Alt Currencies: PURE COIN REVIEW – Purecoin first altcoin with a visa debit card



PURECOIN is a most innovative crypto currency which is using the POW/POS hybrid algo but coins can only be mined through POS staking which makes it a really GREEN Coin to boot.  Today it has skyrocketed on the Bittrex Exchange as the no1 traded altcoin due to the fact that it has one great component to it already – a prepaid visa debit card. This makes it one of the easiest coins to integrate through merchant services across the Globe instantly. Making a crypto currency accessible to the Masses is what is giving a high value to PURECOIN even at such an early state of its development. This means that vendors and merchants can easily adopt PURECOIN as one of their payment gateways seamlessly.

There will be only ten million coins in total and you will be able to top up your PUREVISA car on the special website created by the PURECOIN DEVELOPMENT TEAM.  This way you can withdraw from your PUREVISA card in any local currency and also do your shopping with it. Only a 2.5% PREMINE has been taken from the Coin in order to facilitate all these development costs plus for some extra bounties etc which is what is helping the Coin develop so fast.

FROM 31ST May which is today potential users of PUREVISA can order their cards at a very reasonable price of 0.01 BTC or 200 PIRECOIN which is really cheap actually!




Here are the specifications for PURECOIN..

- X11 Algorithm
- PoW/PoS independent
- 4 transaction confirmations (<= 1min on average)
- 50 minted block confirmations
- Total coins will be approximately 250 million.

- 90 sec PoW block time
- diff retarget each block for PoW
- Initial payout will be 1000 coins per block
- Daily random superblock payout 10X
- Weekly random superblock payout 100X
- True random, so no cheating by someone with big hashpowers
- block payout will be reduced by 20% every 20 days (will be halved at approximately every 2 months).
- minimum PoW payout for will be 1 coin/block (will be reached after 620 days)

- 15 sec PoS block time
- diff retarget each block for PoS
- minimum hold for PoS: 1 day
- maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 100 days
- Variable PoS payout:
- 1st year:  30%
- 2nd year: 20%
- 3rd year: 10%
- 4th year: 5%
- 5th year and on: 2%

1.5% Premine towards development, bounties, promo, bribes and Giveaways

No IPO! instead we will be giving away coins for free, to members of the community.



Why not find out more about PURECOIN clicking the links below. This coin is showing so much promise for the future of Crypto Currenncy.