Altcoin Review: PAYPIE – Revolutionizing the Financial Service Sector -PART 1



Paypie is about to bring about a revolution in the Financial Services Sector in order to streamline both Credit Scoring and Lending processes for Companies and Businesses using Blockchain Technology to enhance and radically improve the efficiency levels to increase productivity and make it easier to assess risk in all areas of business and finance. By PAYPIE boasting to be the very first risk assessment accounting platform, going first to market with this radical idea has major advantages in itself.


What does PAYPIE mainly plan to achieve? To put things in the most simple terms, PAYPIE wants to give both Business and Lenders the most accurate accounting data surrounding each business which is both ethicl and transparent. Being decentralized, PAYPIE can ensure that the information it disseminates about a particular company or business is correct and accurate to the Lenders, Banks and Investors that are interested in granting cash flow or capital to a company that requests it. In the traditional business world, companies can often give inaccurate accounting data to Lenders which in the end causes a lot of damage and bad debts accumulating, which is costly to all those involved over the long term. A decentralized platform takes away both the risks for internal corruption and a public audit per se gives a cleaner image for each company being scrutinized for the loan or funds.  Paypie brings in ALL the information from a plethora of sources surrounding the company which needs to be scrutinized, making the job for Lenders and Investors to assess that com[any’s risk. By having this kind of accurate data, big financial crashes like the one that occurred in 2008 can be avoided in the future.  Companies will also save a lot because as their profit and loss accounts and balance sheets will be digitized on the blockchain, they will save a lot in fees and expenses as their books, through a smart contract running on the blockchain, will be also easily accessed by auditors as well.



PAYPIE is using a three pronged approach to digitized accounting on a single decentralized ledger platform and will have these main characteristics:

1. RISK ASSESSMENT: Will be the core element to this project so that companies’ credit worthiness can be rated by Lenders, Banks and Investors.

2. REAL-TIME AUDITING: This will enable both the companies involved and the accountants and auditors to make sure accounting in real time is accurate and if any inaccuracies occur they can be found and updated accordingly.

3. INVOICE MARKETPLACE: This will be the meeting point where businesses meet lenders and invoice factoring can be enabled to give profits to Lenders and enable businesses to receive the much needed cash flow to enhance and improve their business output and operations.

PAYPIE all-in-one solutions will give this part of the Financial Service Sector a boost as it will improve data performance and also cut down on costs for all parties involved. This blockchain approach to accounting will bring asset management and business finance to the next level and ensure transparency through this digitized accounting ledger formatting.


The PAYPIE TEAM listed on the Website  are all seasoned professionals in their respective fields and have light years of experience between them to bring this project to fruition and to set new standards in the Financial Services Space over the coming years.

Here are also more links and information for those who are interested in this new technological advancement and business model. More information covering the PAYPIE CROWDSALE will be brought to you in part 2 of my PAYPAIE review.






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Altcoin Review: ISOTOPE Changing the face of Cryptocurrency..

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ISOTOPE (XTP)  is about to bring about a new generation of Cryptro Currency followers due to its complex yet systematic approach to the digital coin markets. There is currently only 1 million ISOTOPE FOR SALE in the ICO at C-CEX and there is also a small POW period. Once the POW Period ends we move into a dynamic POS period up to 10000 blocks then it will be a POS Coin giving 5% annually from there on.

ISOTOPE hopes to end the bubble in the bag of Crypto and wants to establish a digital currency with some clout, giving holders who own a certain amount, not yet determined, a monthly dividend form the CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE it has just bought, namely CRYPTTRADE which is an upcoming and sophisticated exchange for crypto coin enthusiasts worldwide.

With a limited amount of coins in the first year of just over two million makes this a really attractive investment for the longer term especially if one is to receive a dividend by becoming a member of the exchange and owning a specific amount of coins for receiving a return on investment. Unlike many other coins that have fallen by the wayside with empty promises and devs lacking any direction or integrity, ISOTOPE is coming right into the market with already one ace up its sleeve.




There is an impressive road map with encrypted messaging in the mix and POS master nodes among other wonderful projects. Unlike other coins that have duped many an unassuming investor, ISOTOPE hopes to build blocks of confidence and merit one step at a time without all the nonsensical jargon that is often thrown about which boggles the lay person to the nth degree, It has set a clearly defined road map with achievable goals and the ICO price for the Coin is set at a very decent price and the Devs are not asking for unreasonable amounts of BTC, Hence the sale so far has been very popular on C-CEX exchange and will be over in a day or so. Cool features will also be arriving after ICO including a fully functioning web wallet too!


