GBBG Bitbillions Webinars and other Bitcoin News

Bitbillions GBBG Webinars

Many changes for the good of Bitbillions.com are coming around the corner and you can listen in from real Insiders as to how Bitbillions is developing. There are lots of thing happening behind the scenes now and as we move into the Summer we sill see hopefully population of matrices and the company taking some concrete form.

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Here are the next GBBG webinar dates lined up so try to get to one if you want more of an inside scoop:

GBBG Public Meetings

Incredible Opportunity to Speak With Insiders

Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Other Bitcoin News..

Bitcoin prices have remained quite steady over the last two months and have stabilized  currently at the 120-130 usd mark so this is quite promising and as more and more uses take this protocol to other levels we will see less and less of the volatility we say in previous years of Bitcoin trading.

Bit Angels plans to coach S.F., Austin, NYC Bitcoin startups

Check out the latest news story and see how a Bitcoin Angel Investment company is making strides to take Bitcoin to greater heights by enabling bit entrepreneurs and start ups to carry forward their dreams to fruition.

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To be part of the Bitbillions movement  why not grab a founder position while it is still at a bargain price? Click the image below to get started!



GBBG Considering the Adoption of Litecoin


As Bicoin is already reaching an all time high in the Global Markets, Litecoin is beginning to get traction now as it moves form 60 cents a litecoin to over 5 dollars in just a week of trading crypto-currencies.  Litecoin accumulation for steady wealth creation is being adopted by many now who feel they missed out on the Bitcoin appreciation Boom and are now heading to purchase lItecoins by the bucket load. Others who already have large reserves of BTC are also diversifying heavily into Litecoin. Due to more popularity heading mainstream for these crypto-currencies as just opposed to being played on the Markets by hardcore speculators or being mined by uber nerds, BitBillions is also considering a take of the Action as global markets shift form more traditional monetary economies to a far more libertarian framework. So if the Bitbillions GBBG Fund is going to diversify this way it can only mean huge dividends for it’s investors over a short period of time. Pumping more money into the Litecoin Economy can only drive the price even further up through the roof.

Bitbillions is the very first Bitcoin/crypto-currency Wealth creation vehicle of its kind so it is well worth the investment of getting in at this early stage to reap the benefits of earning your wealth in bitcoin and litecoin currencies.

Daddy Bitcoin is far too strong to break now and mummy litecoin is on the way to give birth to more cyber currencies! More and more of the General Public are seriously looking to hedge their life savings and pensions into the ‘cyber gold rush’ of our times..


Rapid Referral Special Offer


BitBillions.com is now offering until April 1st a special half price founder membership offer as the value of Bitcoin has soared through the roof in the past few weeks. Bitcoins are now worth over 88 usd each and do not look like they are coming down in price any time soon as more and more demand for these priceless digital gems is coming into effect.

The latest Bitbillions blog announcement has come into effect so it is a great time to grab extra founder positions or pay it forward for friends and loved ones to grant them an opportunity of a lifetime. I already have three positions between myself and my Husband and am looking at also purchasing more GBBG FUND shares as they are rising too with the rise of Bitcoin value. Bitcoin Advocates everywhere should ride the wave of Bitbillions while memberships are still fairly cheap. So now for half a bitcoin you could own a founder spot. Founder members will be placed over and above all other members when the BitBillions matrix is populated on the 1st of July this year.





Bitcoin atm to open in Cyprus and Bitcoin Surges to 80 usd


bitcoin atm

There is news of Bitcoin ATMS hitting the exotic island of Aphrodite – Cyprus if all things go to plan. As the ailing Cypriot Economy goes down the pan and the banks are still looking very closed, cash strapped Cyprus residents might be able to look forward to an alternative place to keep their money – in Bitcoin.

As the Government of Cyprus announced that the Bailout would include upwards of 15% of all resident’s of Cyprus bank deposits this has caused great alarm on the Island as the banks remain closed for the Audit.

Jeff Berwick who is the founder of Stock House, TDV Media and Bitcoin ATM has declared a strong desire to debut the Bitcoin ATM Machines in Cyprus to assist in rebuilding the ailing economy and cash in on the new Bticoin Trend.

The Cyprus Economic Problem also sparked another rise yet again for the Bitcoin Currency and it is now hovering beyond the 80 usd mark and looks to rise even further with fears of more instability arising in banks around the Globe. The Financial System currently is in jeopardy as more and more turn to the humble Bitcoin for stability and growth of their assets.

