ALTCOIN REVEW: PALCOIN hits the Crypto Scene – Rare is Beautiful!



Palcoin was created as a rare coin for crypto collectors to get real value from holding a coin with a purpose. It will bring value to the altcoin community in various ways and will set itself apart with its own unique style and language. Palcoin is fair to miners and to long term holders as it has implemented a POW stage and is implementing a generous POS staking for those who love to collect altcoins for the future.

PALCOIN initially is targeting the job seekers market as it’s first priority and will initially create a site for global headhunters and Job seekers alike, which will provide situations and job vacancies around the globe, irrespective of borders and gender. Also PALCOIN is set to engage the community from the offset and a portion of PALCOIN is being set aside to be awarded to community members that collaborate with PALCOIN in different ways. So if you have any talents that you can lend to PALCOIN, you can be rewarded for helping out!




PALCOIN SPECS make PAL very attractive to miners, speculators and long term holders and has been cleverly laid out as below:


Algorithm                             Scrypt
Type                                       PoW/PoS
Coin name                            palcoin (pal)
RPC port                               6964
P2P port                               6963
Block reward                       3 coins
Total coin supply                150,000 coins
Premine percent                 8%
Last Pow block                    25,000
Pos stake                              90%/year
min stake age                      2 hours no maximum.



Palcoin has numerous ideas to implement under its umbrella and the JOB SITE is the first of these to come into fruition very soon. Here is a list of other core elements to the roadmap which is still a work in progress and will be soon put up in it’s full glory on Bitcointalk forum. So here is a short list at present:

Job sites (Under construction)
Palcoin Atm cards
Zero cash implementation.
App for palcoin payment gateway
mobile and online wallet
Continued development.


PALY, the Head of PALCOIN has a generous spirit and has set aside 1% of the coin to give out to community members who engage in the PAL conversation on Bitcointalk forum and who also assist in the development and promotion of PALCOIN through all it’s ongoing phases of development. So, if you have something  to contribute to the PALCOIN cause you will be generously rewarded.

There is already a thriving community of miners and long term friends who want to see PALCOIN succeed and are actively engaged in the PALCOIN project in various ways.




Here are some links for PALCOIN, so you can get to know the PALCOIN TEAM AND COMMUNITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!




SKYPE -    palcoins



AltCurrencies: CITIZEN COIN REVIEW – A coin for Everyone.



CITIZEN COIN was created to give Everyone the fair chance to get into Crypto Currencies and it was this vision that inspired its growth and creation.  The coin is using the x11 POW/POS Algorithm and there are 720 million coins in the POW stage. There was a 51% attack and the coin got forked but it has been taken over now by a new resilient DEV Team and the coin is being worked on and improved as we speak with new wallets etc. The coin is trading really cheap on various exchanges including Bittrex which is a high volume exchange so it’s a good time to grab some cheap coins before they go up again in price.

The New Development Team are doing their best to get the Coin back on track and are working diligently to this end so there is a need for some community support to get this coin back in the saddle as it has huge upside potential.  A staking coin that gives 0.1% Interest daily is a coin that can bring  a lot on the table with the right development and community behind it. What CITIZEN COIN has to offer is way far more than what the Banks would give you in a year let alone a day so it’s a real force to be reckoned with in the Financial Zone.

Take a look at CITIZEN COIN today and see what it has to offer you as a potential collector or investor in altcoins. POS coins are the name of the day so it’s always good to have some under your belt to hedge against the depreciation of Fiat Currencies every year. The Coin has two block explorers,  a nice working website and now under new management, a brighter future ahead. :)




PoW Algorithm: X11
PoW + PoS
Symbol: CTZ
POW: 720,000,000
PoS interest 0.1% daily
20 second block target
90 blocks coinbase maturity
Retarget difficulty each block
Confirmations to fully verify transaction: 6 = 2 minutes
Fully POS now



Here are some useful links to get in touch more with CITIZEN COIN and see how you would like to get more involved.







Alt Currencies: WORLDRICHLIST COIN REVIEW – The Designer outlet Coin.




We have seen many altcoins come in all shapes and sizes and colors but this coin has designer label written all over it as it was designed to be used in COOL DESIGNER LABEL OUTLETS and any other HIGH END STORES and Merchants willing to take this ambitious young coin on board.

There is an IPO running for a percentage of the coin and you can purchase some coins directly on GOLDENTALK FORUM. I also have purchased some coins as I feel this is a promising endeavor and want to give this coin a chance to blossom.

There  will only be a million coins total and it will have an annual POS rate of 8% which is pretty decent and not to be laughed at so could turn out to be a great long term investment. There is only a 1% premine which will be used to cover bounties for development. So if any one out there has time to help contribute to this project please come and offer your services as they will be well rewarded by the DEV.

Once the Coin is taken on by High End Retailers this will be great advertising not only for WRL COIN but for altcoins as a whole and this is one reason why I am behind this coin and believe that it could have great value in the near future.




Here are the specifications for WRL COIN….
ALGO x11
COIN NAME World Rich List
BLOCK TIME 60 seconds
TOTAL SUPPLY 1 Million coins
PREMINE 1% for bounties (Read Below)



Want to find out more about WRL COIN? Why not click the links below for seeing how to get involved and don’t miss out on securing some coins cheap before they get on an exchange.