Altcoin News: HYPER – Moving at lightning speed through the Cryptosphere!


HYPER has had a really special life so far because unlike many other coins that have long gone and died an early death due to its constant innovation and adoption in the Gaming World and is now getting noticed by Prominent Faces in the Crypto Arena at large.

The HYPER Website has had a beautiful facelift too among so many new improvements as the DEV Team is constantly pushing forward to create a coin and Eco system that makes the Altcoin Industry to stand Tall.

HYPER is constantly looking out for the Community and is always generous and giving bounties for fans and enthusiasts who help to spread the word about this fun and lucrative to hold Crypto. If you are a crypto community person who likes to help good altcoins reach their Zenith who not head over to the HYPER FORUMS to earn some free HYPER for completing some easy promotional tasks? HYPER Giveaways are extremely generous undertakings in their own right and deserve merit and a good mention. The DEV TEAM is one of the most active I have seen in any altcoin and are working to the letter to get HYPER to the Next Level.



HYPER has been featured in a plethora of blog posts and crypto news  articles and one of the latest awesome additions was the interview with the Lead Dev here on the Bitcoinist Review and Tech Blog which is a highly esteemed news Hub in relation to this Industry.

Among other wonderful developments, Hyper has got also a Reddit Tipbot and is already being used in 4 games as it closes in on it’s biggest development yet..the HYPER MMO game.

Another famous Crypto PODCASTER DAVID SEAMAN  has also shown a keen interest in HYPER and is also waiting to Interview the Developers very soon.

HYPER has been trading gallantly on Bittrex with volumes increasing daily and the price reaching healthy scores as more and more Crypto Investors take a liking to the Coin which shows such hope and promise due to the big projects that back it.





Altcoin News: HYPER Reachings for the Stars – Added to MMO GAME ZANDAGORT




HYPER is an all time favorite of mine regarding innovative and trendy altcoins. I have a special liking for this coin due to the many facets of its growth and determination to not only survive in this competitive arena, but to also thrive and become a coin of true standing and lasting worth.

Since the last time e posted about HYPER there have been a ton of developments and uber amounts of progress, perhaps too much to put in a single news article but we will relay to our coin friends and gaming punters some bullet points of what the HYPER TEAM has been up to.


You can earn HYPER by playing on this server and the server can grow as befits the user count of players, so the more players are on the server, the server will grow according to the amount of players using them. Here is a great article/tutorial on how you can earn HYPER playing counterstrike and also how you can SPEND HYPER to buy ammo and guns etc.



HYPER has now injected new life into the old ZANDAGORT SPACE INDIE MMO GAME and is running the only server in English for this game with a huge cult following. Here are the instructions on ZANDAGORT.COM also on how to play as it is quite a complex game even avid gamers but is very exciting. There is some  hardcore strategy to be developed by players which makes it truly an exciting encounter of the gaming kind.




There is a lot of excitement underway as the market for HYPER is solid and well established, especially when it had an insane recovery within minutes after one unfortunate soul decided to dump a load at 14 sats (Oh and I was so unfortunate that it happened while I was a sleep, PDT time zone really sucks!) but then went to an all time high of over 6k and has settled now comfortably between 5-6k ( way undervalued haha so cheap for us to buy more!). Now heavy voting to add HYPER To a larger volume Exchange has begun with a surge of excited voters and who doesn’t want a little more HYPER under his/her belt for lending a voting hand? If you like collecting this precious coin and want to get some votes on MINTPAL you can join in the fun here: MINTPAL VOTING BONANZA, Courtesy of HYPER AND CRYPTOSANDWICH/COINZEN and collect some HYPER on the way to Mintpal!



Do you fancy collecting some more HYPER in a variety of ways and means? The HYPER TEAM are keen to extend the market share and distribution of HYPER before another huge price rise which will be imminent in the not too distant future.

Check out the ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD FOR HYPER ON BITCOINTALK and get some HYPERS for your portfolio or why not even play the HYPER Games and also try to win some? HYPER is not just  coin but is a gaming LEGEND in itself.