BitBillions.com is currently looking at investing in many Bitcoin Startups in the near and distant future so it will be interesting if it gets to invest in these Bitcoin atms as it grows the GBBG Fund and BitBillions moves into a bigger Fiscal domain.



BitBillions Blog and Tagvillage tagvertising

BitBillions has now gone a step further in making its online presence felt with a BitBillions blog that gives us the latest news to do with anything BitBillions GBBG related. There is news about the GBBG Fund and also the new investments that are coming through BitBillion Funding.

bitbillions blog

BitBillions.com has also partnered up with a top notch advertising facilitator called Tagvillage and if anyone is looking for cheap advertising or has a blog or site that needs to be monetized the Advertising is the way to go. Not only does Tagvillage offer great online advertising at cool rates but it also gives publishers more clout over other conventional advertising platforms such as Google Adsense. Moving away from the usual PPC arena, Tagvillage ensures the publisher good remuneration for publishing the Tagvillage ad widgets on their site. All the Publisher has to do is produce good and updated content and drive traffic to the site tagvertised.


Other good news of a more personal nature is that I managed so far to secure four shares for the BitBillions GBBG Fund so if you are looking for a good investment online then the GBBG Fund may be just right up your alley.


BitBillions News – BitBillions GBBG Fund

There is much excitement now in BitBillions GBBG as they are opening a fund where we can all purchase shares in BitBillions even those who are not founder members:



GBBG Bitcoin Fund

An Exclusive Bitcoin Portfolio for ALL GBBG Members

Introductory Offer Price

0.25 BTC per Share (through April 1st, 2013)

Trading Begins

April 1, 2013

Share Purchase Fee: 2%

Share Sales Fee: 0%

Open to ALL Members (Applicant, Reserve, Founder)

Ride the Bitcoin Wave Today!

Would you like to capitalize on the rapidly growing bitcoin market but are unable to due to limited funds? Do you want to participate in the lucrative process of buying and selling bitcoins, but you don’t have the funds necessary to facilitate an exchange? Do you wish you had the money to ride the growth wave?

GBBG Introduces the Bitcoin Fund

Created with you in mind, we are incorporating the GBBG Bitcoin Fund where you can intelligently and safely pool your bitcoins with thousands of other members. Leverage yourself strategically and ride the bitcoin wave today! On April 1st, 2013, GBBG will open the trading floor to buy and sell GBBG Bitcoin Fund shares. Right now as a GBBG member you have the exclusive opportunity to snatch up shares at the introductory price of 0.25 bitcoins for each share.

Fund Objectives

  • Arbitrage (Buying/Selling bitcoins)
  • Capital Placements (bitcoin Startups)
  • Options (Bitcoin Options)
  • Revenue Participation (Revenue Share Arrangements)
  • Bitcoin Value Inflation

Participant Opportunities

  • Trade Shares (Buy/Sell Fund Shares)
  • Long-term Growth (Hold Shares for Long-term Growth)
  • Reinvestment Pool (Reinvest Other GBBG Earnings)
  • Anonymity (Anonymous Participation)
  • Liquidity (Cash Out Quickly)

Fund Basics

The GBBG Bitcoin Fund is a pooled collection of bitcoins contributed by all participants and deployed in mass for the goal of growth and return. The fund managers will methodically seek out opportunities through a) Arbitrage – the buying and selling of bitcoins; b) BTC Capital Placements – placing bitcoins into startups that are rooted in the bitcoin economy; c) Options – bitcoin related option markets; e) Revenue Participation – entering bitcoin revenue sharing agreements with businesses profiting through the bitcoin economy. The fund seeks to invest solely in the form of bitcoins and produce returns solely in the form of bitcoins.

This is NOT a financial instrument, banking instrument, or security. The GBBG Bitcoin Fund is entirely based in the bitcoin economy and ALL trades will be performed in bitcoins. Participants will purchase shares using bitcoins and receive bitcoins when selling shares. The fund will strategically place bitcoins into carefully selected opportunities that are designed to produce positive results.

The value of fund shares may rise or fall, depending upon several factors which include, but are not limited to a) the bitcoin market; b) the success or failure of opportunities taken; b) the success or failure of bitcoin startups; c) the success or failure of bitcoin revenue sharing ventures; d) the success or failure of Bitcoin as a digital currency.

The fund managers will make every reasonable attempt to place bitcoins into solid, dependable opportunities that have been thoroughly investigated, vetted, and assessed. The primary philosophy will center around arbitrage and revenue share potentials and risk analysis.


