Shocking workplace cleanliness statistics

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In light of recent events, there has been an importance placed workplace, unlike anything we’ve seen before. This has prompted businesses around the world to rethink their approach to office cleanliness. 

If you’re still uncertain of its importance, then you need to read these shocking workplace cleanliness statistics. 

Did you know that…

If this isn’t enough to shock you, keep in mind this is just a tiny sample of these numbers. Long story short, no matter your workplace, it’s dirtier than it appears! 

So, what does this mean for you and your staff? You need to take cleanliness seriously. Here are our top three tips for keeping your workplace cleaner and safer: 

1. Hire a Facilities Management Company: 

A facilities management company can provide all the cleaning services that you need for a more affordable price than it would be to hire your own in-house team. They will be briefed on the latest COVID-19 requirements and will be able to provide the same environment that your staff need to work in. 

Furthermore, they can also provide security services, office design assistance, and other benefits for your business. 

2. Educate Your Team: 

Take the time to educate your team on office cleanliness because it is an issue that everyone is responsible for. Taking them through some key facts on a regular basis will help them to understand how their behaviour can contribute to or detract from the safety of themselves and their colleagues. 

If you don’t feel comfortable providing this training yourself, there are countless online resources. You can also enlist the help of your facilities management company. 

3. Provide Cleaning Tools: 

Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive and highly trained cleaning service won’t be able to remove the presence of germs permanently. Even when a surface is cleaned, germs return once someone touches it, opens a window, or does anything else to bring germs into the space. Since you can’t lock your employees out of the office permanently, why not give them some tools to allow them to clean up after themselves? We’re not talking about a mop and a bucket, but practical items like antibacterial wipes, sprays, and hand gels. These are affordable and make a big difference in your workplace. 


If these numbers shock you, don’t fret! Follow our office cleanliness and your office will be cleaner before you know it! 

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