Altcoin News: DNOTES VAULT launched to bring Stability in an uncertain world.



The most stable digital currency to date, DNOTES, has just today launched a unique way for Everyone to to start collecting the currency and saving it in a secure and save environment namely the DNOTES VAULT.. This will facilitate the entry of many Lay Persons and the Masses into Crypto Currency adoption primarily at first as a store of Wealth before using it as a mass consumer base for merchant establishment.

Let’s take a look at the DNOTES CHARTS on the POLONIEX EXCHANGE to see WHY DNOTES is the preferred altcoin of choice for the no nonsense serious long term investor. Whether it be a mother saving for her kid’s education, or a financier looking to grow his portfolio or whether one is wishing to save up for a retirement plan, DNOTES sure fits the bill. Check the chart it speaks volumes. Where as even Bitcoin has enjoyed plenty of volatility, DNOTES since its inception has only enjoyed an uptrend and stability which is unparalleled in the Altcoin Industry to date, oh and we are talking about over 400 digital currencies spawned in just a number of years.





Going by the powerful formula of secured savings, with a digital currency of the future for the future, DNOTES VAULT ensures a secure, safe and simple way for EVERYONE to save for that special occasion or rainy day. Saving up and also educating others to tuck away some coins shouldn’t be rocket science. Dnotes takes away the complexities associated with both Crypto Currencies, which to many seem to be a fad associated with Basement Nerds, or Savings, which is an area people often view as taboo, especially in these trying economic times.

Dnotes has been on the trajectory of creating a stable digital currency and is on track to building financial products and services that will serve the World Community, creating lasting value in it’s own brand. Where Fiat and the Corporate Banking System have failed to protect the value and price of Fiat Currencies, DNOTES has stepped in to fill this void by first offering a stable and ethical currency as a vehicle to wealth creation and asset protection never before envisaged in our lifetime.

To find out more about how YOU can can make an impact on your future and that of your Loved ones why not check out the DNOTES THREAD ON BITOCINTALK and meet the DNOTES Team and Community that are bridging the gap between Traditional Core Values and the Digital World.

From the words of DNOTES Co Founder Alan Yong:“It is easier to open a DNotesVault account than a bank account. It is also secure. We guarantee 100% of your deposit through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds are verifiable any time through the blockchain.”
DNOTES VAULT Prides itself in offering a guarantee of protection for your DNOTES ASSET as well as offering safety and security in an uncertain financial climate. For a $100 USD One can purchase around 20,000 DNOTES  which would make a wonderful gift for friends and family alike. The  DNOTES VAULT offers DNOTES STAKEHOLDERS the chance open multiple addresses within the VAULT for various activities, short and long term. Although opening a DNOTES VAULT ACCOUNT encourages long term saving, One can also withdraw DNOTES at any time, leaving the Investors with much flexibility not offered by similar corporate Institutions.

DNOTES VAULT is the 2nd MAJOR ASSET that the DNOTES TEAM has created to serve the Crypto Community, the first one was CRYPTOMOMS,  a resource and educational tool/learning center packaged to encourage more women to take part in this disruptive technology/digital currency movement which is still largely dominated by men. Along with the future family of CR.I.S.PS which are different saving planned geared to different sectors in Society, DNOTES plans to position itself as a dominant force for good in the DIGITAL CURRENCY MOVEMENT, creating lasting value now and well into the Future for Generations to come. DNOTES VAULT is convenient and couples with it’s ease of use, makes saving a breeze for any age group.





Altcoin News and Giveaways: DNOTES SURGING to the SKIES

DNOTES BONANZA NEWS GIVEAWAYDNOTESDnotes has and will be one of my alltime favorites in the alt coin world as it has been remarkably stable and on an uptrend since its inception. The DNOTES team continue to strive to create an investor’s instrument that is worthy to have and hold long into the distant future, not just a coin created on a fad.

TODAY DNOTES has a special mintpal voting Bonanza and twitter giveaway where you can earn 10 DNOTES per vote which is pretty awesome considering DNOTES is worth over 300 sats at this current time of writing.

