Altcoin Review: New Piggy Coin sets the Pace For Future Generations




New Piggy Coin had humble beginnings but has grown now into a fully fledged PiggyBank that is flying across the Cryptosphere, inspiring the Next Generation on how to save in a new high tech fashion. PiggyCoin has come online as the friendly Crypto that wants to educate and inform Parents and Kids about the wonderful new world of digital currencies.

There is an active permanent Developer as well as a dedicated long term Piggy Team and many of the items on the Road map have already been completed. There are paper wallets, an android wallet, a new hard forked wallet  plus faucets and games to keep both the young and forever young engaged and excited.

PiggyCoin is derived from the x11 algorithm and also houses a foundation which at the present time is supporting 88 Bikes which is an organisation helping kids in developing countries with bikes for transport.




PiggyCoin is actively engaged with Schools and Teachers around the World to bring the message of Crypto Currencies into the classroom. Also by enabling and empowering the young-lings from an early age to save through a digital wallet, this could help alleviate poverty and create a wealthier and more self sustaining generation of the future by giving them access to tools that were not available for us when we were young. If you are an Educator you can get in touch with PiggyCoin for more collaboration.

PIGGYCOIN has plenty of bells and whistles including easysend which enables you to communicate your PiggyCoin address to others fast and effectively for receiving piggies to your wallet.

PiggyCoin is for sale at present on the POLONIEX EXCHANGE which is a worthy and reputable cryptocurrency exchange and you can pick up some Piggies at bargain basement prices at present but with the new hard fork and latest developments that will soon be changing as more interested parties and young ones invest in a PIGGYBANK wallet. PiggyCoin has also partnered with CRYPTOARROW SERVICES too which enhances its presence online and is reaching towards new goals.

Are you good at painting or Art in general? You can earn some piggies by sending in one of your PIGGY COIN masterpieces that can also be on show on the PIGGYCOIN GALLERY. OINK OINK!



Here are the specitifactions for PiggyCoin:

Block time: 60 secs
Difficulty retarget: every block
Interest/year: 3%
PoS started at block: 8000
Min stake age: 8 hours
Max stake age: 270 days
P2P port: 54481, RPC port: 54480
Premine: 1%

PoW PHASE (finished now)
Algorithm: X11
Block reward: 23700 (first 100 blocks with 100 PIGGY as block reward)
Number of blocks: 10,000 (+-7days)

Today’s total supply: > 473,490,056 PIGGYs are currently in circulation (265,353M were mined in the old chain)


piggy2Want to get more involved with PIGGYCOIN? Here are some interesting links to peruse through at your leisure and be sure to pick up those Piggies on Poloniex because we are sure soon they will be flying into Kid’s and Grown up’s wallets the world over..