What is the Future for Bitcoin?

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Many analysts and market traders are very keen to see what the long term end will be for bitcoin and the World of Bitcoiners at Large. Will it just be a fad that will burst into a bubble then pop? Or will Bitcoin lead the way to a future that is far brighter and more intrinsic¬† for Mankind as a whole. I for one personally an gearing up to be one of those people who pioneered a civilization based on Crypto curernecies and am hoping to be able to facilitate the growth in the use and transaction of Bitcoin and it’s other crypto counterparts. Want to know what GBBG Bitbillions Analysts think of the future of Bitcoin? Will it jump up after the last Bitcoin crash or will more and more bitcoin enthusiasts come to back the enigmatic virtual coin?

You can read up on their analysis here and what the GBBG FUND MANAGERS MARKET OPINION is and you may view it with an optimistic zeal like I myself see it or as an over optimistic ply for deliverance. Whatever you find for Bitcoin’s future make sure you have some satoshis stacked away in your wallet for a rainy day. From where I am sitting I see bitcoin is here today as long as the Internet thrives and is a healthy part of our existence in this three dimensional reality. As more and more merchants accept Bitcoin as a form of payment the more I see it flourishing within the Global Marketplace..


Bitcoin atm to open in Cyprus and Bitcoin Surges to 80 usd


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There is news of Bitcoin ATMS hitting the exotic island of Aphrodite – Cyprus if all things go to plan. As the ailing Cypriot Economy goes down the pan and the banks are still looking very closed, cash strapped Cyprus residents might be able to look forward to an alternative place to keep their money – in Bitcoin.

As the Government of Cyprus announced that the Bailout would include upwards of 15% of all resident’s of Cyprus bank deposits this has caused great alarm on the Island as the banks remain closed for the Audit.

Jeff Berwick who is the founder of Stock House, TDV Media and Bitcoin ATM has declared a strong desire to debut the Bitcoin ATM Machines in Cyprus to assist in rebuilding the ailing economy and cash in on the new Bticoin Trend.

The Cyprus Economic Problem also sparked another rise yet again for the Bitcoin Currency and it is now hovering beyond the 80 usd mark and looks to rise even further with fears of more instability arising in banks around the Globe. The Financial System currently is in jeopardy as more and more turn to the humble Bitcoin for stability and growth of their assets.

BitBillions.com is currently looking at investing in many Bitcoin Startups in the near and distant future so it will be interesting if it gets to invest in these Bitcoin atms as it grows the GBBG Fund and BitBillions moves into a bigger Fiscal domain.