Difference Between DEMAT Account and Trading Account

Making money in the stock markets is not a gamble but a method of scientific & systematic investments. This is essential to be aware & also equipped with the fundamentals of the stock markets. This foremost step towards the trading journey is to open up the trading & DEMAT account. Further, this is essential to know the main difference between the trading & DEMAT account.

Details of Trading Account:


This trading account is utilized to sell or buy the shares in the stock markets. Once you have the DEMAT account, you require the trading account with the unique trading number utilized to trade in specific shares. Once you begin trading in the share markets, you require three accounts: trading, bank, or DEMAT account. This trading account acts as the link between your bank account & DEMAT account, permitting you to trade in the stock markets. Having an online trading account helps you secure access to various stock markets.

Details about DEMAT account

Converting the physical shares into an electronic format is known as Dematerialization. Holding the physical shares typically involves the risk & shares in a DEMAT account are easily stored. Once you open the DEMAT account, it also is called the Dematerialized account. In other words, Dematerializing/converting the physical shares into an electronic format is known as holding the DEMAT account. To open a DEMAT account, you should read this entire blog carefully.

Understanding the main difference between a trading account & DEMAT account:

Ø Functional Difference: The DEMAT account is utilized to hold the securities in the electronic format, whereas this trading account is utilized to sell or purchase in a stock market.

Ø Nature: The DEMAT account works typically just like the savings account. Like the savings account holds money, the DEMAT account permits the investors to store the financial instruments in the DEMATerialized/ electronic form that are debited & credited accordingly. On the other hand, the trading account functions more like your current bank account. You are just required to have both DEMAT and the trading account for trading in a stock market.

Ø Primary key role: The key role of the DEMAT account is generally to assure the central security you require in the trading account to sell or purchase the shares.

Ø Time measurement: As the DEMAT account holds the shares you, this is also measured as the stock at the particular point in time, that is, the particular end of every financial year, whereas the trading account is the flow statement reflecting the trading transactions of you measured over some particular time.

Fees & charges for opening the trading & DEMAT account:

To open a DEMAT account generally entails the annual maintenance charges that differ from one service giver to another. Also, you might be needed to pay the custodian or transaction fees. You do not need to pay any charges for the trading account. You have to remember that you can easily have various DEMAT & trading accounts utilizing the single PAN; all you require is to pay the main requisite AMC. 

Role of this DEMAT account & trading account:

The DEMAT account is needed to hold the shares in the electronic format & to trade in the stock markets; you need the trading account. Post opening, you have to start the trading journey with a thorough understanding of this market. To take advantage of a DEMAT account, you can open a DEMAT account online.

When trading in a share market, both trading & DEMAT accounts are crucial. While you purchase the shares of any company, you need the trading accounts to process the particular transaction. The money is also debited from a trading account & the bought shares are also credited to the DEMAT account you.

In the same method, while shares are sold, they are also debited from your DEMAT account. This money credited in the transaction will also reflect in your trading account. So, to trade in a stock market, it is crucial to have both these above accounts & also link them appropriately.


The DEMAT & trading accounts generally work in tandem with each other. For trading in the equity, you should have both these specific accounts. This is essential to pick the broker service that is stable to your investment requirements. With the help of technology, now in these modern days, you can easily open a DEMAT account online.

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