BITCOIN NEWS: 2Way Bitcoin ATM/Robocoin Kiosk launches tomorrow in LONDON

Remember when we hosted this news story a couple of months back? When I posted on Bitcointalk Forum a thread about it hardly anyone believed me and now it is happening.. Of Course this company is going to grow humongous so it is still not too late to participate as what GBA is offering as a service provider for BITCOIN ATMS hasn’t ever been realized  prior to this event..

If you are in Holborn Tomorrow come on down for the LIVE EVENT OPENING:



Here is also the Facebook page for GLOBAL BITCOIN ATM

As you can see below some of my good Friends will be there..I so much wish I was a fly on the wall!!!








You will all be happy to see announced now on this WEEK’S COIN GIVEAWAY FORUM the new coin Giveaway which is UNITE COIN. Let’s all go over there now and support UNITE COIN!!!




Here you will also find out more about the Unite COIN Properties, general information and specs. Please take some time to read about this great new ALT COIN and enjoy your free coins!!!!


Unitecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. This coin is intended for Collection / Products and Services.

Official Release Thread


Block Explorer / Crawler




Scrypt Algo
Proof of Work
Re-target every 1440 blocks
50 Coins Per Block
Halving at 84,000 blocks
Max of 100,000,000 coins
QR Code Support
120 Blocks for Mature Coins

version 1.0


Source Code

Sample Unitecoin.conf

Code: (auto:0) [Select]


RPC Port:  7675
P2P Port:  7677


Unitecoin – Proportional



Unitecoin – P2Pool

Unitecoin P2Pool
cgminer default config (please note: You use your wallet address  as the username in the configuration and password can be anything.)
cgminer –scrypt -o -u  [YOUR WALLET ADDRESS] -p [ANYTHING]

For those having issues targeting due to the low diff level. Please add one of the below selections to the end of your payout address in your .bat file to target a bit easier and stabilize the diff.
Expample for a 50kh/s hashrate you would write it like this cgminer –scrypt -o -u

[your wallet address]+0.00005821 -p password

Hash Rate (KHash/s) Difficulty
1 +0.00000116
5 +0.00000582
10 +0.00001164
50 +0.00005821
100 +0.00011641
250 +0.00029103
500 +0.00058207
750 +0.00087310
1000 +0.00116414










Other great news is that THIS WEEK’S COIN Has also opened a new Bitcoin faucet..

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND VISIT THE SPONSORS AND HATCH BITCOINS!!! I will add this to the general list of faucets tomorrow. It’s a bit late here now. :)






First Bitcoin ATM to hit London in Feb 2014 by Global Bitcoin ATM (GBA)

First Bitcoin ATM  in London BY GLOBAL BITCOIN ATM


An historic moment will be unveiled for Bitcoin lovers worldwide as the first Robocoin Bitcoin ATM is about to hit the streets of London sometime in February 2013. Global Bitcoin ATM (GBA), The company  responsible for installing the machine has grand plans for expansion not only in the U.K but Worldwide as it has a unique master plan that is a first in the Bitcoin ATM Industry.  Coindesk published an interview with one of the company Founders Terry James which has an in depth description of how GBA plans to ramp up orders and installation of these top bank grade robocoin ATMS.  Many top news sites across the Net picked up this story as it is pivotal due to London being one of the Financial Capitals of the World.

How to become Involved with Global Bitcoin ATM

If one really would like to ride the Bitcoin wave one may participate in this ground breaking process via various methods.  If you have a venue you may want to place a Bitcoin ATM on your premises or you can invest and purchase a machine to be placed randomly in any global destination meeting with your approval by GBA or you can be both. :

As the site states:

Global Bitcoin ATM

GBA will procure, place, control and administer Bitcoin ATMs on behalf of clients globally, offering a hands-free, turn-key solution to beneficial ownership.

Anyone may contact us to find out how to take part in our Bitcoin ATM ownership scheme.

Ownership enquiry: To learn more click here.

GBA specialises in securing a wide array of venues worldwide to host the most advanced Bitcoin ATMs on the market. Polls are currently showing that Bitcoin ATMs may increase traffic by as much as 32% for business owners, translating into greater revenues for your business. To have your venue considered as a Bitcoin ATM host, do contact us for a no-cost application and evaluation.

Venue enquiry:  To learn more click here.