To find out more about DNOTES please visit the Bitcointalk Announcement Thread here. DNOTES THREAD

To enter in the daily voting bonanza please click : DNOTES GIVEAWAY BONANZA





Also why not visit this lovely DNOTES FAUCET too? This is another great place to collect some DNOTES. You can also mine DNOTES and Buy on POLONIEX and ALLCOIN..




DNOTES COIN is a coin I have been following and supporting with great interest because it has a firm and solid approach to developing a serious alternative to Bitcoin with long lasting and intrinsic value without all the gimmicks and frills other coins have used in order to live a somewhat brief moment of stardom in the Crypto  Currency Industry.  DNOTES has established a healthy price in the Markets without all the pumping and dumping we have seen with so many of the Coins. Miners, Supporters, Investors and Stakeholders all have a keen interest to bring this Coin to the next level.



Miners as it states here have enjoyed a full month of BLOCK BONUSES which end tomorrow on the 13th March 2014.:

25,000,000 DNotes are allocated to reward early miners as automatic block bonuses in the first month.
(Blocks 250 – 33,250 award 1,000 instead of 250).

This now is coming to an end but there are still many bounties up yet ready for other development in progress for promoters and developers of other software and services that takes DNOTES TO ANOTHER LEVEL. Already DNOTES has been translated into various languages and there are three working faucets and a huge global community of Supporters including a very active Development team. Miners, despite the drop in rewards are still keen to stay on mining this coin because it already is profitable to mine even without the block rewards and it is a coin to be reckoned with. Many miners are fed up of failed launches and pool hopping and would rather mine a serious coin with a future and solid price and market cap increase. Already DNOTES is going up the COIN MARKET CAP trail slowly and steadily as a successful coin should.

Here is just one excerpt from a happy and content miner of DNOTES:

“Execution is always the key. Execution itself equates to massive competitive advantage. When you couple that with  a long term vision, you’ve got a winner.

This is why I believe strongly in DNotes. And I’m not just saying that. I’m voting with my dollars, and my mining time. I’m buying up what people are selling on exchanges. I’m mining NOTE exclusively. And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future (thank you Kimoto Gravity Well for making it feasible for the small guy to mine long term!!!).

I’m excited to see how the next few days play out.”


Denoting a successful launch, a growing community/technical base, loyal mining groups and stable investment price means that this coin can only go upwards and onwards without any hyped up nonsensical rhetoric. DNOTES are here to stay and as the User Membership base grows, so does their intrinsic value and stability further increase.

To find out more about DNOTES follow their main Announcement threa don Bitcointla forum which you find here:






Dear Readers with delight I would like to introduce today DNOTES COIN which is backed by a really active and enthusiastic Team full of energy and generosity to it’s early adopters and friends. The Coin has decided to launch in a big way with tons of giveaways, bounties and a caring attitude which is a wonderful way to promote a new COIN to Prominence.



Only two days after launch and it is buzzing around the Internet so here are the specifications and information surrounding DNOTES COIN ..


Scrypt PoW
500,000,000 Total Coins
60 second Blocktime
Kimoto’s Gravity Well
Block Reward: 250 Coins
Block Reward Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks
Blocks 250 – 33,250 reward an additional 750 coins

DNOTES is short for DIGITAL NOTES and it is aspiring to gain widespread adoption through a variety of means, from giving reward blocks to miners, bounties to tech, promotional followers and staff and also through its giveaways to users and adopters of the Coin.

The Development Team of DNOTES have both short term and long term marketing plans for the Coin and are certainly not in it for the pumping and dumping and for sort term gain. They are locking in pointers to ensure the mass adoption and popularity of DNOTES that will help serve the Crypto Community well int the Future. To learn more about DNOTES check out their website and all the other links posted here t get a grander picture of what is coming with this wonderful addition to the ALT COIN WORLD. You can find also a faucet already which I have already listed on the free alt coins page!  :) More news will be posted soon as we see the Coin progress through the Crypto Currency ranks and it gets listed on exchanges.