Your reception desk makes an impression in the mind of the customer

When a new client is visiting your business place, you get only one chance to impress them. The first impression is very importance especially in the case of VIP visitors. Reception desk [เคาน์เตอร์ ต้อนรับ, which is the term in Thai] layout and service give your customer idea about your company’s personality and priority. Hence, it is necessary that your front desk area is the combination of design, tool and staff. Your reception area should be able to deliver the message that you are trying to send to your customers.

The interior design style of reception desk

  • Space: It is not necessary that you have a big reception area. The important thing is how you utilize the space of your reception area and make them spacious and calming. Remove all the clutters to make your reception clean and organized.
  • Colour: The primary responsibility of the front desk is to attract customers. What would be better way than to have warm and colorful reception desk? You can use calming and neutral colour as well as bright colours for your front desk.
  • Décor: The graphics, décor, lighting all make for a statement that you are trying to convey. You can use different textures, lighting, and accessories to maximize the beauty of the front desk.

Visitor check-in-process

The type of visitor check-in-process you follow also gives your customers an idea about the company’s morals. If you are following a paper sign-in process, it shows that your company follows traditional culture. If you are following electronic way of check-in-process it shows that your company follows modern values. Both the methods of check-in have their pros and cons but, they both can successfully achieve the task of conveying the message that the owner wishes to convey to the customer.

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