Selling on Shopee- The Pros and Cons

Shopee is another emerging eCommerce business located in Malaysia. Shopee is commission-free where you pay a percentage of every sale, and this is the main attraction for sellers.

By uploading your products using a mobile app, you benefit from the excellent platform to open an online store [เปิดร้านค้าออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai] and showcase your products to the maximum audience.


Here are some advantages of selling on Shopee:

  • Increased Sales from a High Traffic 

The scale of their online presence is the main benefit of selling on shopee. It is never easy to get many audiences if you open your store. So you get the ready-made audience when you choose to put goods for sell in Shopee (ลงขายของ shopee, which is the term in Thai).   

  • Acquire New Customers

A customer might come across the product you have listed in your store, even though they would not search for your particular store on the first visit. Once a customer patronizes you with the help of this online store, with excellent service and fulfilment, they can always come back.

  • Shipping and Logistics

Shopee has a robust online presence as top eCommerce stores in Malaysia, and they have secure and robust Logistics and shipping terms, so you get the benefit of Fast and reliable shipping with the help of these marketplaces. 


  • Marketplace Fee

Though Shopee does not currently take commissions on their sales now, they plan to add a fee very soon to help the growth of the platform.

  • Limited Control

The aim of these marketplaces is not to help your business only, but to grow themselves as well. So they ensure that their customers don’t focus on sellers but on the products itself. You also have restricted control on how your store appears on these marketplaces and the features you’d like to be removed or added. 

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