MY VOTE which is the  BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION to fairer and easier electoral voting. Wouldn’t it be far better to be able to vote from the comfort of your own home, or from your mobile device and KNOW 100% that your vote was registered and counted? Also it will cost taxpayers far less which will benefit whatever faction of the political divide one is on. THE BILLARY DEV TEAM will be contributing to the open source code of FOLLOW MY VOTE and more details of this spectacular collaboration can be read here: BILLARY-FOLLOWMYVOTE PARTNERSHIP..

BILLARY is also rewarding any free – thinker coder who wants to contribute to the code in a form of a bounty. If you have any experience and qualifications in mobile app development,  C++, QML, Blockchain technology or Cryptography and are a visionary  freedom loving individual we want to hear from you!

YOBIT exchange is AS HOT AS IRON with Trading BILLARY at the minute, especially with HILLARY CLINTON paving the way for a grand lead towards the elections. As the BLRY COIN gathers momentum, more and more freedom loving investors and miners are flocking towards owning a bag of Liberty BILLARY COIN at a bargain price! So if you like digital currency go grab a bag of BILLARY to hold because if HILLARY WINS the GENERAL ELECTIONS, colonizing the Moon won’t be a far of afterthought! It really doesn’t matter what color of the political spectrum you rally on, the whole idea behind BILLARY will benefit everyone who wants a fair and balanced election that will also cost pennies ton the dollar meaning less in taxes paid for costly elections and more in YOUR POCKET to buy even MORE BILLARIES! It’s a real win-win!






Here are the technical specifications for BILLARY COIN.


PoW Algorithm: Scrypt

PoW Supply: 15,000,000 coins

Total lifetime supply: 42,000,000 coins

Block time: 1 Minute

Amount of coins per block: 100 coins

PoW Phase Duration: 150,000 blocks

Transaction confirmation: 5 block confirmations

Min Stake Age: 8 hours

Block Maturity Time: 20 blocks

Total Premine: 2%

PoS Interest: 5%

Block Explorer: Block Experts






Want to muck in or know more about what BILLARY is all about? Why not connect with the BILLARY TEAM AND COMMUNITY..Links below for your eyeballs! I may not be a U.S citizen to vote for BILLARY but believe it or not my name in Greek means LIBERTY/FREEDOM and that has always been my greatest interest, so in the name of FREEDOM I support a cause that will pave the way for more and more rights for our fellow voters not only in the U.S but for the Whole World!










Alt Currencies: TORNADO COAN REVIEW – Blowing the wind into Crypto




What I love most about alt coins is that each coin carries it’s own unique identity, like a new star or child being born so I love them all on the offset and like to follow their development. What do you think I like about TORNADO COIN? Well it sure wants to put put itself on the ALTCOIN MAP with a thud and putting a lot of wind in some crypto sails, it is sure making it’s mark now with an active Developer and a rallying team of supporters looking forward to some stormy weather ahead. :)

Boasting the x13 algo and being a Hybrid POW/POS, TORNADO COIN has a lot to offer any altcoin enthusiast, whether in the mining phase or beyond through to staking. There will only be a total of ten million coins which makes this coin quite rare and of good value to Investors. Many developments are in the works including PERSONAL NODES for those owning 500k or more TORNADO COINS in their wallets which is unique to TORNADO COIN.

It’s already now trading on COINANDER EXCHANGE and there is a BITTREX EXCHANGE Initiative already in the works with many community members on the way to helping the Coin get listed. After all which Exchange doesn’t want to see volume right? This is certainly a coin to watch and if you own any, to hold onto for staking.




Technical Specifications
algorithm: X13 POW+POS
Total coin: 10,000,000 (POW 6 Million + POS 4 Million )
POW last: 7200 – 5 days POW
POS generate after 7200 block
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty Retargets:DGW
Decentralized MasterNode Network
POS Min age: 7 hours
POS Max age: 30 day
Confirmations on Transactions: 10
Maturity: 50
POS: 40%
P2P port: 18123,RPC port: 18124

block < 180: 1 TornadoCoin (180 coins to test and avoid a lot of instamining)
after 180 : 800 TornadoCoins