Hiring an Idaho car accident attorney: Is it worth the money?

Car accidents often cause unprecedented damage and losses. If you were injured in such a crash in Idaho, you would be rather surprised to find the extent of your losses. Medical bills and treatment costs could pile up in no time, and you may have to lose wages and spend huge on vehicle repairs. Amidst all the chaos, you might have one question in mind – “Should I really talk to an attorney?”. The answer depends on many factors, but working with an Idaho car accident attorney has advantages that are hard to ignore. 

Reasons to get an attorney

  • When you are at fault. If more than one driver is at fault for an auto accident, contributory negligence laws will come into play. Idaho relies on the modified comparative fault rule. If you have a minor fault, you can claim compensation for the losses, but your settlement will be reduced accordingly. However, if your fault share is more than 50% or higher than the party you are trying to sue, you cannot expect anything at all. Insurance companies may use tactics to shift the blame or deny your claim, and in such circumstances, hiring an attorney always helps. 
  • When your injuries are severe. Nothing can change the outcome of an auto accident. The settlement can only help you ride through the financial distress caused by the other party. If your injuries are minor, you can easily file a claim with your insurer. However, when your injuries are likely to impact your lifestyle or work, you need to call an attorney because the settlement would be a lot more than just covering the immediate medical expenses. 
  • Insurance companies don’t make it easy for accident victims. They often deny claims for reasons that are beyond basic explanation. A lawyer is your best bet at winning a fair settlement, even when that means filing an injury lawsuit in court. 

Lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee for accident lawsuits. This means the lawyer only gets paid if you win a settlement from the insurance company or the other party. There is no reason to step back from seeking legal advice, and the first appointment is typically free of charge. Don’t delay calling a lawyer because you only have two years in Idaho to file an injury lawsuit after a car accident. 

A skilled lawyer can increase your chances of getting compensated for your losses.

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