The keyword guide in 2020 to help you rank faster

Most of the bloggers keep trying to reach the first page of Google. But no matter how hard they try they cannot make it to the first page. Now there are a lot of factors that affect the Web ranking[Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] of a webpage. You might be doing a few of them right. According to some reports, there are about 200 factors that affect the search engine rankings. You cannot get all of them right. But there are some major factors as well. If you do any one of them wrong, you cannot reach the top.

Most important factors in SEO

There are three most important factors in SEO:

  1. Keyword – Keyword is the query of a user. Whatever a user types in the search box of Google can be considered as a keyword.
  2. Backlinks – Backlinks are the links from other blogs that direct the visitors to yours. They are extremely useful in SEO and are also helpful in getting traffic.
  3. Content – Content is most important. Without good content, no matter how much traffic you get, it will go in vain.

What you may be doing wrong

One of the most common mistakes done by most of the bloggers is using broad keywords. Now there are two types of keywords primarily:

  • Broad keyword – Broad keywords are the general keywords of mostly one word like – cars

, shirts, women jeans, etc.

  • Longtail keyword – Longtail keyword consists of 3-7 words. They are more specific in nature like – used cars for sale, men shirts for summer, best women jeans in Thailand.

As you can see, longtail keywords are more specific in nature and target a particular audience. Most bloggers keep aiming for the broad keyword.

Broad keywords have strong competition and you cannot rank with them. So focus on longtail keywords and reach the first page instantly.

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