How a Divorce Lawyer works to Benefit the Child Custody and Support 

When you are going through a divorce process regarding the custody of the child, rest assured that the father would be given visitation rights and the custody of the child would go to the mother. The father would also be required to pay for child support. The decision of the family court judge would be binding on both the parties to the divorce. Your sandy child support lawyer would work in favor of the child, as would the judge of the family court. They would ensure that the interest of the child is protected in the best possible way. 

The child support would be calculated differently by every state. It would include whether both the parents would be given joint custody of the child for the welfare of the child. It would also be inclusive of the visitation rights of the mother and the father. It would be pertinent to mention here that child support would be decided on the parents having joint custody of the child or one parent has the sole custody of the child. Only a professional child support lawyer would be able to provide the required information quickly. 

When it comes to granting child custody, the parent having the primary custody of the child would receive payment from the other parent. It would be inclusive of covering the basic needs, childcare, medical care, travel and transportation, educational expenses, extracurricular activities, and entertainment of the child or children. 

When the parent agrees to pay the child support to the parent having primary custody of the child, they would be required to undergo an agreement for enforcement of the order for paying child support. However, a parent paying for child support could raise or lower the child support because of change in situations such as an increase or decrease in income. 

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