Altcoin Review: BITREPLICA Now in POW and on Exchanges


bitreplicaBITREPLICA  was created to give miners and coin adopters a fair chance to accumulate the coin over a long ten year proof of work mechanism,. In the first year just over 1 million coins will be produced and the block rewards will be even at 10 coins a block to make for as fair a mining experience as possible.  The blocks pop every 5 minutes so it will be a great coin to mine even years from now.

Already listed on two exchanges, BITR is getting a positive response both from miners and traders alike who have taken to the coin like a duck to water.  There is less than 1% premine to be used for bounties and development costs 0.09% and the coin is using the x13 algorithm. After 10 years of POW there will be roughly 3.6 million BTR and the staking interest stands at 15% annually starting after 24 hours of coin maturity.

There is already a lotto game, faucet and block explorer and healthy trading coin the Exchanges.  The wallet is cool, crisp and clean with no glitches and I see a steady growth in the user base behind the coin. I look forward to seeing future developments and a road map probably coming over time. This is a no frills Coin that promises a solid growth and commitment from the DEV Team, bringing a simple concept for long term wealth generation back into Crypto.



Here are the specifications for BITREPLICA..


Algo: x13
Block time: 5 Minutes
Diff retarget each block.
PoW ends in approximatively 10 years from launch.

Block Reward:

Block 1: premine 35000 (Less than 0.9 %)
First Block Year: 10 BITR per block
Second Block Year: 5 BITR per block
3rd to last PoW block: 2,5 BITR per block

TOTAL POW COINS: 3,6 Millions circa in max 10 Years from launch day.

PoS Stake Interest: 15%
Min stake age: 24 h
Max stake age: unlimited.




Want to get involved more with BITREPLICA? Why not hit any of the links below to get more info on how to be a part of BITR.


IRC: #Bitreplica

email: bitreplica@mail.com



Altcoin Reviews: SERVX (XSX) COIN – serving and feeding the Crypto Punters


Many Crypto coins have come and gone but one is still battling to make it’s place of prominence in the altcoin markets and is looking for miners and market traders to tuck into this delightful Alt Coin.

XSX Coin wishes to bridge the gap between Cryptocurrency and the Service Industry by providing special delivery services currently adopted for the U.S Crypto Crowd. XSX Dev has four pods on Cryptoasian which makes Him a legitimate Source in the Alt Coin Industry where Honesty and hard Work  which is something to be well admired here. SERVX is purely a POW/SCRYPT Coin which should be a mining Hub for alt coin mining enthusiasts and is currently traded on a few exchanges already, including C-CEX. You can trade some here on the C-CEX EXCHANGE at very affordable prices.

The Business Model is unique and very exciting, especially for Pizza Lovers and those with a big appetite..Here in a Nutshell is how CoinServices and SERVX COIN will help the Community and Business Partners…


This can be a revolutionary way to eat and mine for your food without the use of fiat currency in the near future. Alpha tests have already been carried out as well. Due to the Nature of the COIN being a SERVICE PROVIDER Coin there are no Anonymity features being released as this Coin will evolve into a real Corporate ENTITY aka LLC for which Tax records will need to be provided as a legitimate Business – which is refreshing to see a coin develop into a real business and not just any other altcoin.

servex3Here are the Specs for SERVX COIN..



Coin Name:      ServX
Symbol:         XSX
Algorithm:      Scrypt Pure PoW
Total Coins:   12 Million
Block time:      60 Seconds
Block Reward:   12 Coins (No halving)
Premine:      75,000
Block Explorer:   http://cryptobe.com/chain/ServXCoin.
Premine Breakdown:
“Grease”                             5,000
Giveaways:            5,000 XSX
Bounties:             5,000 XSX
Emergency Reserve:         15000XSX
Order Fund:            40,000 XSX (or until we have >25 BTC)

Not a single coin will go into the pockets of the developers.

If greater than 25 BTC has been raised from selling the Order Fund then any remaining coins will be added to the Emergency Reserve.
The Emergency Reserve will be held in a public address and will not be accessed unless we have depleted our funds and cannot take orders.
In this case the fund will be replenished once liquidity is restored.

The premine address will be made public after the block explorer is released.
The Premine will be gently traded and not dumped.

There was a successful ICO where many took part and QBK Coin also made a good business deal to secure a long term income from the Project once it gets into full Swing. Those who support the Development of Crypto will see how unique and ground breaking the SERVEX COIN IDEA really is.

There will be a total of only 12 million SERVEX Coins so there is a lot of room for growth in the current SERVEX COIN Markets. This is a good time to pick up some cheap SERVEX on the Exchanges or to mine some for yourselves.














ELECTRON COIN is a Hybrid coin ushering in a new era of Altcoins with a cool Algorithm ( BLAKE 256).  Being a peer to peer protocol, Electron makes transactions as smooth as silk and is now even trading on big volume exchanges such as Bittrex.  For the first year of mining ELECTRON will give out twenty coins per block for the first  525,600 blocks for one year’s duration then 10 coins per block with no further block halving so this coin will be a great keeper especially for miners and collectors as it will be primarily a store of value coin.

