Services Offered By Ecommerce Agency

Services Offered By Ecommerce Agency

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The eCommerce industry is the future of retail. It has taken the world over, and researches have found that 49 percent of people prefer shopping online. Online shopping provides a hassle-free experience along with an array of options from which people can choose from.

There are many types of services offered by an eCommerce agency some which are as follows:

  • B2B or Business to Business ECommerce.

This type of service deals with products being passed on from one business to another. An array of companies falls under B2B. Some of these include supply companies, office furniture, software companies, document hosting establishments, etc. 

These businesses comprise of customized enterprise platforms which tend to work with other enterprises and companies directly. Although these services require higher start-up capital, many companies have resorted to these services to bring in high revenues and handy corporate relationships.

  • B2C or Business to Consumer ECommerce.

This happens to be the most rooted traditional retail model, as most people think this is what eCommerce is mostly about. Several names you might have familiarized yourself with happen to be well-known names off the grid. 

In this model, a business traditionally sells its products to its customers and various individuals. The only difference is that the company is conducted in the virtual world or online rather than a traditional retail store physically. These types of services are generally the ones that you see an eCommerce website offering. People visit these websites to buy their products and services. 

  • C2C or Consumer to Consumer ECommerce

This concept is entirely different than B2B and B2C. The rise in consumer confidence and the growing economic factor have allowed these consumers to pay a meager amount of commission to these sites and buy, sell, and trade items in return. Opening a website that exclusively deals with C2C eCommerce requires concentrated planning and execution.

Many people are looking to expand their businesses and look for ready-made platforms from where they can do so. The existence of C2C eCommerce has made this possible.

  • C2B or Consumer to Business ECommerce

This is one service that is growing prevalently with time. Though this is not something that many people are aware of, this has been gaining popularity slowly. It can be roughly referred to as a sole proprietorship that might be catering exclusively to larger businesses. 

Some of the strategies that fall under C2B eCommerce are service provision sites, reverse auctions, blog monetization strategies like Google Ad Sense.


Running an eCommerce agency comes with a lot of responsibility. The possibilities of making money through this are endless. There is an array of services that you can provide and erect a proper business that will flourish over time. Once you get a taste of running an eCommerce agency, you will be well accustomed to every service that an eCommerce website can provide. 

If you happen to be a company looking to properly plan their mode of services, you have come to the right place, as the points mentioned above will help you shape your business requirements accordingly.

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