Can you Handle your Workers’ Comp Case or Hire a Lawyer?

If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, you might consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. But, your decision will depend on how serious your injury is, the complexity of your case, and how your employer is responding to it.

When You Might Want to Represent Yourself

Generally, you might not want to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer if you have suffered a minor injury in the workplace like a twisted ankle or a cut that requires a few stitches. Also, you can get by without an attorney if your employer admits that your injury took place at work. If your injury caused you to miss little to no work and you don’t have a pre-existing condition that may challenge a compensation claim, you might be able to represent yourself. But, even in these uncomplicated situations, it is still a great idea to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you will get what you deserve.

What a Lawyer Do for You

Richmond Workers’ Compensation Lawyers will ensure you file all the necessary forms and meet the deadlines. Also, they know how to collect the evidence necessary to support your case, negotiate effectively with the insurance company, and draft a settlement agreement to avoid unexpected results. If you and the party do not agree on a good settlement, your lawyer can represent you at the hearing or trial.

Keep in mind that insurance companies have their own teams of experienced lawyers. Hiring a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer will increase your chances of getting a favorable settlement. Your lawyer will usually only get a limited percentage of what you win. Thus, you don’t have to worry about shelling out money from your pocket for their services. If you think you cannot handle your claim yourself, make sure to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer for a free consultation.


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