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Translating and writing services has never been an easy task, with various clients clamouring to get their job done and with a tight schedule and short time frame for the translators, However, there are certain tools that we can use to create a calendar, improve our performance and make better use of time. Some colleagues by profession have recommended the following tools and they are used by French translators in French translation (รับแปลภาษาฝรั่งเศษ, which is the term in Thai)

  • Trello: it is a tool that synchronizes with all the devices you use and that improves productivity. In addition, tasks can be shared with other users in a very simple and practical way in case you work in tandem or in a group. It is used by companies like Google, National Geographic or Adobe. Trello is available in 24 different languages. In addition, the tool has a blog where they share tips and tricks to improve and get the most out of it.
  • Taskworld: a tool for managing tasks, planning your projects, communicating with your colleagues in case of teamwork, writing articles [รับเขียนบทความ, which is the term in Thai], as well as offering a performance analysis and having many more extras. The funny thing is that the same tool compares with Trello and shows those extras more to demonstrate its potential. Companies such as Accenture, Samsung, Sony or Volkswagen, among several others, are the followers of Taskword.
  • Jiffy: if what you want is to optimize time and find out what to do with it, this is your application. Jiffy measures the time invested in each project and / or client. In this way, you can extract a productivity report of the time you use for each of the projects you have in hand, the time you have taken to rest and the most routine tasks, such as talking on the phone or sending emails. Like Trello, Jiffy also has a blog to help you better understand the mechanics of the instrument.
  • Toodledo: this tool allows you to insert your pending tasks and specify at the same time the importance and priority of each one of them. Thus, once you have them all in the application, she assigns a specific time to carry out the projects and a deadline to help you organize better.

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