Altcoin Review: Bitcurrency – Whistlecoin Takeover



BITCURRENCY is the new face of WHISTLECOIN, taken over by a spanking new DEV TEAM and Community to boot. A lot is going on behind the scenes to make this coin shine among alt coins. Traded on Bittex, Bitcurrency has a healthy volume and demand is growing for the Coin now that it is being looked after by the current Development Group.

A new logo design embellishes BITCURENCY to transform and take it to the forefront of digital currency. So what are the current short term goals for Bitcurrency?

At present there are plans for a multipool so that miners can mine other altcoins then bet paid with Bitcurrency. ANON features will follow suit with a fully anon trading wallet as one of the core goodies coming to this rebranded digital currency. The Dev and Community are working hard to create a next generation altcoin via BTCR.

There is a fully functioning IRC ROOM and Twitter with SLACK and REDDIT accounts to follow shortly. With only just over 18 million coins there is a lot of scope for growth and with a caring community it can really evolve and go far at a steady pace.




BTCR had a POW phase that is now over so the coin has rolled over into pure POS phase.

Here are the specifications for BITCURRENCY..

Proof of work (Over)

  • Algo: x11
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block reward:Block 1 – premine less than 0.6%(that amount will be burned soon)
    Block Rewards 2- 7199 – 2764
    Block Rewards 7200    - 4728
  • Max height: 7200(network does not accept PoW anymore)
  • PoS Started at Block 6000
  • Total coins in pow phase ~18.15 million



Want to get more involved in helping this altcoin on its journey? Why not hit the inks below for more details. Why not pop into the IRC room for the latest news and activities.