Triplethr3at Review: Earn 100 bucks a day in bitcoin or USD!

Triplethr3at Review:


Triplethr3at is a revshare site for fast paced earnings. I will give you a brief introduction on how it works so you can maximize your earning potential.

1. Sign up using my link:  https://www.triplethr3at.net/?ref=qibucks

2. login and click on ‘my account’ setup your cash out settings.

3. Click on ‘subscriptions phase 1” and pay the ten bucks subscription fee.

4.  Click on ‘my wallet’ then click ,add money, and add your funds.

5. Click on ‘revshare phase ‘ then start purchasing the 3 usd shares. You can buy up to 50 a day of those. Once you max out those you buy the next ones.

6. Click on ‘SURF ADS’ at the top and start surfing ten sites a day so you can qualify for payments. After 24 hours you should start earning 40% a day on the 3 usd shares.

Triplethr3at Strategy:
My safe strategy is simple. Add what you can afford to lose and keep repurchasing @ 100% for approx 2 weeks. After that take out your seed money. Then repurchase @ 90% take out 10% daily mon-fri OR keep repurchasing @ 100% until you reach your desired goal. Please only invest what you can play with as I consider TT3 more in the high risk  category but the Admins are great and it is now building momentum so it’s a great time to build your ad packages. I now have over 2k usd worth of active shares and only need a few hundred more to reach my 100 bucks a day withdrawal goal.

Triplethr3at Conclusion:



This is a great way to build an online income fast and my preferred payment processor of choice is bitcoin. If you want to pick up some bitcoin and use it is best to open a coinbase wallet account as this is the bitcoin wallet you will be able to withdraw to.


Join TT3 Using my link and every month I will give all my referrals a cash back bonus into their bitcoin account!

You can also PM ME on FACEBOOK regarding strategy and send me your username and how much you added funds so I can put on a spreadsheet to take note of for bonus day! My FB is;  https://www.facebook.com/elle.yan.7 Please respect my fb profile and do not spam me as I tend to ban spammers, thanks for understanding. I will respond within 24 hours to all messages regarding help with strategy or your accounts once you have joined and funded. There is also an FB TT3 group as well so once you join I will add you if you so wish.

If you build up your account and maybe find some friends also to join using your own links you will reach the 100 day withdraw target in no time! I have jut moved house and my router is in my old home so once I get it back and my desk top works I will make videos also.









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