Participants may purchase or sell shares in the fund freely with the only restriction being a fixed daily trade settlement time. Therefore, all fund share trades (buy or sell) will be conducted at 8:10 AM (EDT) for all requests received during the 24 hours prior to 8:00 AM (EDT). The share price for all trades will be calculated based on the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on the same day when said trades settle. There will be an additional 2% purchase fee when buying shares.

  • Purchase Shares Example

    If you send bitcoins to buy shares at 4:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, we will actually purchase the shares for you at 8:10 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, and the price will be the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, plus 2%.

  • Selling Shares Example

    If you send a request to sell shares at 10:00 AM (EDT) on Monday, we will actually sell the shares for you at 8:10 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, and the price will be the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on Tuesday.

Get In Ahead of the Wave

GBBG Members may pre-purchase shares at the introductory offer price of 0.25 BTC (bitcoins) through April 1st, 2013. If you would like to participate in the fund, send a request to gbbg.fund@gmail.com with your GBBG Member ID number in the subject line and ‘fund participation request‘ in the body of the email. Further instructions await you.

NOTE: This fund is open to members of any status (Applicant, Reserve, Founder).





BitBillions News – BitBillions.com Membership is growing!



The momentum at BitBillions.com is growing exponentially as more and more members see the potential of this revolutionary new high tech peer to peer Technology that is about to make ground breaking waves and we we drive into the Beta Test Mode in April that should drive even more potential founder members to the Site.

Already now over 21% of the target has been reached in order to deploy the technology and that is just through the Gofundme site. There are others who are purchasing founder spots through Bitcoin as well and we don’t know how many of those are there currently so it means that people at Large are willing to try new ideas and experiment with new ways of earning online as well as playing with new experimental digital currencies such as bitcoin. The future is looking bright for Humanity from the angle I am looking at.


If you not got your BitBillions founder spots yet take a peek at what is in store…




How to Join BitBillions GBBG REVISED EDITION


Now that BitBillions GBBG fixed a back office they have now made the sign up process much easier and now members can login to their back office even before they upgrade which saves them one step in the BitBillions Sign up process. So this is how you join the BitBillions GBBG site:


1. Click on your referrer’s url: It looks a bit like the one below : You are welcome to join this link of course as it is my referral link..


2. Click the join now button at the top of the site.

3. Scroll down and click the green ‘I ACCEPT THE GBBG NDA’.

4. On the following page click on the green ‘SIGN ME UP’ Button.

5. You will be given a unique username and password. You are advised to keep this stored somewhere safe so you can retrieve it at will.

6. Scroll down again and click the orange ‘JOIN NOW’ button and fill in your email address. Once that is done you will be able to login to your back office.

7. Follow the instructions in your back office and pay for your donation either through the gofundme option with your credit card or via the Bitcoin payment option. To do that you MUST open a Bitcoin wallet and buy or obtain one Bitcoin to send. You should actually purchase or acquire 1.001 Bitcoin as there is a small fee attached in sending one Bitcoin. How to open a Bitcoin wallet and how to acquire Bitcoins is at the end of the joining instructions in this post.

8.  Once you have paid for your BitBillionS Founder Position you will be able to refer others and before you do that you MUST put in your BITCOIN WALLET RECEIVER I.D into the PAYMENT I.D area which will show up in your back office once you are a fully upgraded member. You must also let your referrals know this as well so once they upgrade they must also do this immediately. THis completes the BitBillions Sign up process.





HOW TO OPEN A BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN WALLET: This video will show you how to create your Bitcoin wallet to send and receive Bitcoins.

Where to get Bitcoins easily:


I use two sites to purchase my Bticoins with online Ecurrencies:


xChanger.org E-Currency Exchanger


I hope you find this information useful..


Bitbillions – An introduction


Dear Readers

We welcome you to our brand new blog home which will bring you a host of posts relating to anything bitcoin as well as one great company which is launching soon and is about to create a paradigm shift in our global economic dimension and is posed to set the pace for a new way of doing business and regulating economic trends from the near future into the Beyond. BitBillions.com is about to take the World literally by storm with it’s new peer2peer ground breaking technology which will be able to unleash huge earning potential for anyone involved as well as exponential savings on products and services worldwide, without any border restrictions whatsoever.

Please come and visit us often as we may also have competitions and special offers for our avid followers..


Have a great  Day.