What Foundations Give Grant Money To Native Americans?

Several foundations and organizations provide grant money and support to Native American communities and individuals to address a wide range of needs, including education, healthcare, economic development, cultural preservation, and more. These foundations aim to empower Native American tribes and organizations and improve the well-being of Native Americans. Here are some foundations and organizations that have historically supported Native American initiatives:

1. **American Indian College Fund:** This fund provides scholarships and support to Native American students pursuing higher education. They also support tribal colleges and universities.

2. **The National Indian Health Board (NIHB):** NIHB provides grants and support to tribal health programs and organizations to improve healthcare access and outcomes for Native Americans.

3. **First Nations Development Institute:** First Nations Development Institute supports economic development, asset building, and financial literacy programs for Native American communities.

4. **Indian Land Tenure Foundation:** This foundation focuses on issues related to land tenure and property rights in Native American communities. They support initiatives that promote land ownership and stewardship.

5. **Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples:** Seventh Generation Fund provides grants to Indigenous communities and organizations for cultural revitalization, environmental sustainability, and social justice initiatives.

6. **Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation:** The NB3 Foundation focuses on improving the health and well-being of Native American children through grants and programs related to nutrition, physical activity, and leadership development.

7. **Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies:** This philanthropic organization supports various initiatives for Native American communities, including education, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation.

8. **The Henry Luce Foundation:** The Henry Luce Foundation has supported projects and initiatives that promote Native American art, culture, and scholarship.

9. **The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians:** This tribe’s philanthropic efforts include support for Native American organizations, education, healthcare, and cultural preservation.

10. **The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community:** This tribe provides grants and support to tribal, regional, and national organizations, with a focus on improving the well-being of Native American communities.

11. **The Potlatch Fund:** The Potlatch Fund supports Native American nonprofits and initiatives in the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on community development and cultural preservation.

12. **The Cherokee Preservation Foundation:** This foundation supports projects that benefit the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, including education, cultural preservation, and economic development.

These foundations and organizations have specific eligibility criteria, application processes, and funding priorities for their Native American programs. It’s important to research and verify the latest information and grant opportunities on the respective foundation’s websites or through grant databases. Additionally, tribal governments and regional Native American organizations may also offer grants and support for community initiatives. Visit www.thegrantportal.com.

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