BURSTCOIN ASSETS REVIEWS: BTCDRAGON enters the world of Burst Assets




With many people around the world looking for safe havens to invest in other than metals and traditional investment platforms such as hedge funds or fiat stocks, crypto assets such as those on the BURST and NXT platforms are becoming increasingly popular as many can’t mine crypto currencies or are avid day traders.

BTCDRAGON is a an upcoming Casino powered by Moneypot and is the new kid on the block on the BURST ASSET EXCHANGE.  Since it’s initial release around 11 days ago, everyone has been going potty and fighting over the shares, which has already helped the asset value go up over three times it’s initial valuation! Today saw the second release of shares that got snapped up within seconds of showing up on the asset exchange and already two weeks of good dividend returns has made all investors in the BTCDRAGON ASSET extremely happy!



Here are the facts and figures behind the BTCDRAGON ASSET:

Name: btcdragon
Asset ID: 1892701762360056549
Burstcoin Wallet ID: BURST-UDDD-WL3V-DLAJ-CV9K5
Total Number of Assets: 1,000,000.00 (1 Million)
First stage Asset sale price: 40 Burst per asset x 85,000 assets
Dividends: Weekly (paid every Sunday)
Payout based in: Burst

The total shares within this asset stand at one million and in each release there will be 100,000 shares released to the Burster Asset fans for gobbling up. So far there have been two releases up for grabs but there will not be another release for a little while as the ASSET OWNER BITDV rightly states that he doesn’t want to dilute the profit share by issuing too many shares too fast. Each asset share delivery will bring about more and more upgrades to the Casino which already has a number of games successfully running.

This is how the asset funds collected will be divided up and utilized for further development and for dividends:

This will be the payout schedule as follows:

10% will be used for promotional and advertising purposes.
10% will be kept back for development and moderation.
80% will be converted into Burst and sent to the ASSET holders on a weekly basis.

The ASSET OWNER will keep 10% of the overall shares for his time and hard work he is putting into this business and asset as he believes in it’s longevity, this is the way he also will be rewarded, like other asset-holders.




The BTCDRAGON CASINO has a host of games and a brand new roulette game has just been recently added to the Casino game portfolio. The asset will help expand the Casino in more ways than meets the eye and here are just some of the wonderful games you can play and try your luck with! There will be another review on BTCDRAGON Casino in another blog post coming soon!

 Zombieland video slot




 Mafia video slot




Dragon’s Ladder


BtcDragon Roulette



Want to know more about BTCDRAGON CASINO AND ASSETS? Check the links below:





Altcoin Review: Introducing BURSTCOIN – An altcoin for Everyone!


BURST1     BURSTCOIN is not new by any means, it has been around for a couple of years BUT it has grown into a solid altcoin with a varied infrastructure that would make any altcoin enthusiast proud. It has so many positive qualities that I would advise anyone new to Crypto currencies to take a good deep look at it. Why do I have this very strong opinion about BURST? 1. Well for one it is very easy to mine without having to spend an arm and a leg on mining hardware. It mines on your hard drive so it is one of the most Eco-friendly mining coins out there and it won’t mess about with your CPU or GPU! 2. There is a very large and strong community of developers, miners and investors who are utilizing BURST in a variety of ways and are keen to see this coin as one of those long term coins with real value over time. 3. There is a great forum where you can find all the relevant information you need in your daily BURSTING activities along with people to guide and help you in every step you take towards building an empire of BURST! The members there are very welcoming and friendly and that’s one reason I feel so at home accumulating BURST AND BURST ASSETS. 4. This is the part I really like! As I don’t mine myself, investing is my next best option that anyone can get involved in, especially Crypto Noobs!  Always though do your due diligence before you purchase assets and purchase form trusted Members. There are a variety of investments assets that one can purchase on the BURST ASSET exchange and information about all assets can be found here: ASSET DETAILS  5. BURST has a solid floor and great volume on the POLONIEX exchange especially and buy support is always strong as asset issuers always pay out their dividend bonuses in BURSTCOIN. There will always be plenty going on in the BURST ECO-SYSTEM. I will be doing blog reviews at regular intervals on BURST as there is a lot here going on in development! Burst being the first PROOF-OF-CAPCITY altcoin has given a new lease of life to avid miners in this space. 6. BURSTCOIN is a prestigious coin and is trading on all three major digital currency exchanges, POLONIEX, BITTREX and C-CEX!



• NXT based • Proof of Stake Removed • Proof of Capacity implemented • No IPO • No Premine • 4 minute block time • 2,158,812,800 coins total • Block reward starts at 10,000/block • Block Reward Decreases at 5% each month


burst3Want to get to know the BURSTCOIN community better and get involved in the various BURST activities on offer? Please do not hesitate to see what this wonderful altcoin Beauty has in store for you. I am hooked on BURST because I see real value behind it.