Author: Patrick R. Turner


Advantages of Owning a Globe

If you have just moved into your house, then you will need to decorate it. Or, you may want to redesign your current home and update your furnishings. If either of these activities in your immediate future, then you should consider the advantages of buying a world map globe. The latter is a globe that […]

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Patent Attorney: Do I Really Need One?

When it comes to protecting patents and other intellectual property, then you need yourself a patent attorney. Now, what exactly is a patent attorney, you might ask? A patent attorney is, according to is “an attorney who has the specialized qualifications necessary for representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures […]

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Frase Pricing Reviews And Alternatives

Frase is a great SEO platform marketers can use to create and optimize SEO content for search engines based on related topics, popular issues and more. Frase is an SEO AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to gather all the information you need to create detailed content slips that allow you to write the absolute […]

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Here’s How a Savings Plan Will Benefit a Non-Working Spouse!

Homemakers play an essential role in each household and in society but it is a common practice to treat them as second-class citizens because there is no monetary value associated with their work. Even in the context of buying a life insurance policy, the non-working members of a family find themselves with fewer options in […]

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