There are seven billion coins to be minted in total so it will take plenty of time to create these coins over several years. There is great activity already on the Bitcointalk announcement thread and a lot of positive energy is being fed into this young and upcoming coin among alts. The coin boasts three block explorers and wallets for windows, linux and mac and other great perks for ELECTRON owners in the works as development and interest continues. There are even dice games now too for ELECTRON COIN Users. :)

There are currently also some exciting giveaways and knowing that there will only be ten million coins mined in the first year makes this coin a rare and valuable saving instrument to hedge against the decline in value of fiat and other commodities.



Here are the specifications for ELECTRON COIN.

  • Blake-256 Algo
  • Cap in place to reduce the difficulty jumps upwards
  • Block target time is 60 seconds and retargets every 30 blocks (30 minutes) (note correction, block target goal is 60 seconds)
  • Total of 7 Billion coins
  • Block maturity 460 (+20 buffer, 480 total)




Come and find out more about ELECTRON COIN and see  how you would like to get involved as a collector, miner or community supporter..





Alt Currencies: GREENCOIN REVIEW – Paving the way forward for carbon offsetting



How would you like to offset your carbon footprint and be rewarded for doing so? GREENCOIN was launched with the endeavor to help make this World a greener place in more aspects than one.  The Development Team are anxious to get the Coin fairly distributed to as many miners, ECO Friendly People and Coin Lovers across the Globe and are working diligently around the clock m to make GREENCOIN a household Brand.

There will be ten billion GREENCOIN minted totally and will be fully produced by the year 2050. You can receive GREENCOINS by becoming a green energy producer (Like wind,solar etc) or my mining GREENCOIN and collecting the bonuses, by trading on the exchanges or even from the 3 working faucets if you are especially new to altcoins or like to collect them. GREENCOIN distribution will be split between the GREENCOIN FOUNDATION (which will be responsible for rewarding carbon reducing activities and green energy producers) and the Miners who help to mint the coin.

GREENCOIN is already on one exchange and ALLCOIN EXCHANGE is adding it within the next few hours. Talks of larger exchanges adding GREENCOIN are also in the works as this coin is looking to gain momentum over the coming weeks. You can find out in even greater detail how the GREENCOIN ECOSYSTEM will function now and in the near future by reading up on it here.. ABOUT GREENCOIN..

There are a lot of Supporters behind the Coin and Development is coming very fast including more than one block explorer, three faucets, excellent working wallets and more to come. So if you are a fan of altcoins but at the same time you want to make this world a much cleaner and brighter place then GREENCOIN is for you. The wonderful thing about GREENCOIN is that you can get involved in more ways than one. Oh I better tell my Parents about GREENCOIN. They have solar panels up on their roof! Miners can check out the awesome BONUS REWARDS GIVEAWAY TOO so come point your miners to GREENCOIN and help save the Planet.. :)



Here are the specifications for GREENCOIN..

Scrypt, Secure and Open Source
Total coins: 10,000,000,000 (ten billion)
Block Time: 63.1 seconds target
Initial coins per block: 2,000
Coins per block awarded to miners: 1,000 (50%)
Coins per block awarded to Foundation: 1,000 (50%)
Halving rate: 2,500,000 blocks (about 5 years)
Difficulty Retarget: Every 30 minutes
Confirmations on Transactions: 5 (about  5 minutes)
Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 60 (about  1 hour)
Ports: P2P 11036, RPC 21036


Want to make a real difference in the world through Crypto Currencies? Why not check out the links below and see how you can be more involved in GREENCOIN.. There are a plethora of rewards waiting for you to do just that..BE PART OF REAL CHANGE..







Dear Readers with delight I would like to introduce today DNOTES COIN which is backed by a really active and enthusiastic Team full of energy and generosity to it’s early adopters and friends. The Coin has decided to launch in a big way with tons of giveaways, bounties and a caring attitude which is a wonderful way to promote a new COIN to Prominence.



Only two days after launch and it is buzzing around the Internet so here are the specifications and information surrounding DNOTES COIN ..


Scrypt PoW
500,000,000 Total Coins
60 second Blocktime
Kimoto’s Gravity Well
Block Reward: 250 Coins
Block Reward Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks
Blocks 250 – 33,250 reward an additional 750 coins

DNOTES is short for DIGITAL NOTES and it is aspiring to gain widespread adoption through a variety of means, from giving reward blocks to miners, bounties to tech, promotional followers and staff and also through its giveaways to users and adopters of the Coin.

The Development Team of DNOTES have both short term and long term marketing plans for the Coin and are certainly not in it for the pumping and dumping and for sort term gain. They are locking in pointers to ensure the mass adoption and popularity of DNOTES that will help serve the Crypto Community well int the Future. To learn more about DNOTES check out their website and all the other links posted here t get a grander picture of what is coming with this wonderful addition to the ALT COIN WORLD. You can find also a faucet already which I have already listed on the free alt coins page!  :) More news will be posted soon as we see the Coin progress through the Crypto Currency ranks and it gets listed on exchanges.