Here are the specifications for ISOTOPE (XTP):
Currency name: ISOTOPE
Currency symbol: XTP
Algo: sha256d
Total coins in PoW: 466550 XTP
Total coins in DPOS: 360000 XTP circa (could be less due to hybrid PoW/PoS phase)
Coins for Initial Boost Crowdfunding: 1 Million
Total coins after IBC + PoW + PoS: 1826000 XTP (circa)
Confirmations for block maturity: 100
Block time: 60 seconds
Confirmations for TX: 4
RPC port: 25391
P2P port: 29398
Minimum stake age: 4 hours


Block       0 – 240       0 XTP
Block   241 – 700   250 XTP
Block   701 – 1000 225 XTP
Block 1001 – 1600 200 XTP
Block 1601 – 2200  125XTP
Block 2201 – 2800  100 XTP
Block 2801 – 3400   50 XTP
Block        > 3400      PoW end.


Block   3000- 4000       10 XTP
Block   4001 – 6000  25 XTP
Block   6001 – 8000 100 XTP
Block   8001 – 10000 50 XTP
Block          > 10000   5%  Annual







Here are some ISOTOPE LINKS for your perusal which you may find useful for your perusal to find out more about this new coin on the block. Connect with ISOTOPE here..











AltCurrencies: CITIZEN COIN REVIEW – A coin for Everyone.



CITIZEN COIN was created to give Everyone the fair chance to get into Crypto Currencies and it was this vision that inspired its growth and creation.  The coin is using the x11 POW/POS Algorithm and there are 720 million coins in the POW stage. There was a 51% attack and the coin got forked but it has been taken over now by a new resilient DEV Team and the coin is being worked on and improved as we speak with new wallets etc. The coin is trading really cheap on various exchanges including Bittrex which is a high volume exchange so it’s a good time to grab some cheap coins before they go up again in price.

The New Development Team are doing their best to get the Coin back on track and are working diligently to this end so there is a need for some community support to get this coin back in the saddle as it has huge upside potential.  A staking coin that gives 0.1% Interest daily is a coin that can bring  a lot on the table with the right development and community behind it. What CITIZEN COIN has to offer is way far more than what the Banks would give you in a year let alone a day so it’s a real force to be reckoned with in the Financial Zone.

Take a look at CITIZEN COIN today and see what it has to offer you as a potential collector or investor in altcoins. POS coins are the name of the day so it’s always good to have some under your belt to hedge against the depreciation of Fiat Currencies every year. The Coin has two block explorers,  a nice working website and now under new management, a brighter future ahead. :)




PoW Algorithm: X11
PoW + PoS
Symbol: CTZ
POW: 720,000,000
PoS interest 0.1% daily
20 second block target
90 blocks coinbase maturity
Retarget difficulty each block
Confirmations to fully verify transaction: 6 = 2 minutes
Fully POS now



Here are some useful links to get in touch more with CITIZEN COIN and see how you would like to get more involved.











ELECTRON COIN is a Hybrid coin ushering in a new era of Altcoins with a cool Algorithm ( BLAKE 256).  Being a peer to peer protocol, Electron makes transactions as smooth as silk and is now even trading on big volume exchanges such as Bittrex.  For the first year of mining ELECTRON will give out twenty coins per block for the first  525,600 blocks for one year’s duration then 10 coins per block with no further block halving so this coin will be a great keeper especially for miners and collectors as it will be primarily a store of value coin.

There are seven billion coins to be minted in total so it will take plenty of time to create these coins over several years. There is great activity already on the Bitcointalk announcement thread and a lot of positive energy is being fed into this young and upcoming coin among alts. The coin boasts three block explorers and wallets for windows, linux and mac and other great perks for ELECTRON owners in the works as development and interest continues. There are even dice games now too for ELECTRON COIN Users. :)

There are currently also some exciting giveaways and knowing that there will only be ten million coins mined in the first year makes this coin a rare and valuable saving instrument to hedge against the decline in value of fiat and other commodities.



Here are the specifications for ELECTRON COIN.

  • Blake-256 Algo
  • Cap in place to reduce the difficulty jumps upwards
  • Block target time is 60 seconds and retargets every 30 blocks (30 minutes) (note correction, block target goal is 60 seconds)
  • Total of 7 Billion coins
  • Block maturity 460 (+20 buffer, 480 total)




Come and find out more about ELECTRON COIN and see  how you would like to get involved as a collector, miner or community supporter..