How religion and development co-existed in Bangkok?

Religion is one of the major aspects of a country that can bind or divide a country. There are basically two types of the nation around the world. The theocratic countries are those where it is state-sponsored or declared national religion for the citizens. And the second one is the secular one where there are no state-sponsored religions. Theocratic countries tend to sponsor one religion but they always respect other religions and cultures as well which are in the minority. It has been found that people who live in theocratic countries always respect other religions and this, in turn, increases their diversity over time. The best example for third world theocratic country which has made noticeable progress over the years in Thailand.

Visit all the temples in and around Bangkok

In Thailand, Buddhism is considered the national religion. And you can find many temples and pagodas to that effect. In fact, if you are visiting Bangkok for vacation or any other purposes one if the most common your that you can take around the city is the temple tour. These temple tours let you visit some of the most architectural marvels of this generation. You can visit the reclining Buddha temple; you can visit the famous white temple, the lotus temple, etc. The tour of temples around the city of Bangkok helps you understand where the city is actually coming from.

Visit the temples of Bangkok on a tuk tuk tour

So if you are in Bangkok already or if you are planning a vacation there make sure you hire a tourism company that provides you with temple tours around the city. It will only help you to increase the peace of your mind. And in case you are interested in finding the best tourism company in Bangkok you can refer to Sawasdee tuk tuk. They have their own official website where different tour packages are on show. Pick the right one for you and your family and get in touch with them via their official website.

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