Should Christianity Lead you to Disobey what the law states from the Land?

Should Christianity Lead you to Disobey what the law states from the Land?

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Disobedience is unfaithfulness, with the idea to our belief in order to what the law states from the land. Divine law (God given law) governs Christianity. It’s apparent that other laws and regulations place their root or borrow from this. Generally, divine law hardly contradicts what the law states from the land.

The scripture states

“Let every soul be subject unto the federal government authority. For there’s no authority but of God: the government bodies that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resists the government bodies resists the ordinance of God: plus they that resist shall receive privately damnation. For rulers aren’t a terror to get affordable works, but towards the evil. Wilt thou then ‘t be scared of the ability? do this that is good, and thou shalt have praise of the identical:… Render therefore to any or all their dues: tribute with whom tribute arrives custom with whom custom… (Rom. 13:1-7)

However, all believers are accountable to obey what the law states from the land until it might be sinful to do this. When there appears to become a conflict, Christian should obey God’s law. Whomever violates the laws and regulations pays the penalty.

Situation study

A guy found me sometimes ago he claimed to become born again and wishes to know whether exactly what the Lord Jesus stated, that “… Render therefore unto Caesar what are Caesar’s…” (Matt. 22:21) affect bribing a person’s way if caught in almost any breach.

He stated the law from the land doesn’t enable the transportation associated with a produce after 7 pm across condition boundary. Any vehicle caught violating this law is going to be impounded. The automobile won’t be released before the driver had compensated the due acceptable for that breach.

He however stated, that some motorists violated this law and pull it off by bribing what the law states enforcement officials. He’s now caught in violating this law he really wants to termed as a Christian if he is able to bribe what the law states enforcement officials to ensure that his vehicle won’t impounded.

My response

Like a Christian, you can’t bribe. The truth that the planet does it doesn’t provide you with the license to disobey God’s law and also the law from the land. When the police officer doesn’t catch you, you still be guilty before our omniscient and all pervading God. To worsen the problem, if you’re caught, you’ll be guilty and billed with Transporting produce after 7 pm, attempting to induce a police officer with bribe and you’ll suffer like a criminal.

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