You may contact the GBA site directly for more information. A more complex website is being built currently and online and offline brochures will also be available soon. Already the Company has raised its first round of Capital and more buyers are coming in to order the Robocoin Machines as we speak. Global Bitcoin ATM has a full team of hardworking Individuals ready to make your business operations run as efficiently and smoothly as a Bitcoin through the Blockchain!

btc venue

Another way to get involved will be as a shareholder once shares are issued in BANK TO THE FUTURE and another way to get on the inside of this wonderful opportunity is to crowdfund for a machine if you have a smaller budget through an esteemed business colleague and friend Antoun Toubia and you may directly link up with through his Facebook Profile where he will guide and direct you on how to proceed to join his fund @ www.u-ci.net and there in you can look for topfund which is his Bitcoin ATM project for GBA.

Follow the story with us as we will come back with more details and information on this great event soon.



GBBG Bitbillions Webinars and other Bitcoin News

Bitbillions GBBG Webinars

Many changes for the good of Bitbillions.com are coming around the corner and you can listen in from real Insiders as to how Bitbillions is developing. There are lots of thing happening behind the scenes now and as we move into the Summer we sill see hopefully population of matrices and the company taking some concrete form.

bitbillions gbbg

Here are the next GBBG webinar dates lined up so try to get to one if you want more of an inside scoop:

GBBG Public Meetings

Incredible Opportunity to Speak With Insiders

Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 6:30 AM CDT

Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 8:00 PM CDT

Other Bitcoin News..

Bitcoin prices have remained quite steady over the last two months and have stabilized  currently at the 120-130 usd mark so this is quite promising and as more and more uses take this protocol to other levels we will see less and less of the volatility we say in previous years of Bitcoin trading.

Bit Angels plans to coach S.F., Austin, NYC Bitcoin startups

Check out the latest news story and see how a Bitcoin Angel Investment company is making strides to take Bitcoin to greater heights by enabling bit entrepreneurs and start ups to carry forward their dreams to fruition.

bitcoin news



To be part of the Bitbillions movement  why not grab a founder position while it is still at a bargain price? Click the image below to get started!



What is the Future for Bitcoin?

bitcoin f

Many analysts and market traders are very keen to see what the long term end will be for bitcoin and the World of Bitcoiners at Large. Will it just be a fad that will burst into a bubble then pop? Or will Bitcoin lead the way to a future that is far brighter and more intrinsic  for Mankind as a whole. I for one personally an gearing up to be one of those people who pioneered a civilization based on Crypto curernecies and am hoping to be able to facilitate the growth in the use and transaction of Bitcoin and it’s other crypto counterparts. Want to know what GBBG Bitbillions Analysts think of the future of Bitcoin? Will it jump up after the last Bitcoin crash or will more and more bitcoin enthusiasts come to back the enigmatic virtual coin?

You can read up on their analysis here and what the GBBG FUND MANAGERS MARKET OPINION is and you may view it with an optimistic zeal like I myself see it or as an over optimistic ply for deliverance. Whatever you find for Bitcoin’s future make sure you have some satoshis stacked away in your wallet for a rainy day. From where I am sitting I see bitcoin is here today as long as the Internet thrives and is a healthy part of our existence in this three dimensional reality. As more and more merchants accept Bitcoin as a form of payment the more I see it flourishing within the Global Marketplace..


Bitcoin atm to open in Cyprus and Bitcoin Surges to 80 usd


bitcoin atm

There is news of Bitcoin ATMS hitting the exotic island of Aphrodite – Cyprus if all things go to plan. As the ailing Cypriot Economy goes down the pan and the banks are still looking very closed, cash strapped Cyprus residents might be able to look forward to an alternative place to keep their money – in Bitcoin.

As the Government of Cyprus announced that the Bailout would include upwards of 15% of all resident’s of Cyprus bank deposits this has caused great alarm on the Island as the banks remain closed for the Audit.

Jeff Berwick who is the founder of Stock House, TDV Media and Bitcoin ATM has declared a strong desire to debut the Bitcoin ATM Machines in Cyprus to assist in rebuilding the ailing economy and cash in on the new Bticoin Trend.

The Cyprus Economic Problem also sparked another rise yet again for the Bitcoin Currency and it is now hovering beyond the 80 usd mark and looks to rise even further with fears of more instability arising in banks around the Globe. The Financial System currently is in jeopardy as more and more turn to the humble Bitcoin for stability and growth of their assets.

BitBillions.com is currently looking at investing in many Bitcoin Startups in the near and distant future so it will be interesting if it gets to invest in these Bitcoin atms as it grows the GBBG Fund and BitBillions moves into a bigger Fiscal domain.