Altcoin reviews: VIRTUALMINING COIN (VMC) – Backed up by CEX GHS!



Now and then in the Altcoin Industry I stumble across some great innovations and Ideas and a coin backed up by Cloud Mining is a wonderful new concept of a coin that is weighted by real investments. There are going to be a total of 100 million VMC coins and the coin is using the SCRYPT – N Algorithm which makes it more friendly to be mined by the smaller miners as opposed to the big asic farms so gives even the little guys a chance to mine and hold some.

There was initially a 10% premine which 80% of that was sold to an Investment crowd through an IPO and the other 20% of the premine is being used for development and bounties. All the IPO funds have been used to buy GHS Cloud mining in CEX.IO and is being compounded daily in order to keep the value of VCM coin always up and never going to a flat 0 because it is backed up by real investment.

Here is a cool video to show you in brief what it’s all about:

At the moment VMC is being traded nicely on Bittrex and now they have announced a multipool coming to bring even more value and price stability to the Coin. This coin is a boon for miners and is one of the most profitable coins to mine in its category at the moment.

The coin is so innovative it was even featured on COINDESK – The leading Bitcoin and Altcoin Resource on the Net: Here is the link so you can read up more.. COINDESK ARTICLE…. What makes this coin so cool is that GHS Vouchers are redeemable after six months so you can cash in coins for Cloud Mining Vouchers.. I decided to purchase a few k today as the price is quite attractive for new investors like me who don’t get to mine much.. :) . Ah and I didn’t mention the fact that as GHS vouchers are redeemed the coins get burnt so it becomes rarer and rarer with time as coins get destroyed in exchange for the CLOUD MINING Vouchers.. Great idea is it not?



Here are the specifications for Virtual Mining coin aka VMC..

- Transaction Confirms: 5

- Block Confirms: 50

- MAX Coin: 100.000.000

- Block value: 171.2

- Block Time: 60 Seconds

- Retarget: EVERY 5 blocks / 5 Minutes

- KGW Implemented with TIMEWRAP FIX


- New features: The wallet is a Static build, which means there are  no DLL files required to run the wallet

- Premine: 10% (80% of the pre-mined coins will be shared proportionally among those involved in the IPO.) Other 20% for the maintenance, developing and the bounties.



Want to know more about VMC? Why not check out all the links below..






Alt Currencies: TORNADO COAN REVIEW – Blowing the wind into Crypto




What I love most about alt coins is that each coin carries it’s own unique identity, like a new star or child being born so I love them all on the offset and like to follow their development. What do you think I like about TORNADO COIN? Well it sure wants to put put itself on the ALTCOIN MAP with a thud and putting a lot of wind in some crypto sails, it is sure making it’s mark now with an active Developer and a rallying team of supporters looking forward to some stormy weather ahead. :)

Boasting the x13 algo and being a Hybrid POW/POS, TORNADO COIN has a lot to offer any altcoin enthusiast, whether in the mining phase or beyond through to staking. There will only be a total of ten million coins which makes this coin quite rare and of good value to Investors. Many developments are in the works including PERSONAL NODES for those owning 500k or more TORNADO COINS in their wallets which is unique to TORNADO COIN.

It’s already now trading on COINANDER EXCHANGE and there is a BITTREX EXCHANGE Initiative already in the works with many community members on the way to helping the Coin get listed. After all which Exchange doesn’t want to see volume right? This is certainly a coin to watch and if you own any, to hold onto for staking.




Technical Specifications
algorithm: X13 POW+POS
Total coin: 10,000,000 (POW 6 Million + POS 4 Million )
POW last: 7200 – 5 days POW
POS generate after 7200 block
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty Retargets:DGW
Decentralized MasterNode Network
POS Min age: 7 hours
POS Max age: 30 day
Confirmations on Transactions: 10
Maturity: 50
POS: 40%
P2P port: 18123,RPC port: 18124

block < 180: 1 TornadoCoin (180 coins to test and avoid a lot of instamining)
after 180 : 800 TornadoCoins








AltCurrencies: CITIZEN COIN REVIEW – A coin for Everyone.



CITIZEN COIN was created to give Everyone the fair chance to get into Crypto Currencies and it was this vision that inspired its growth and creation.  The coin is using the x11 POW/POS Algorithm and there are 720 million coins in the POW stage. There was a 51% attack and the coin got forked but it has been taken over now by a new resilient DEV Team and the coin is being worked on and improved as we speak with new wallets etc. The coin is trading really cheap on various exchanges including Bittrex which is a high volume exchange so it’s a good time to grab some cheap coins before they go up again in price.

The New Development Team are doing their best to get the Coin back on track and are working diligently to this end so there is a need for some community support to get this coin back in the saddle as it has huge upside potential.  A staking coin that gives 0.1% Interest daily is a coin that can bring  a lot on the table with the right development and community behind it. What CITIZEN COIN has to offer is way far more than what the Banks would give you in a year let alone a day so it’s a real force to be reckoned with in the Financial Zone.

Take a look at CITIZEN COIN today and see what it has to offer you as a potential collector or investor in altcoins. POS coins are the name of the day so it’s always good to have some under your belt to hedge against the depreciation of Fiat Currencies every year. The Coin has two block explorers,  a nice working website and now under new management, a brighter future ahead. :)




PoW Algorithm: X11
PoW + PoS
Symbol: CTZ
POW: 720,000,000
PoS interest 0.1% daily
20 second block target
90 blocks coinbase maturity
Retarget difficulty each block
Confirmations to fully verify transaction: 6 = 2 minutes
Fully POS now



Here are some useful links to get in touch more with CITIZEN COIN and see how you would like to get more involved.