The Key To Successful Trading 

Traders often search for the missing ingredient that they think can solve all their trading problems by kicking off the flow of dollars flowing into the trading account. Whether it’s some “magic” indicator or “insiders” visions related to fundamentals and news, there is no shortage of opportunities for traders to think that a certain thing will be the “key” to success in the world of trading.

As frequently happens in life, we are often our worst enemy in the world of trading, but the key to success for most people is not to add any indicators or new trading software, but rather to be less involved in their trades. And necessarily remain without doing “anything” most of the time. Too much involvement with an excess of thought and analysis on trade seems to be the most frequent trading error made by traders, and if you want to make money on the market you are entering, you must learn to get out of your mentality and let the market “thinks” for you.

What Is The Biggest Obstacle To Your Success In Trading?

Think about all the trades you’ve lost. Some traders have certainly suffered normal losses, just as any trading strategy will result in losses for some traders randomly. I’m not talking about those losing trades, the losing trades I’m talking about are the ones that frustrated you because you “knew” you lost because of something you did, and that wasn’t part of your trading plan or

The biggest obstacle to your trading success is simply the fact that you are doing too much; you are overthinking, and you are making too many trades. Over time, you will see that by doing “nothing,” or at least much less than what you are doing now, you will be much further ahead in your trading performance, in the account balance, in your ability and your self-confidence as professional. You can learn more when you take a Forex course (คอร์สเรียนForex which is the term in Thai).

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